Lionsgate Developing a Dirty Dancing Remake


With MGM’s remake of Fame on the way, and plenty of audience demand for dance-related movies in general, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone decided to remake the 1987 classic Dirty Dancing. A couple of years back, Lionsgate, who owned the rights to Dirty Dancing, started suing people who were selling bootleg t-shirts with the slogan “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner”. Now that they’ve got that threat under control, they’ve finally decided to put a remake in development.

According to Production Weekly, they will produce the remake from a new script by Julia Dahl (The West Wing, Uptown Girls). I’m guessing this will at least be more successful than the 2004 sequel, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, but will the story be too cheesy for today’s moviegoers? I guess it can’t be any more cheesy than Step Up or some of the other recent dance movies. Are you psyched for a Dirty Dancing remake? And who do you think should play Patrick Swayze’s character this time around?

  • This isn’t going to work. I don’t know what made the original film so successful when it came out, but retrospectively, it’s all about the charm and chemistry of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. You can’t repeat success like that with a new cast.

    I’m not terribly happy about the Footloose remake with Chace Crawford either. :P

  • Damndirtyape

    Channing Tatum was BORN to play this role!

  • Channing Tatum was BORN to look nice. That’s it.

    As for the remake, I’m not sure what makes Lionsgate think this can be a winner…the success of previous dance movies? Have they learned nothing from the shit that was Dirty Dancing Havana Nights? Apparently not.

  • Damndirtyape

    >> Channing Tatum was BORN to look nice. That’s it.

    No way.. he’s the voice of the new generation.