John Hughes 1950-2009


It’s another death that will hit close to home for many… writer/director/producer John Hughes has reportedly passed away due to a heart attack today. According to TMZ, he was taking a morning walk in NYC where he was visiting family when he collapsed. He was just 59 years old.

For anyone who grew up in the ’80s, John Hughes has undeniably left an impression on them in some way, having directed such teen classics as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Weird Science, in addition to two of my favourite comedies of all time, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Planes, Trains & Automobiles. In recent years he had mainly taken a background role by sticking to writing and producing. Are you a John Hughes fan? What is your favourite John Hughes movie?

  • i’m with you sean; my fave john hughes are ferris bueller’s day off and planes, trains and automobiles (if you’re just counting his directing credits). some of his stuff i can’t stand (breakfast club, sixteen candles), but no doubt it’s well-loved stuff. kind of a bummer hughes won’t get to make a comeback in the wake of the apatow explosion, which is definitely influenced by him …

  • Ben Jones


    He was the 80s.

    Gonna watch Weird Science right now.

  • 1138

    This is really sad. Hughes was my gen. I was a kid when I saw the Breakfast club and it just blew my mind at the time. Loved Ferris, Candles and Trains! He will surely be missed. He defined a teen generation. Always hoped he would return to films as a director but I guess that’s a moot point now. RIP Hughes.

  • John Candy: Oh yeah will there are things that you do that get on my nerves.

    Steve Martin: Really what?

    John Candy: You fidget with your balls.

    Steve Martin: I don’t fidget with my balls.

    John Candy: Do to, Larry Bird doesn’t handle as many balls as you do in one day.

    Steve Martin: You know what I want?

    John Candy: Another ball and extra set of fingers?

    Classic, man this is sad…Planes Trains and Automobiles is also one of my all time favs. I have got to drop some pounds, 59… f*ck!!

  • Mason

    My favorites would have to be Ferris Bueller, Weird Science, Home Alone, and as the writer of the first three Vacation movies. I agree, it is sad to see a guy like him go at 59 before he could make a comeback. He tried to make his films grow up as he did but it didn’t work out so well. