Robert Zemeckis Tapped for 3-D Yellow Submarine Remake


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Robert Zemeckis really needs to give this motion capture stuff a rest. I have no problem with trying to push technology forward, and heck I even liked his take on Beowulf quite a bit, but now it’s really starting to feel like he’s putting the tech ahead of making decent and interesting movies. His upcoming version of A Christmas Carol looks impressive yes, but is it needed? No. Now this week comes news of another ill-advised Zemeckis remake: the Beatles 1968 animated classic Yellow Submarine.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zemeckis will direct the movie for Disney, who are planning it as a big digital 3-D release. They are currently negotiating the rights for the songs in the film, which will include the title track plus “Eleanor Rigby,” “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” “When I’m Sixty-Four” and “With a Little Help From My Friends.” It will be shot using his patented “performance capture” technology, although who will give the performances for John and George remains to be seen.

To me, Yellow Submarine is the epitome of a movie that comes from a certain era and deserves to stay there. The original is a pretty trippy film and was groundbreaking in its own right. A remake makes no sense at all. I am guessing the idea for this sprung forth from the upcoming video game The Beatles: Rock Band, which attempts to bring The Beatles’ music to a new audience. But who will this movie be for… kids or their parents? A quick look at the box office failure of Across The Universe, should give studio execs pause before greenlighting another Beatles-themed flick. What do you think, is a 3-D remake of Yellow Submarine a good idea? Is Robert Zemeckis wasting his time when he could be doing something more worthwhile with his career?

  • the way all the humans in these Zemeckis things look wooden it probably will not look any better than getting actors playing the parts made to look like John, Paul, Ringo and George. Which is interesting in thats probably why they are doing it CG in the first place!!

  • Xu

    I love Zemeckis, and I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND is IMO the best non-beatles BEATLES movie ever, way better than those BACKBEAT or ACROSS THE UNIVERSE stuff,

    Still I have to say this remake is yet another terrible terrible idea, the greatest thing in the original YELLOW SUBMARINE is the colorful 2D POP ART animation, no way they could reproduce the feeling in the motion capture 3D stuff,

    and also does this mean Jim Carey or Tom Hanks would play the whole FAB FOUR???

  • Mike

    I actually like the idea itself quite a bit, now if I think it will be successful is an entirely different issue. I don’t think there’s a huge demographic for the film. There’s a lot to be said based on the success of the Beatles Rockband game. I will probably see the film and probably enjoy it, but I was not around for the initial Yellow Submarine release and watched it in retrospect so I suppose I don’t have a true appreciation for the original.

  • any idea why robert zemeckis is remaking the classic?


    don’t hate across the universe!!! best movie ever!!!!!