James Cameron’s Avatar Trailer (The Real Thing)


As everyone sits waiting for the first official Avatar trailer to go online over at Apple.com, the French MSN has apparently beaten them to the punch. Although the trailer is in French, there really isn’t much dialogue anyway. So go ahead and marvel at the first footage released online from James Cameron’s first action film in 15 years!

The environments do look quite beautiful and I have to say, I’m intrigued by the idea of people stepping into these mind-controlled versions of themselves. That said, the CG does look like CG, and I think it’s going to be hard for a lot of people to accept that most of the action is essentially fully animated. I am still very curious to see how the 3-D aspect will play into the film, and how much extra detail will be visible on the big screen. I will be seeing the 25 minute IMAX preview tomorrow night, so I’ll report back on that sometime soon. In the meantime, check out the first Avatar trailer after the jump and let us know what you think!

Update: The Apple version is now online, so you can also watch it in HD here.

  • phil

    that blue man group jpg looks totally fake. photoshopped, totally cgi.

    I could care less about the CGI in this movie, it looks like a videogame because of the art design, not the technical graphics…yes battlemech robots vs. elves…that is videogame crap (or George Lucas crap)…

    Not anything I want to see, its a Disney chick flick cartoon…just face it. I’ll go see BOOK OF ELI instead.

  • Alex

    most ppl are bashing it cuz most ppl are bashing it. i think its become “cool” to be part of the crowd that doesn’t think it looks all that great. if you look at the details like the hair and the backgrounds at the beginning when the protagonist is getting on that aircraft in the beginning, the cgi does look pretty amazing. Of course the Na’vi’s arent going to look 100% real. Are you expecting them to look exactly like humans but blue? i am excited for this and the trailer looks pretty bad ass but i will say that there are insane similarities to this and video games.
    1. The landscapes (mainly the floating land masses of rock on the bottom and forest on top) look almost EXACTLY like some areas in Final Fantasy 11 (the online one). in fact, thats the first thing i noticed when i first saw the trailer.

    2. Navi was the name of the fairy that is Links companion throughout Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

    3. Avatar has been a common reference in a lot of RPG/Fantasy video games including (yes again) Final Fantasy 11 (and other FF’s as well)
    The blue creatures and even some times the characters remind me of Carbuncle.

    It seems like the visuals and maybe even some of the story was completely ripped off from Final Fantasy and RPG/adventure games in general.I’ll give you harsh critics that. But i’m still gunna be an advocate of the film and go see it. I’m sure it will be amazing just like the hype is saying and you all will wish you put your foot in your mouths for ever bashing it.

  • Alex

    and before you haters start hating… Yes i know that the word Avatar was not invented by game writers but they certainly made it more popular and turned it into an actual character.

  • Smurfette

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