Hitler Hates Avatar!

And so do I! What a coincidence? Der Fuhrer and I apparently see eye to eye on this subject, as he has published a video on YouTube discussing the new trailer and Avatar Day, with the man himself pretty clearly stating what he thinks about the footage shown so far, which isn’t very flattering at all.

Ok, ok, so it isn’t actually Hitler who posted it (surprise!). It’s a pretty commonly used piece of footage from Der Untergang, but even though it has been done to death already, I still found this take on it pretty funny and it really captured a lot of what I thought about Avatar too. So here you go: Hitler Hates Avatar. Watch it to believe it.

  • Teo

    man this thing has been done to death – but i have to say this version is by far one of the funnier ones!

  • Love these.

  • I think its time for a weekly Hitler sitcom, its time.

  • I never saw one of these before…guess who has a new hobby? I own Downfall on DVD, the best film Hitler by far. I agree with the sitcom idea, what would you call it?

  • Kasper

    Hanging With Hitler?

  • jaime

    I think Hitler get’s a lot of hate, from this video he seem’s like an all rigth guy.

  • Rusty James

    @ I think its time for a weekly Hitler sitcom, its time.

    I’m surprised you havent’ seen this.


  • Maopheus

    Who’s Kasper? Seems to be posting a lot of stuff recently. Are you Sean’s Avatar? Or are you der Freundliche Geist?

  • Ian

    Well here’s hoping that Battle Angel will be fun to watch. I agree though. I think this trailer pretty much gave me the idea that it’s going to be some indictment on Western Imperialism raping noble naturalistic native peoples. I don’t know it seems tired. But we should all wait and see.

  • Mason

    Bruno Ganz, who played Hitler there in “Downfall” (Der Untergang) is one of the most overlooked actors whenever there is a discussion about the best actors working today.

  • Shawan

    ”I still found this take on it pretty funny and it really captured a lot of what I thought about Avatar too.”

    You haven’t even seen the fucking movie yet. What’s all the fucking fuzz about?

  • Tomas

    “itd be like having your eyeballs fucked!” — Classic!

    This is almost as good as the Michael Jackson one.

  • Maopheus

    This might produce another discussion as to the best cinematic Hitlers. I think Tarantino’s was pretty good. Intentionally more over-the-top but better than a lot of others. It’s always a challenge to put Hitler on the screen just like with any very well known historical person. But Hitler in particular for obvious reasons. While his appearance is easily done, almost to the point of caricature, really capturing his speech pattern, his mannerisms, and his personality is something else entirely.

  • thanks Rusty James

  • Matt

    To all the avatar haters, I have to say what the hell did you expect? This movie is hyped like its the second coming and we see a two minute trailer and all the fan boys turn on it like its old news. I thought the art style is funky, but I still have barely any idea what this movie is about, and frankly I think it still could be great. Im just going in with low (actually i would call it normal) expectations.

  • Captain N

    What’s the clip originally from?

  • Damndirtyape

    >> What’s the clip originally from?

    The movie is “Downfall”

    Check it out – incredible film. Be forewarned though the entire film is in German.

  • Falsk

    “Be forewarned though the entire film is in German.”

    Hahaha, OH GOD THE HORROR! Is that a legitimate concern for some people?

    I don’t know why, but that statement amused me. :D

  • swarez

    Yeah why can’t all films be in English damn it!

    While I’ve seen plenty of versions of this clip, this has to be the funniest one yet and pretty much nails the reaction that was online.

    I was completely blown away by the CGI in the 15 minute clip, especially seeing it in 3D but just like everyone else I felt the teaser was weak.
    It’s that damn alien design that ruins the whole thing.

  • kris

    i left the room cause i haven’t seen xenogenesis. I then watched it on google and threw up my kung pao shrimp. shat mountain dew for 5 hours. im with you hit, all bear jews are golems. mmm mountain dew fountain.

  • Goon

    the best thing about these Hitler videos is that its getting people to finally see Downfall, which rules.

    I await the Hitler commenting on other Hitler videos video.

  • RaphNL

    These never get old.