Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story Trailer


A couple months ago, Michael Moore released a short teaser trailer for his new film before it even had a title. Now we know that it’s going to be called Capitalism: A Love Story, and the full trailer has finally arrived online… via CNN?! Well, alright then.

As expected, it shows Moore pestering a lot of people on Wall Street and trying to get to the bottom of this whole economic collapse. I have to say though, even as a fan of Moore’s films, this is looking a bit weak to me. Maybe they just wanted to get across the basic premise in the trailer and deliver a few punchlines without getting overly complicated, but it really looks like there is absolutely nothing to this movie. I might even say I feel dumber having watched it. I’m still interested in the topic and hoping it will at least have enough substance to spark some discussion, but as of right now I’m not quite sold. Capitalism: A Love Story hits select theatres on September 25th; scope out the trailer below and let the predictable Moore bashing begin.

  • Swarez

    In before the obligatory “Michael Moore is fat”, “His films aren’t documentaries” and “He’s biased” comments.

    Looks very interesting to me as this topic is very close to my heart at the moment. He should do another movie about the Icelandic crash and burn.

  • God Michael Moore is fat! His films aren’t documentaries and He’s biased.

  • Nuno

    Maybe he should just make a documentary about fat and biased people. Then his detractors will have nothing to say.

  • Sly

    Michael Moore is thin! His films are great documentaries and he’s a very tolerant guy. And this is the TRUTH ;)

  • Goon

    there is seriously nothing new to say until the actual movie comes out, and even then a lot of the new discussion will revolve around the same tired points from both sides.

  • Henrik

    Omar, you should do a documentary on the booming tourist industry in Iceland, caused by the fact that your cash is worth nothing. I remember hardcore advertising basically praising Iceland as the cheapest place on earth!

  • Swarez

    There are actually three or four documentaries in the making about the crash.

  • Henrik

    This trailer actually looks kind of funny.

  • I liked Roger and Me and TV Nation but I felt his movies became increasingly gimmicky and heavy handed.

    I disagree with his politics and the overall arguments he makes but I don’t think he labels his films as serious documentaries and himself as an objective journalist. I think he at the least brings issues to the forefront for discussion where those confident in the merits of their beliefs should not fear to be.

    He’s covered Guns, Iraq, Healthcare, Outsourcing and now Capitalism itself, all great issues to explore, even if when you take the opposite position he does. Some will attack this film relentlessly without seeing it, I am very confident in the merits of capitalism so it pains me not to at least see what he has to say.

  • cavecreaturefilms

    Sure he’s biased but his films are entertaining and very interesting if you go into the movie knowing that. He knows he’s one sided and he tells you that in every preview of his films. however, the funny thing is he is a democrat, or at least pretends to be, and in this film he is actually taking a democratic run government to task.

    I salute the man for the sheer balls he has to challenge the government film after film. I’ll be watching this one.

  • I’ll see it. I’ll probably disagree with a lot of his methods. But one thing– isn’t his typical style getting a bit stale? It was most effective in “Bowling for Columbine”, but since then it’s been the same thing, over and over. Diminishing returns.

  • JR

    I think Michael Moore knows his shtick is getting old and that is why he’s quitting documentary film making.

  • jaime

    Fuck this fat fuck!who give’s a shit?

  • gary craver

    This fat fuck is alive and breathing fresh air that a human being could enjoy. This is a shame that a fat sub-human piece of shit like moore exists.

  • Steven Sanders

    It is interesting to read the negative comments attacking this man personally (his weight)…….when a person can’t comment with intelligent replies, they will resort to base attacks of that ignorant nature.

    The failure of the US economy is: Greed causes gains for few and losses for many. That is how a few gain increasing wealth, at the expense of the many more that are poor or middle class. Life can seem the same for middle class America that still have jobs…. thus the points that Mr. Moore make, may not seem that important. BUT…..what if you lost your job……

    What is even worse, this creation of increased National Debt will undermine the US economy. Remember the Euro used to be equal to the USD. 1 Euro was 1 USD. Take a look at the exchange rate now. That means the country we leave for our children is weaker and poorer vs. the World.

    That then is the point that Mr. Moore is making. For the greed of the few, many have suffered.

  • Eric Johanssen

    I agree with Mr. Sanders. The suffering that a person or family may “suffer” is variable. It can range from “less nights out at the restaurant”, to “I have lost all my life savings and house”.

    Picture this: those “less nights out that the restaurant”, perhaps a family spent $100. Imagine not going out but putting a $100 bill into the hands of the CEO of your bank or insurance company. That is what happended. They stuck their hands into your wallet and yanked out not only tens, or hundreds. They took thousands.

    Maybe you can miss thousands and say “the system is fine”. Maybe you are one of the people that take those thousands. At the end, it your country and children that will suffer.

    For quick gain that will be lost easily, we may stand by “political” views, but we pay with our humanity.

    In other words: for money, we have become “sad humans”.