The Green Hornet Gets Pushed Back Five Months


Urgh, I’m sick and tired of hearing about this movie and it hasn’t even gone into production yet! And if that wasn’t bad enough, the inevitable reports of the movie’s release date being postponed have arrived, taking it from a summer release of July 7th to a winter release of December 17th. That’s a pretty big leap of over five months, which will be five more months where I will have to endure promotion, rumors and gossip about the one flick of 2010 which I am looking the least forward to.

So why did it get pushed back? No one knows, but it most likely was due to Stephen Chow’s on again/off again commitment to the project where he first dropped out as the director, and then later as the role of Kato.  But now that the replacements have been found with Michel Gondry as the new director and Taiwan pop star Jay Chou as Kato, the project can finally move forward.

So what does the project’s mastermind Seth Rogen have to say about this? Well apparently he is glad that the flick got moved ’till December because it gives them more time for post production, which makes perfect sense. But even more so, he is looking forward to being able to promote the film at next year’s Comic Con due to the 5 month move, bringing with him more material than they brought this year, which was more or less just a car from the movie.

  • Captain N

    I have a feeling this will get pushed into the following summer.

  • Maopheus

    I hope it gets pushed off a cliff.

  • Kasper

    Maopheus, spot on!

    This, to me, really is shaping up to be next years Land of the Lost, only without the charisma of Ferrell and McBride.

  • Greg

    Land of the Lost wasn’t that bad. It’s the just the movie that everyone thinks is cool to trash. I’m looking forward to this. Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind was excellent and I think this will have the same feel.

  • this will suck harder than Avatar

  • Hugo Van Nor

    Get a bucket. Fill it with shit. Throw it at a wall.
    Done. You have just made The Green Hornet!

  • Maopheus

    Yo Kas: Yeah, I just don’t see any reason or desire for this movie. Does anyone really want to see Seth Rogen interpret the Green Hornet? I mean, who knows anything about GH other than that Bruce Lee played Kato and they guest-starred on the Batman TV show? I think 3 people watched the Green Hornet TV show, and the radio serial version is so old it has no relevance.