Shoot ‘Em Up Director Signs on for Outland Remake


Yet another remake is being prepped for ignition this week as Warner Brothers and Hollywood Gang have announced their intention to put together an updated version of the 1981 sci-fi film Outland starring Sean Connery. The original, which was directed by Peter Hyams (Capricorn One, Timecop), followed a Federal Marshal on a mining colony on one of Jupiter’s moons, who uncovers a dangerous corporate conspiracy. Described as a “space western” of sorts, it has often been compared to High Noon.

The remake will be helmed by Michael Davis, who recently did the over-the-top action/comedy Shoot ‘Em Up, and written by newcomer Chad St. John (The Days Before). Although I haven’t seen the original, somehow Davis doesn’t seem like the right guy for the job. Hopefully he won’t get too carried away with the action sequences. Duncan Jones recently cited Outland as an inspiration for his own debut film Moon… maybe he should have been considered instead? Either way, I look forward to eventually reviewing this remake on the podcast, and hopefully having Greg accidentally watch the recent film Outlander instead.

  • Colin

    “Outland” always felt like they just took some left-over “Alien” sets and remade “High Noon” in space…

    A remake seems like it would be even more derivative.

  • Ah, I think it’s suppose to be High Noon in spac.e

    Sean, I really hope you get to see the original – it’s a great film if you like 70’s SciFi.

  • Hanoi_Xan

    Colin: I think they actually used some of the sets from Alien. Or at least some of the Alien crew worked also in this movie.

    Anyway… I recently rewatched the original and enjoyed it. Mainly because of the “working men in space” environment.

    I really hated Shoot’em Up though… horrible movie. So I’m not really excited about the remake… at least the director’s should really lay off the friggin’ carrots this time.

  • Colin

    Very interesting, Hanoi, since the whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about how badly Alien’s production designer was getting jacked.

    I isn’t that I dislike “Outland,” but I really have no enthusiasm for a remake, especially if its being helmed by “Shoot ‘Em Up” guy.

  • Swarez

    I look at Outland as a companion piece to Alien, set in the same world. It’s a great little film and looks fantastic.

  • I’m sort of wondering why most of you seem to appreciate Outland. I had the impression that most critics hated that movie or maybe it’s because I remember Harlan Ellison writing a scathing review of it. Actually, most critics don’t think very highly of Peter Hyams even though he seems to keep on getting work. I guess he’s like Paul W.S. Anderson in that way.

    I enjoyed Outland because I enjoyed the High Noon plot with Sean Connery in the Gary Cooper role. I liked his interaction with the doctor played by Frances Sternhagen. (I even enjoyed Peter Hyams’ 2010. I get dewy-eyed when HAL sacrifices itself.)

  • I’m pretty sure Outland was well recieved, I know my father is a huge fan of it. He made me watch it when I was 12. I thought it sucked, because I was 12.