The Wizard of Oz Coming Back to Theatres for 70th Anniversary


Here’s some cool news about an old classic that’s getting another chance to shine on the big screen, and miraculously, in this case we’re not talking about a remake. Victor Fleming’s 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz turns 70 this year, and as a way of celebrating the event, Warner Home Video, NCM Fathom, and Turner Classic Movies are bringing it back to theatres next month. It will be a special one-night only screening of the remastered film in high-definition, along with a retrospective featurette called “To Oz! The Making of a Classic”.

This screening will take place at select theatres across the U.S. (449 in all) on Wed. September 23rd, starting at 7 pm. To find a screening near you, check out the Fathom Events website. The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition also hits DVD and Blu-ray the following Tuesday (Sept. 29th). Pretty cool, right? If only more classics could get re-released in theatres. Is this something you plan on checking out?

  • WrongMovieMike

    I’m bringing my Dark Side of the Moon with me.

  • Big Hungry

    I wonder how well this will do? I think I might go check it out.. if I can.
    Even though this was not the first movie on this and was a remake.
    So sometimes remakes have there place as this is a classic.

  • It wasn’t a Remake it was a adaption of a book……

  • fucking kill me

  • I’m just hoping i can see the suicide of the munchkin clearer on the big screen.