Legion Trailer Starring Paul Bettany


Here’s a trailer that’s got a lot of people talking about a movie that I didn’t know anything about up until now. Legion is an action flick about a biblical apocalypse where God sends his angels to destroy humanity. He “got tired of all the bullshit”, apparently. The only person who stands in his way is the archangel Michael, played by Paul Bettany, who must protect the unborn child of a waitress who is the second coming of Christ. Oh, and here’s the other thing: the angels all fight with machine guns and rocket launchers!

I have to admit, there are parts of this trailer that seemed way too cheesy to me, but the special effects are quite good. This is understandable considering that first-time director Scott Stewart comes from a visual effects background (he has worked on such movies as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Superman Returns, Grindhouse and Iron Man). The trailer is also a little too long at just over 5 minutes, but it is a red band trailer so it doesn’t hold anything back. The supporting cast includes Dennis Quaid, Charles S. Dutton, Adrianne Palicki and Tyrese Gibson. Legion hits theatres on January 22nd, 2010. Check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Swarez

    I think it’s jaw droppingly awesome and I found it strange that genre film of that caliber, seems to have decent budget, could go so long unnoticed. Talkbackers over at Twitch are complaining that it looks too “Christian propaganda” which I simply can’t see. This looks like a rollicking good time. Color me pumped.

  • bard

    paul bettany is incredible. i’ll see this.

  • Henrik

    I think this looks insanely cool as well.

  • Bratwurst

    Ridding the world of humanity is always a great time!

  • mark

    I’m not gonna lie, it looks like terminator with angels.

    Even at the title screen, they’re taking a spin on the clasic terminator beat! (da-da-da da-dum)

  • Paul Andrews

    Wow – zombie angels ! Fantastic.

  • Ben

    Needs more Christopher Walken.

  • Ben

    Oh, and what exactly has Bettany done that would qualify as “incredible”??? I ask that as a serious question. While I’ve seen him in stuff that he’s been good in, I’ve yet to see anything incredible. If I’m missing something, I’d like to know.

  • Aaron

    Try ‘Gangster No. 1′. Bettany is awesome.

  • Halo

    This looks the B****cks!!! I absolutely can’t wait for this… I just hope it’s THIS good!

  • Insert Walken!

  • oktayne

    Looks completely RIDICULOUS!! I’ll be there opening night! lol

  • truthspeaker

    Guess it’s too bad that this isn’t the way it really will be when it all happens… if it were, He might go after people who twisted His Word to sell a movie FIRST…. anyone here even read Revelation?