Cantankerous Episode #8: Obsessive Compulsive Frugality


Cantankerous is an irregular podcast where Jay and Reed Farrington get together to bicker and pick each other’s brains about such random topics as philosophy, science, and Reed’s obsessive collecting.

It’s that time again! What a wonderful treat! Cantankerous #8! I just checked the archives to find out when our first show was recorded: December 2007. We’ve done 8 episodes — INCLUDING the video special — in almost a year and a half! That’s gotta be some sort of record for the least prolific podcast on the internet. Anyways, it’s time to get down to business. This week/month/year we talk about, among other things, Reed’s physical deformities, the benefits of plastic surgery, the best way to preserve Star Trek waffles and Reed tries to figure out why Asian people’s eyes are the way they are. Stimulating, yes? Go ahead and give’r a listen and let us know you’re thirsty for more!

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  • I think Cantankerous fits here even though it not movie related. It’s not like it overwhelms the movie content or anything. I find Reed interesting, to say the least, but even more interesting are Sean and Jay’s reactions to Reed’s eccentricities. I like how this is more irregular and “life” based, while the FJ podcast gives more than enough regular “film” discussion to the site IMO.

    “I go through life dying.”

    I found this statement sad too, although true for all of us in the end. You just have different values than most. Are you happy? If so, good on ya. If not, nobody but you can change your world.


  • Goon

    holy shit James made a post on another website. Did your children die and your wife leave you? Where did you find the time? I’m in shock. :P