Bad Boys 3 Just Got Real


You knew this was coming, right? It looks like the dynamic duo of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence may be headed back to the big screen for a third helping of action, comedy and Bayhem in Bad Boys 3. Columbia Pictures has reportedly hired a screenwriter by the name of Peter Craig to pen the script, whose credits include the upcoming Ben Affleck-directed crime flick The Town and the live action anime adaptation Cowboy Bebop. Although there are no deals in place as of yet, they are hoping to reteam Smith and Lawrence with director Michael Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, thus maintaining the formula that made the first two movies such a big success. I don’t think there’s any question that this would rake in boatloads of cash, but the question is, how much money will they have to spend to get it made?

For Will Smith, it will be just another sequel that the suits are begging him to do, but for Martin Lawrence, this series is easily his biggest paycheck to date, and I’m sure he’d sign on in a second (not that the upcoming Wild Hogs 2 won’t be lucrative as well). Personally I don’t have a lot of affinity for the first two films (in fact, I can’t even remember if I’ve seen the second one), but I think it’s definitely the kind of thing that Michael Bay is best suited for. I’d much rather see him spend time on stuff like this, where he can be as mindless and as juvenile as he wants without destroying potentially cool franchises. What do you say, are you down with Bad Boys 3?

  • Rusty James

    I was excited about this until I heard they were hiring a screen writer. The Fuck?!

    Why don’t they just follow the formula that has made Bad Boys an international sensation. Have Smith and Lawrance improvise about nigras and their ass and then machine gun some studio owned war orphans in the face. I smell a hit.

  • whatever

  • dirrrtyfrank

    “Bottom line … I will knock you the fuck out.”

  • Mike

    I hate Michael Bay…I love Will Smith…these movies make me hate myself for liking them…

  • modesilver

    i don’t really see Bay coming back for this one since his next project is supposed to be Transformers 3.

  • Jason_Miami

    The first was okay but the second one was terrible. Ever since Bay has been making shit (except The Island) so I can’t imagine this will not be shit.

  • Kim

    You liked The Island? Wasn’t that just people running away for an entire film? I dread every Michael Bay movie. Every time one comes out I always have to hear people talk about how much they loved it. “Huh? Oh, no I didn’t see The Hurt Locker, but Transformers 2 was AWESOME!!!” *sigh*…

  • jaime

    Hateed Bad Boy’s 2 but I’m still waiting for the KKK spin off movie.

  • Hooray for blaxploitation!

  • MJS

    I have a soft spot for these movies, they’re really stupid, but I think they’re pretty self aware about this. Bad Boys 2 was almost straight up camp. I enjoys seeing Will Smith in a more traditional action role than his usual creature-effects driven stuff. I think Bay should go back toward more R-rated material in general.

  • Ian

    I just hope that they keep Michael Bay the fuck away from Bebop. Your are right that his kind of dumb buddy cop action movie is perfect for him.

  • Dave

    I’m definitely in the minority because I tend to like Michael Bay’s movies. Bad Boys was great, as was The Rock and Armageddon. If I’m going to pay $11.50 to see a movie, I want some great car chases, explosions and action sequences. Doesn’t make sense to pay that much money to see a movie where it’s just talking heads, and didn’t cost them a damn thing to make. That being said, if they go back to the original formula of keeping it lower budget and let Will and Martin improvise I think it’ll be great.

  • Michael Bay

    Will probably suck as much as Hancock and Bad Boys 2 did.
    Oh, and Im sorry for Transformers, my bad.

  • malD

    Another Michael Bay thurd fest!

  • malD

    Another Michael Bay turd fest!