Wayans Brothers Working on White Chicks 2


So it’s really come to this… a sequel to White Chicks. Oh my. Even The Wayans Brothers can’t get an original project off the ground anymore! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marlon and Shawn Wayans will return as the FBI agents who go undercover as women in “whiteface”, so to speak, with Keenan Ivory Wayans back in the director’s chair again as well. All three will write the script, with the all important plot being kept strictly confidential for the moment.

It’s kinda hard to believe that White Chicks originally grossed $113 million worldwide when it came out back in June 2004. The Wayans’ follow-up film, Little Man, had a slightly bigger opening, but didn’t make quite as much money in the long run. Personally I think they should have combined White Chicks and Little Man to make a genuine horror movie since they both feature such disturbing imagery. Seriously, that picture is going to give me nightmares for weeks. So what do you guys have to say about White Chicks 2?

  • Who really cares if the 1st one made any sense. It wad so freaking funny that it makes up for everything else!!! I can’t wait for part 2….I’m tired of watching all these other movies that barely make me laugh at all!!!!!!

  • OMG!!!

    love it cant wait…

  • i love the guy who plays marcus coplen:)

  • jman

    its gonna be fuckin sick and all the quier who think its shit fuck of u gay nnobs
    they can act way better than u shit hole can ever do and they r way funny er but the people who like the movie well done u no a good movie
    peace out mother fuckers

  • anonymous

    This movie is actually funny. They better do good on the sequel, who knows it will sell more than the first movie.

  • I think a sequel of White Chicks is cool and awsome because that movie is very funny and really good and i love it.

  • alana haywood

    I love this MOVIE it’s soooo funnyyy, I have a 6 year old daughter that lovesss it and knows most of the lines, lol. “I’m sooo freakin pissed.” Lmao. Can’t wait for part 2. TO U HATERS STOPPP HATIN geeez and get a SENSE OF HUMOR.

  • suni

    I really believe this will be a great movie again. I just wish it was sooner. Im still laughin at the first one.

  • Yangy

    The first movie is very funny and I think the second should be just the same maybe even better,anyone who dislikes this movie is stuck up jerk who doesn’t know funny even if it hit him in the head!

  • Mayra

    OMG I can’t wait! I keep watching it over and over on Netflix, I haven’t gotten tired of it.

    Triple T – K – A!
    Time to totally kick ass!!!!! XD

  • rosie

    i love the wayans family all there shows and movies and i hope to see more movies including white chicks 2 :)

  • peter horne

    great movie

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  • i mint and let me know something about me being in the next movie

  • and let this and part 3 and 4 of white chicks be super funny

  • Lola

    Denmark. The Movie is my favorite comedy. Is it really the Wayans brothers who play Britney and Tiffani? The masks are amazing. Men in drag are always funny. I keep looking to see if they are actually pretty. It is funnier than Tootsie, the drag queen part. We love to be decieved and pretend that nobody can tell they are drag queens. Seeing Britney and Tiffani as drag queens really makes a mockery of the white lifestyle in the Hamptons. Hey Yo Hookers! you don’t think this is over with? It is white chicks with black attitude that makes this movie so funny. It is the best movie ever – it is a genius movie. It is a film classic. Lola Denmark.

  • Brittany

    I love the movie and i think it will be another super funny family comedy! My kids enjoyed it and so did I a wonderful thought up movie

  • Counselor

    As for the haters, you would not know good comedy if it tickled your ass! I cannot wait! The Wayas make me laugh with each film they release!

  • angie

    white chicks TWO
    Yeahhhhh Baybeeeeeeee
    Me and my family love watching it tucked up in bed.
    We laugh harder and harder each and every time we watch it

  • Paj

    I hope there will be a White Chicks 2.