Another Writer Takes a Crack at Bourne 4 Script

The Bourne Supremacy

The on again / off again fourth film about the ever forgetful Jason Bourne is now on again. After the first draft of the script for the film was supposed to have been handed in by The Bourne Ultimatum writer George Nolfi back in June — and that then never actually happened — the upcoming Bourne 4 has now got a new writer attached instead.

Josh Zetumer is the one who picks up the reins after Nolfi, although he isn’t entirely taking over Nolfi’s job, but merely writing a second script, which the studio then can pick apart and fuse together with Nolfi’s if they feel like it. That is, if Nolfi ever actually finishes his. His reason for not turning in the script wasn’t due to laziness, but instead overbooking his schedule with writing and directing the upcoming Matt Damon flick The Adjustment Bureau. They are still aiming at a 2011 release for Bourne 4.

If you haven’t heard of Zetumer before that’s no wonder, as the writer has yet to have one of his scripts turned into a finished film. However some of his scripts are currently in production, such as the forthcoming Dune, based on the sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert and The Infiltrator, which will star Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Robin

    The other Bourne films didn’t have finished scripts. No big deal. Not sure we need another Bourne film though. The last one gave us closure.

  • Big Hungry

    How ever dumb this sounds…. I would like to see Bourne vs. the best Bond. It would be hard to pull of right and I’m not even sure it is possible????????

  • jaime

    More Bourne?