Is Steven Spielberg Taking Over the Halo Movie?


I’d recommend taking this next story with a grain of salt, but if it turns out to be true, it could be pretty huge. The folks over at IESB recently heard from a reliable source that Steven Spielberg is currently in talks to pick up the pieces of the abandoned Halo feature film project as producer. He is apparently a big fan of Stuart Beattie’s adapted screenplay of the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach.

Is this something worth getting excited about? Possibly, although let’s not forget, Beattie also wrote the script for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Beattie expressed interest in directing the movie himself, but only after he gains some experience directing his upcoming film, Tomorrow, When the War Began. As for Neill Blomkamp, who was attached to direct back when Peter Jackson was in charge of the Halo movie, he stated that he would probably not direct Halo even if he was asked again.

I still firmly believe this movie will happen eventually, and if there’s one person who can see it through, it’s Spielberg. It might seem a bit far-fetched, but Spielberg is supposedly turning into a big video game geek after helping EA design Boom Blox and now working with Microsoft on Project Natal. On top of that, Dreamworks is in desperate need of a blockbuster right now. So it could happen… maybe? Keep your fingers crossed folks.

  • I would prefer that Spielberg direct the film and produce it.

  • Nate

    I have a feeling that after Friday, we’re all gonna be lamenting that Blomkamp didn’t get a shot at this franchise. But I’d be interested in Speilberg’s take on Halo if it happened. Video game adaptations need a respectable filmmaker working on them to prove they can be good.

  • Maopheus

    I don’t play video games but I know of coure that Halo is one of the biggest franchises in the business. It does surprise me that it’s taken this long for a movie to be even greenlit much less actually made. Perhaps this suggests that the less than overly successful history of game-to-film adaptations (especially with Halo’s genre) is weighing on all parties involved. Certainly there is a desire to make sure that the movie is done right and in the right hands. He certainly has the chops to do it but I wonder when. A quick glance at IDMB indicates he has 4 projects in the works all with a release date of 2011. That seems unlikely. He has had a habit of releasing two movies in the same year, a more conventional one in summer and a more serious Oscar contender in the fall. So perhaps he will do this pattern again with his upcoming projects.

  • “Beattie also wrote the script for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”

    And the guys who wrote the Transformers films also wrote Star Trek…so it seems Spielberg as director/producer can have a drastic effect on the quality of this writer’s output.

  • Knux Kitsune

    I must say from what I’ve seen in past years, videogame to movie adaptations have come a long way. Of course, Tron was a great movie, but which came first; the game or the movie? However, movies such as Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter made me wonder if the director ever even played those games. Super Mario Bros was so far off from the original plot that I wonder if the script was written from scratch in 30 minutes. However, Doom was the first videogame movie that I have seen that was halfway decent. It wasn’t great, but decent. I didn’t walk out of the theater wanting my money back. The Resident Evil movies were excellent. Knowing that there are full novels of Halo, I know there is plenty of story to go on for a live-action movie. The game in itself was almost like playing a movie. It was very cinematic and held the kind of intensity you feel when watching a gripping sci-fi film.

  • Bas

    @ Knux Kitsune: check out this page: on Destructoid to see why the Mario movie actually isn’t that bad if you break it down :) Have you seen the Silent Hill movie? That was probably the best game-adaptation I’ve seen.

    As for the Halo-movie, getting Spielberg as director would be a big deal. But following up Cameron’s Avatar with another ‘marines vs. aliens’ movie will be pretty difficult I think. How on earth is he going to top that level of eyeball-fuckery?

  • Kill-Tacular.

  • Bratwurst

    Jackson/Blomkamp would have been the best. District 9 has a Halo feel to it. Ever see that rumored Halo movie opening on YouTube? Looks damn good for a rough cut.

    Spielberg? Come on! He’ll ruin it. Look at Indy 4. May as well consider Apatow….NOT!

  • Jason_Miami

    As if Speilberg’s loss of all credibility wasn’t evidenced enough by Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, there’s this. Nothing could ever make me see a movie based on Halo. It’s a hack-job of a hack-job already, leave it alone.

  • Bratwurst

    It better not happen and if the Halo movie is going to happen, it has to be Jackson and Blomkamp. Fuck!

  • Tomas