Wayans Brothers Working on White Chicks 2


So it’s really come to this… a sequel to White Chicks. Oh my. Even The Wayans Brothers can’t get an original project off the ground anymore! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marlon and Shawn Wayans will return as the FBI agents who go undercover as women in “whiteface”, so to speak, with Keenan Ivory Wayans back in the director’s chair again as well. All three will write the script, with the all important plot being kept strictly confidential for the moment.

It’s kinda hard to believe that White Chicks originally grossed $113 million worldwide when it came out back in June 2004. The Wayans’ follow-up film, Little Man, had a slightly bigger opening, but didn’t make quite as much money in the long run. Personally I think they should have combined White Chicks and Little Man to make a genuine horror movie since they both feature such disturbing imagery. Seriously, that picture is going to give me nightmares for weeks. So what do you guys have to say about White Chicks 2?

  • Kim

    With movies such as The Hurt Locker, In The Loop, 500 Days of Summer, District Nine, & Harry Potter in theaters right now, the prospect of White Chicks 2 will give Armond White something he can actually look forward to.

  • The net went nuts after the jar jar robots of revenge of the fallen but the waynes brothers think it’s a good idea for this shit….AGAIN?!! This reminds me that despite being a black guy I hardly own any black (sorry Urban) movies because they all seem to be crap like this, a tyler perry production or I’ve got a hook up. Jesus.


  • Matt

    I seriously doubt whether this news should be filed under “comedy.”

  • Big Hungry

    I never got the idea for first one or saw it. And most important they do not look like white chicks.

  • Fatbologna

    Big Hungry,

    I’d fuck ‘em…mmmmhhhhh…whiiiite chiiiiicks…

  • steviebaby

    As the Wayans bros movies go, it wasn’t that bad… Terry Crews was the best part of the first movie

  • Liz

    No. Just. No

  • its not a movie, its a FILM.

  • Ashcan

    It should be fun, but I hope that they use better makeup fx this time.

    Also, lets hope that this is not a build up to ‘Black Chicks’ that would be racist.

  • Tiffany


  • smithers

    Ohyeah, I found the movie funny.
    And @ the guy saying they don’t look white.. that’s the funny thing about it, that people in the movie “actually think they white chicks”.
    Anyway, i look forward. But they really have to be funnier or else i don’t want no third movie of it:P mostly they suck at the second sequel.

  • City

    I know for a fact that the movie white chick was a great movie everyone I know including myself loved it. So many people was wondering when will they have another and wayane brothers don’t let anyone tell you different. It was a hit and #1 to us in our book!

  • One of the funniest films of all time! I would not like to count the number of times I have watched it but I laugh every time ( as do the people who watch it with me!). I look forward to another one but the first will probably always be my favourite.

  • Melody Larkin

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    We all knew that they did not look like real whites chicks but still it was a funny movie and the script for it was great, me and my brothers laugh at it all the time its been about six or seven months since i last watched the movie but we was not the only one’s laughing so was the ‘parental units’. It was a great movie. Sure you knew that if someone really did attempted this white chicks thing in real life you could tell but seriously who cares its called creative license. As for the sequel I’m not sure. I mean the first was very funny and i loved it but I’m not sure if a sequel is the way to go because i think it was kind of a one shot thing no next to come but since I liked the first I will see the second with no expectation and it has been five years since the first so maybe the make-up and things will be better this time around. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  • kelly

    omg carnt wait !!!!!!! love itt :)

  • Spicer

    U have to b kidding. I would wishdeath on these brothers, but to lose a limb would b nice. I can’t believe I thot it would b funny to go see, but without a doubt they are the worst writters in the states. I’m not saying Scotland has anything better, but I would rather go see mega shark vs giant octopus.

  • Tommy

    Wayans need to take back their “Scary Movie” franchise.

  • Aaliyah

    i love the wayans family theyre amazing from my wife and kidz to white chicks which was the best film from them so far it wz hilarious the script was gr8 and it wz a family fun movie which left you in stitches. i really hope they can top the bar once again.

  • momo

    they should definitely sequel white chicks but from my point of view i don’t think it will come out as strong as the first one (and that has been seen many many times before) if they stick to the original plot of the movie.. unless they change their perspective to something else.. let’s say they do black chicks for say or asian chicks.. and by that they’ve combined the originality of the movie with something new they can be freshly be brilliant about.. that’s what i think..

  • rowena

    been saying they should make white chick 2,i loved the first one and cant wait for number 2.so hurry up and get it finished so i can watch it.x

  • momo

    @ Ashcan, and you think calling them ”white” is not about race?!!

  • I have been waiting for white chicks part 2 to come out!!! YIPPPPPPPY

  • Phoebe

    people should not judge something that has not been produced yet c’mon give them a chance .. personally i liked the first movie it was fun joyful and i couldn’t ask for more . Once again some ppl dn’t like drama some don’t like comdey of this kind but don’t judge it

  • tan

    funniest sh*t ever.

  • White Chicks was hilarious! and other great films by the Wayans brothers have been equally good (Don’t be a menace…, Little Man etc)

    I have every faith WC2 will be just as good, if not better than the original. So what if its not an “original project”. American Pie 2 wasn’t an original project but grossed over $290 million worldwide. Food for Thought

  • L dawg shizhoe

    white chicks was the best!!! the second one should be AWESOME!! i’m going to be looking forward to this all year! yeah!!!!!!

  • Gloria De Leo

    I LOVE this movie…it’s funny and really entertaining..it’s also AMAZING how the make up looks so good…I watch the movie over and over, and it makes me smile even when I am sad :)
    Thank you for making this GREAT movie !!!!

