Heathers Remake Becomes a TV Series


Winona Ryder has been flogging the possibility of a Heathers sequel for years now, and there have also been rumours of a remake, but this week it seems that the 1988 cult classic will finally be re-invented for modern audiences in a slightly different way: on the small screen. Variety reports that Fox and Sony are teaming up with rights holder Lakeshore Entertainment to create a Heathers TV series. It will be developed by writers Mark Rizzo (Zip) and Jenny Bicks (Sex and the City, Men in Trees).

The original movie starred Winona Ryder as Veronica, a teenage girl who hooks up with rebellious newcomer J.T. (Christian Slater) and starts killing off all the popular kids at their high school — including some of her closest friends, three girls all of whom are named Heather. It’s a very dark comedy that seems pretty risque even today, so you have to wonder how well this will work on network TV. Still, if done right, it could probably turn out to be a hit. There’s no shortage of teen angst out there today, that’s for sure! Are you a fan of Heathers? Do you think a TV remake is a good idea, or would you rather see a sequel instead?

  • Mike

    never seen it…gonna have to rent it now.

  • Alex

    Big fan of the movie. A show would be a disaster.

  • Elizabeth marikia Adkins

    I would rather see a sequel preferably WITH Christian Slater back in it AND darker and more thought provoking than it’s predecessor.