Film Junk Podcast Episode #232: Inglourious Basterds


0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
4:00 – Headlines: Wayans Working on White Chicks 2, The Hobbit as a Trilogy?, Shutter Island Delayed, Spider-Man 5 and 6 Writer, Bryan Singer’s Excalibur Remake, Dirty Dancing Remake, Shoot Em Up Director on Outland Remake, Robert Zemeckis to Remake Yellow Submarine
19:00 – Review: Inglourious Basterds
42:40 – Trailer Trash: Avatar, The Wolfman, Capitalism: A Love Story, Inception
56:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Hellboy, Tron, Spring Break, Trafic, Our Daily Bread, Tell No One, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Britney Spears: Circus Tour
1:42:06 – Junk Mail: Reed Farrington, Fave Special Effects Films, J.K. Simmons, The Rubber Guy, Big Name Directors Doing Horror, Parental Taste in Film, Blu-ray Digital Noise Reduction
2:08:20 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:11:00 – Outro

Note: Our additional spoiler discussion of Inglourious Basterds is now available here.

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  • Raph

    Great. Looking forward to this.

    Btw, isn’t using chapters easier for the spoiler part? Then people could just skip ahead.

  • Falsk

    Man. If that’s anti-Reed Junk Mail, I’m gonna SHIT.

    Also, I have a three hour drive tonight and it pleases me this is such a long podcast. WHAT A RELIEF.

  • Chapter stops would be cool, but you can only do them with M4A files. For a while I was releasing two versions of the podcast, but it was just too much work. If there was a standard way to do this that everyone could benefit from, I definitely would look into it.

  • Henrik

    Jay, if you liked Our Daily Bread, I highly recommend the french documentary “Blood of the beasts”. It’s only 15 minutes long or so, but amazingly beautiful, and shows the parisian slaughterhouses in the late 40s. It’s from 1949, not sure how easy it is to track down, but really good.

  • Henrik
  • Christoph Waltz is the guest on today’s Adam Carolla podcast, it was pretty cool considering i watched this movie last night. He gives some pretty good insight on his background and working with Q. Check it out at

  • Jeff

    Sean, your rant doesn’t make sense to me.

    If you agreed to let the other site post your articles, then don’t get mad when Digg links to that site. I don’t see what the problem is. If you don’t like that, then don’t make agreements like that. What do you get in exchange for the other site posting your articles?

  • My rant is based on the fact that we’ve submitted our own stories to Digg they never get voted up. Whatever, I’m sure it sounds like sour grapes, but I’m tired of working my ass off to create good content and not getting the same rewards as other sites.

  • Matt

    You guys really need to talk about flash forward for your fall TV discussion. I think that show has potential.

  • One thing that I was hoping you guys would discuss about the end of IB is (slight spoiler)…

    So they were essentially suicide bombers? Am I the only one that found that odd?

  • Goon

    I thought it was a little odd too, but I didnt consider it any sort of dealbreaker.

  • Dang. I totally forgot to bring up the “Terrorist/Suicide Bomber” angle on the R3 Cinecast. I think it is just a one-off by Tarantino, it is not seriously considered in the film. A more thorough consideration in a genre-medium would be the Last half of S2 and First half of S3 in Battlestar Galatica.

    Still, I like that it is thrown in there, as the Nazi’s wrote the ‘counter-terrorism’ playbook (later adopted and re-written by the CIA and others) and yea, the Basterds are totally the terrorists of their day. Of course all terrorists think they have noble aims, ends justify the means and all that, and the Basterds are no different, only that IB has these guys framed as heroes and worth cheering and that the Nazi’s are worse, collectively than a few crazy guys running around scalping.

  • I have seen all the Jacques Tati except Traffic. Where did you find it? Playtime was originally screened on a special screen that included your peripheral vision. they showed it a few year ago in Paris with the original screen.


  • Bluelouboyle

    Great podcast, thanks. The suicide part was weird. Also, roth and the other guy didn’t seem to notice that the cinema was on fire. They didn’t know about Dreyfuss’ plot, so didn;t they wonder what the hell was going on??

  • Scott H.

    Reed should be on every show with you guys. Has great rapport with you all and makes the show much funnier and enjoyable. Even if he is the antithesis of your, for the most part, similar views.

  • Thx Scott H.! Maybe a “comments” and “e-mail” campaign will get me back on the show.

  • Consider me another vote for Reed.

  • Glendon

    This movie had an awesome use of the Battle of Algiers score.

  • Robin

    I am a Reed fan also. I’m happy when he “Guest Stars” on the show. I’d be content with once a month though more cantankerous would be appreciated.

  • Kasper

    Another Reed fan here, the more cantankerous and FJP-appearances the better.

  • Henrik

    Now, Greg might not like Ricky Gervais, but based on his comments in this show, I think he would like this video quite a bit, especially if he watches untill the end with Ian Wright: