Robert Downey Jr. in Talks to Play Lestat in The Vampire Chronicles Reboot


It’s been rumoured for a few years now that Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles might be heading back to the big screen in some way, shape or form. Neil Jordan’s Interview with the Vampire was a pretty big hit back in 1994, and although Queen of the Damned didn’t fare nearly as well, we all know that vampires are selling right now and it’s best to strike while the iron is hot. At one point, Tom Cruise’s production company was sniffing out the rights to the fourth book in the series, The Tale of the Body Thief, but now Bloody Disgusting tells us that Universal Pictures wants to “restart” the franchise instead. What’s more, apparently Robert Downey Jr. is interested in taking over Tom Cruise’s role as Lestat Du Lioncort!

It has been confirmed that RDJ is in advanced talks for the role, and while he hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet, things are looking pretty good. Let’s face it, Robert Downey Jr. is a very reliable name to base any franchise on nowadays, and I’m sure he would be great for the role. He can attract both fanboys and fangirls alike, but is he suffering from overexposure right now? I guess it depends on when exactly they want this movie to come out. Perhaps the bigger issue is whether or not the fans want a reboot of this series. Interview with the Vampire has quite a few fans, and to simply pretend it doesn’t exist could upset some people. Then again, I’m not sure they have many other options after the whole Queen of the Damned debacle, plus Tom Cruise isn’t exactly the box office guarantee he used to be. What do you think? Should they restart The Vampire Chronicles again from scratch? And will there be a Robert Downey Jr. backlash anytime soon?

  • jaime

    At this point RDJ can do whatever he want’s his the king right now,he’s like the new Tom Cruise (with out the crazy-ness)

  • mrbenning

    I liked Tom Cruise’s performance in the first film. But if they’re rebooting the series, who will play Louis? He gets just as much, if not more, screentime (hasn’t read the book or seen the movie in a long time).

  • Captain N

    Eventually there will be a Downey backlash if he keeps going at this rate. It happens with all actors that skyrocket in popularity it seems.

  • jaime

    There will be no Backlash Dick-Face his had his place in the dirt and now he’s all cleaned up, so suck on that you Brow-Hole-eater!.

  • tom cruise in collateral owns all

  • pcch7

    I think it sucks.. I like Downey Jr, but Tom Cruise IS Lestat so why not just try and get him

  • Awful choice! Tom Cruise or some one in their 20’s who actually looks like Lestat.

  • Sly

    I love me some RDJ – but I just can’t see him as Lestat. Cruise would be ok – even being a bit older now.

  • Ben

    Physically, he doesn’t really fit. But his personality will make him a natural for the role. First and foremost, what I care about most, is that they get the whole series out in a consistent and quality manner. No more of this “one great movie and then things go into the gutter” shit.

  • elodie

    He doesn’t fit Lestat. Tom was great. I won’t see the movie with RDJ. I can’t believe it. The movie will suck. It’s like Sherlock Holmes…please robert…not Lestat. Be just Tony Stark, not Lestat!

  • Phoenix

    I want to say first off that i love RDJ, now i also wanna say HE IS TOO DAMNED OLD TO PLAY LESTAT!!!! Lestat is a 22 year old vampire with WHITE blond hair, tom cruse looked like SHIT with the blond hair, i wish they would get a younger and blonder actor to play him

  • Kaz

    Tom Cruise played the role of Lestat perfectly. I think they should just get him to play Lestat again. Tom’s appearance hasn’t changed that much over the years, he still looks quite young for his age. If Tom plays him again then they can just continue from Interview With The Vampire.

  • ted

    Depp as Lestat RDJ as Memnoch

    Fincher Directing,

    Screenplay written by?

    Depp is a vampire,

    he doesn’t age…

  • Kat

    I really like RDJ but he really isn’t the Lestat that we fans imagine. He is too old and is nearly opposite the fair-haired, fair-skinned, blue eyed vampire Lestat is. I think that anyone who loves the books will be really disappointed in this choice. I know I am. Twi-hards lucked out when Rob Pattinson turned out to be such a success, but I don’t think going against the fans’ idea of Lestat will turn out as well.
    So, my advice is start the series from scratch. Cruise and RDJ are too old. Pull a twilight and find a newcomer that has the looks and ability to play Lestat or the movie will be a complete failure.

  • Sel

    I want Tom Cruise to be Lestat again,the age doesn’t matter. he stil looks young and we have now day a good tecnology for effects ,they can do anything to make him look like the same Lestat of Interview with the vampire

  • I see points in all of your opinions and I myself am a very loyal fan of all the books and the movies. I love the character Lestat very much. Movie are always doing things like this always ruining them or overdoing them but anyway, Lestat I think tom cruise is a genius for being the part but now that C had token over which when I first saw queen of the damned I was well of course pist off that they didn’t get tom cruise but I really like how Stuart Townsend did Lestat and hey I’m a female and may I just say tom is sexy but I think Stuart is sexier I think he did the part very well you can agree or disagree but I just don’t think Robert is the right one he’s a good actor I’m a fan of many of his films but I do not want to see him as Lestat maybe another vampire but not him. He’s to precious and glorious in a way I really would like it of the agents and movie people could please try there hardest to get Stuart Townsend back and I know h could do the part please I hope some of you can agree with me. I’m very tired and angry of movie productions not getting the same actors there are tons of other movies that have to go through this same thing and these books and movies of all shouldn’t be getting all f***ed up the books are classics and the movies should be to so that’s part of the reason why I think and would love it if Stuart Townsend would come back cause it could be a movie that they actually learn not to f**k up on. Well I want and hope they make the movie very good but of all things they need Stuart just stick to him cause its either him or tom which either is fantastic but I love Stuart a lot but no one else should be ever thought about of playing the part. Just stay true and loyal to that character and yes actor does count too as I always say.

  • NO RDJ as LESTAT, for the love of all that is holy!

    No offense to Downey, he was brilliant in Sherlock Holmes and all, but, stating my opinion as a fan of the novel series, he just doesn’t fit Lestat. Tom was great in Interview, and Stuart was a bit over the top in QotD, so I think it’s high time the people in charge of producing another installment in the Vamp Chronicles films find new blood. New, good-looking, Lestat-esque blood that’ll make Edward Cullen look like a shiny pixie.

  • They need someone younger, Lestat was 20 when he turned into a vampire. Mon dieu.

  • Grayhaze

    I personally think the first movie (except Lestat, Louis, and Claudia) was sortof a failure- they changed all the characers. I’d be really happy if they re-made the move the RIGHT way. I love love love RDJ but he IS a little old for the part.