Now Godzilla’s Getting a Reboot?


Well there’s not much to report on this story as of yet, but according to a hot tip from Bloody Disgusting, it looks like there is a new Godzilla movie in the works — a new big budget Hollywood version, that is. Apparently the folks at Legendary Pictures are in talks to pick up the rights, the production company behind such recent films as The Dark Knight, Watchmen, 300 and Where the Wild Things Are. Oh, plus Roland Emmerich’s 10,000 B.C.… let’s just hope he’s not going to be allowed anywhere near it.

The last official Godzilla movie in Japan, as far as I know, was Ryuhei Kitamura’s Godzilla: Final Wars. The film series had supposedly been put on hiatus after that, although it was rumoured that Toho may bring back the giant monster for his 60th anniversary in 2014. Either way, like everything else these days this project is being described as a “reboot”, so I think it’s safe to assume it will not be a sequel to Roland Emmerich’s widely panned 1998 film. Would you like to see a new big budget Godzilla flick? Who do you think should direct it?

  • MJS

    Let’s face it, Godzilla isn’t good for much other than camp, and I doubt any attempt to do a straightforward Godzilla flick in hollywood will probably not be much better than the Emmerich movie.

  • steve

    I would like to see a Godzilla movie, I actually enjoyed the 1998 one was and for who to direct a new one… not sure really maybe someone like Zach Snyder, I dont think he has done anything along these lines before, but I like him as a director.

  • i uh gree.

  • Maopheus

    They reboot Godzilla every 10 years or so in Japan, so why not? Anything to get that supremely overhyped Emmerich movie out of my mind. I remember that it was one of the first movies that had a lot Web tie-ins, like you could download a desktop gadget that would count down to the release date aka G-Day or whatever and you’d get email updates and what not.

  • I call BULLSHIT. Toho isn’t stupid enough to let Hollywood have another chance to ruin Godzilla…especially after the disrespect they handed by Emmerich and Deavlin. Toho is planning on resurrecting Godzilla in 2013 so it that only gives them four years to make it…if it happens.

  • joe

    I’m actually in the process of going through all of the Godzilla movies, oldest to newest. Only through the first two though. I’m somewhat limited by my two-DVDs-per-month on Netflix and wanted to watch new Blurays as they come out.

    To answer your question, I like monster movies a lot and would be totally fine with another Godzilla.

  • Swarez

    “Toho isn’t stupid enough to let Hollywood have another chance to ruin Godzilla”

    Toho ruined Godzilla themselves with that piece of shit Final Wars and that was supposed to be a big deal. The US Godzilla also made more money for Toho than any other Japanese Godzilla film ever has and ever will. So from a business stand point it makes all the sense in the world to let Hollywood have another go at it. Especially after the success of Cloverfield.

  • Duke Togo

    The budgets for some of the 2000’s Toho G films were as low as $6-8 million dollars, Final Wars supposedly had a $20 million dollar budget.

    Check out this godzilla dream sequence in one of Toho’s live action films, the CGI looks decent:

  • Hannes

    Sorry this is completely off topic. I just saw Funny Games U.S. and was wandering if Filmjunk ever reviewed it.


  • Swarez

    Could you PLEASE remove that fucking Final Destination 4 advertisement!

  • Done. What a pain in the ass. Good ads are hard to find.

  • Niklas

    I’d like to see a Peter Jackson Godzilla movie :)

  • Hannes: Film Junk has never reviewed the remake of Funny Games. We talked about the original on The Movie Club Podcast though.

  • jaime

    The Godziller Teser Trailer was good,you know the one with the T-rex.

  • Hannes

    Thanks Sean, I’ll check that out.

  • Ray Mohrmann

    I would love a new Godzilla film!the last one…Godzilla:Final Wars was horrible!too much talking,and idoitidic charactors,and not enough monsters or Godzilla!!Iloved the american 1998 film!would like Hollywood to do a giant big budget reimaging of Godzilla,or a Japanese version(only please!quit putting dumb story lines and work on more Godzilla’s destruction that’s the only reason we watch them for…Godzilla!!!)Make them so realistic,and so destructive that we fear him like the end of the world,and make him look like a mix between the 1998 verision,and the 1990’s or 2000 Godzillas,so real looking,and the destruction as real as Cloverfield!so hell year any new Godzilla film,except like Godzilla:Final Wars!!

  • John

    As a 25 year old male, I enjoyed Godzilla alot as a kid and i remember going to see ”Godzilla 1998” in theatres and i was sp excitted i got chill’s when it started, Esp when you started to see Godzilla arrise from the Water.

    I’ve seen it a few times back then BUT HERE’S THE THING. Japanese Godzilla movies never really had ”big budgets” or famous actors. Still they were Good films but you got what you paid for.

    Godzilla 1998, With 134$ MILLION Daller budget. Godzilla was not unstopable, Ran from Tanks, Air-planes, Crawled underground and was some kind of Fucked up transexual that we only saw a giant foot 60% of the film.

    I love Godzilla and i think we need a Dark, Rated R Godzilla movie, Something with alot of chaos, Great storyline and Actors, An have Godzilla look like Godzilla that breathes nuclear fire. Who knows maybe threw in another monster to battle.

    Either way, This could be amazing or it couldnt be any worse then Godzilla 1998 in name only.

    Long live the Real King of the Monsters Godzilla!

  • bardock

    what about the trailer shown on youtube-return of godzilla 2009-watch! I liked it. this godzilla moves better and is more realistic than the other japanese godzillas-they move like a fat guy who can barly walk!

  • bardock

    dont understand me wrong I like godzilla-but what I dont like is how he is mooving!hes to slow! zilla is much faster-but despite this godzilla looks better! they should only change the moovment-a faster and more agile godzilla!

  • big G fan

    the Cloverfield movie /G’zilla with Matthew Brodrick were both CRAP…final wars was horrible….right down there with Godzilla on Monster Isle & Son of Godzilla as well as the Smog Monster movie = CRAP !

    NO REBOOT…..Godzilla vs Gamara should be made -or- a continue from the ending of Godzilla vs megagerius…
    ( the one where he was zapped into a Black hole ) and not by the schmuck that did th 98′ iguana insult…Peter Jackson with I.L.M helping Toho Sudios would be fan-frikkin-tasic,just leave out the comedic cheese factor,bad sci-fi junk,etc.ala “Hulk” movies
    (Or refer to the 1st G’zilla movie dealin with G…)

    Camera tech has gotten sooo much better yet ya just can’t beat an actor in costume with cgi-tho Lord of the Rings came Very close! as did the prequel Star Wars Movies…. Godzilla,G-84/85,G vs MechaG-II & Godzilla vs Destroyer were some of the BEST suits created….( he looked like he really was Over 400 ft tall…as stated inthe very first movie-I’ve a copy of it-in Japanese! )& whatever the opponent has to look as equally menacing and the military should look like an army of today. ( UN/Japanese/American) & here is a opener:

    Godzilla pops up in the Atlantic of the New England Coast, then off the Virginia Coast- destroying the Sipyards…then in the Gulf…then on the smallest Island of Ha ( Pearl Harbor-no offense.),& then goes & tramples Midway then finally Japan…