  • a fan

    “Look at her. She doesn’t even have Herpes…” Bahhhaaaaaaaaah! love it. i’ll be in line that weekend

  • Jenna

    I CAN NOT WAIT dat shit was funny as HELL. I rememeber me, mom and grandma went 2 see dis at the movie theater.

  • Sara

    This is one of the funniest movies ever. It is always good for a laugh and I anxiously await the sequel. When I heard about WC2 I automatically let every one I could know about it. Hey, I should be paid to do PR for the film!

  • Angie

    Its my favourite movie,im so glad they in the progress of making white chicks 2 – i can add it o my list… it was so hilarious and i never get sick of watching it – i could watch it over and over again (10 times a day at max ) and i still never get tired of laughing…………..

  • Jerry

    You know it is rather funny actually. That imagine if you will, two white guys dressing up as black women and calling the movie Black Chicks. Then imagine the outcry, the screams of racism and Jesse and Al going on a destructive tour to get the movie boycotted.

    Man the double standard in this country is rather hysterical if you ask me.

  • Pete

    The first one was hilarious!!!!!! I think this was one of their funniest movies they ever made. I sorry but the scary movies saga wasn’t funny they were stupid funny (they were so stupid you had to laugh) but this one as well as Little Man were actually funny they weren’t like the Scary movies that look they were thrown together over night.Everyone that I known(and that’s quite a bit) whom seen this think it is hilarious and die laughing. I can wait to see this as well as Shanene (from Martin…Lawrence Martin)and Wanda (from In Livin color …Jamie Foxx) Teaming up to be as bank robbers when they are broke. That is going to be funny.

  • Jamie

    I’ve never understood why it’s taken 6 yrs to make a sequel to this hysterical movie? Everytime I watch this movie I laugh as hard as the first time.. I think the makeup looked pretty convincing of them looking like White Chicks.. I used that saying all that time “OMG I’m gonna have a BF” and ppl always know that I got that line from the movie.. So there are tons of fans of this flick!

  • Jordan

    I loved the first movie so muchh. Everytime i watch it it gets better and better but I dont know how. But anyway I’d like another movie but what are they going to make them go undercover as? Paris and Brittney. Whatever they do I don’t think will be as good but they should try because we need some decent movies in theathers instead of Twilight and Harry Potter… BORINGGG! Pleaseee do well on these movieee we need it to be good

  • in what month will white chick 2 be out and what day will that be on

  • gaz

    how can u lot moan. this is the one of the best and funniest films ever, everyone i know laughs there head of at it and repeats the awesome 1 liners from it. absolute brilliant film>

  • vdsdfgfs

    its about time!!!

  • Thanks for this. Aaliyah was stunning. A person I both admire and miss. It’s such a shame what happened to her. The pop art painting I purchased of her is freakin’ awesome and will be kept forever!

  • Haytch


  • You know what?
    This is really disgusting, when you
    have to hate on people who are a million times
    better than you.
    You all are just mad because everyone
    loves EVERY SINGLE one of the wayans brothers.
    Oh, and their movies! they make amazing
    movies, and if they hadnt come up with the original
    scary movie 1&&2, we wouldnt have these spoofs
    and whatnot.
    So, dont say “i wish dead upon them!” thats so stupid.
    do you realize how many stupid people there
    are out there that have done worse thing than
    making a movie the YOU didnt like.
    the world doesnt revolve around you people,
    although we all know you’d like to think it does.
    stop being such b1tches, cry me a river, get over it and drown yourselves in it(:
    thankyou to all the people saying that,
    kay bye(:

  • RJ

    i can’t wait for white chicks 2 i bet it’ll be beter than the first one but its going to be tough to beat only because of the farts when marcus was in the bathroom and when latrell and marcus where on a date and when marcus stuffed his face and when they farted after… i nearly died of laughter!!!

  • white chicks 2 will make a great show just like the first one and no show is better i swear.i like the part when one of the men was runing after a man because he thiefed the prada.also i like the part when the boys in the mall looked under the men’s skirts and saw balls.it looked very funny his wife didnt know he was a girl.she thought he had another wife.i lke when they were farting in the restaurant.also the part when he was kicking the strippers asses and the starting when they were acting carzzzzzzy you want some of my sandwaich sike ‘when she was saying doctor are you sure this is all that you need.

  • Lollipop

    Ok, for real…Haters…please stop the madness. This family puts out shit that nobody else does and its fucking Hilarious. I cannot not wait to see what they do next. The first one was so damn funny….I watched it over and over and laughed each and every time. And evenn if their movies are not what “America” considers blockbusters….they will sell more and make more because people will want to see their movies over and over and over and Blockbusters is something you only wanna see once. Keenan….keep doing your thang cos yall have mastered comedy in a way that no one else has.

  • mgc94520

    I saw the trailer in the movies and I thought it was a terrible idea however I saw the movie on cable and I had no idea how funny and original it was. I laughed myself silly!! I can’t wait and will see it in the theaters this time!!

  • Leon

    @ douchemonster skankface, well said!!! ant to all the haterz who wished death, its a privilege to wake up everyday and to breathe, so be thankful for life and don’t wish death upon anyone

  • Silje Kaalaas

    I FUCKING LOOOOOVE THIS MOVIE!!! i can’t understand that you would say that it is bad,,,, that only means that u have a very poor sence of humor. I just hope the second one is as good as the first one :)

  • Nina Wilson

    OMG! Freekin can’t wait. I love the first one I’m sure they will do good on the second. Does anyone know when it will be released.