Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island Delayed Until 2010


Oscar season is looking a bit different and October a little less creepy now that the release date for Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island has reportedly been pushed back to 2010. The Leonardo DiCaprio thriller was originally scheduled to hit theatres on October 2nd, but according to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Paramount has decided to slide it all the way back to February. Why would they do such a thing for a movie that would seem to have Oscar potential written all over it?

Word on the street is that Paramount can’t afford to spend the money on an Oscar campaign for the movie, and also that DiCaprio would not be available to help promote the movie overseas. They’re still hoping that with the new 10 Best Picture nominee system, it will have a good chance of getting nominated next year even if they release it in February. Either way, it’s unfortunate for moviegoers who have been really looking forward to the film as a nice alternative to Saw VI around Halloween. As for this year’s Oscar race, it’s looking pretty empty right now. The only obvious ones are The Lovely Bones, Nine and Clint Eastwood’s Invictus… will we see something like District 9 sneak in there as well?


    What about Michael Mann’s Public Enemies?

  • That’s true, there’s probably a good chance it will get nominated.

  • AnaTO

    Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker

  • 1138

    I 2nd the Kathyrn Bigelow for best director! Some minor quabbles but overall a great movie!

  • Mike

    Honestly after looking at the trailer for Shutter Island, I’m not excited to see the film at all. It looks like a better version of The Wicker Man with Nicolas Cage which ultimately says nothing. I like DiCaprio and Scorsese and obviously the Departed was great, but maybe they’re postponing the release because they know it’s not Oscar material?

  • MJS

    What kind of motherfuckery is this? Opening a Scorsese movie in February? Rediculous. It’s going to be painful watching this in late winter and knowing it isn’t going to be eligible for the upcoming Oscars.

  • Not a Scorsese fan, so I really couldn’t care less about the movie. Looking forward to all those potential nomination spots opening up to other movies now. Maybe someone like Peter Sarsgaard will get into the race now, when a bigger name like Leo might have taken the spot earlier. :)

  • jaime

    Of cause the movie is pushed back it look’s like ASS!

  • Dave

    “Of cause the movie is pushed back it look’s like ASS!”

    If Mike Judge were dead he’d be rolling in his grave right now.

  • jaime

    Mike judge is dead & the movie, well no one can say the film will do anything but tank it look’s like a movie that should have been made in the 90’s staring Eric Roberts.

  • Goon

    I know I’m tired because I just went and checked to see if Mike Judge is dead.

    Thankfully he is not, though hopefully the Goode Family show is.

  • modesilver

    Oh dang! I was so looking forward to this one! Oh well.

  • jaime

    Still FUCK this movie go buy Lord of War with Nic Cage!.

  • I´m just looking forward to Clint Eastwood´s film The Human Factor.

  • Kris: The Human Factor is now called Invictus.