Christopher McQuarrie Hired to Write Wolverine 2


Very soon after X-Men Origins: Wolverine kicked off the summer blockbuster season with a massive $85 million opening, we heard that a sequel was already being prepared. Now this week Fox has officially started the ball rolling by hiring a writer for the project — but it’s not David Benioff nor Skip Woods, the duo who wrote the first Wolvie screenplay. Nope, this time around it’s Bryan Singer’s buddy Christopher McQuarrie, writer of The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie, and the writer/director of The Way of the Gun.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the movie will loosely follow the 1980s comic storyline from Chris Claremont and Frank Miller where Logan travels to Japan and fights ninjas. Jackman himself is acting as producer as he did on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and apparently met with McQuarrie to discuss preliminary ideas. I didn’t realize that McQuarrie had also contributed to the screenplay for the very first X-Men movie (he withdrew his name from the credits since the final draft was closer to David Hayter’s vision). Now I don’t want to start any rumours or anything, but with McQuarrie’s connection to Bryan Singer, could this mean that Singer is also returning to direct another X-Men movie after all?

  • Neko

    While I have yet to see wolverine (I will check it out on DVD). My interest in a sequel just shot up, McQuarrie’s “Way of the Gun” is still one of my favorite films. Personally I am interested to see what he does with, Wolverine.

  • mrbenning

    Awesome. Now I might have to check out X-Men Origins: Wolverine to be ready for the next flick.

  • Maopheus

    If McQuarrie (and Singer) is involved in this sequel, it definitely raises the interest level for sure. I think it’s a great setup as well because the whole Japan episode can kind of stand on its own, and they can more or less ignore or really not rely on what came in the first movie. So I think fans who were turned away by the negative reviews (like me) will go to the second movie because they either know the storyline and/or read the graphic novel (like I did) or seem more convinced that it will be a better movie because of the script. This of course depends on how closely the script hews to the novel. But since the novel was written by Frank Miller we’ll have to assume that it’s going to be pretty cool as most Miller stuff has been recently excluding the Spirit.

  • steviebaby

    Wolverine had a great cast and director and it turned into the cinematic equivalent of the proverbial spoiled broth. Just because it has a great scriptwriter and subject material doesn’t mean they’re not going to just manhandle it like the last movie.

  • Yeah yeah, except – but in the movie – instead of ninja they are going to use snowmen made out of peanut butter and jelly who become best friends with Logan after he rescues a beautiful pb&j snowwoman princess named Iceman from an underwater magic volcano by reading it bedtime stories.

    Other than that it will be very faithful to the source material – just like the first film.

    omg can’t wait!

  • jaime

    Just give us Deadpool !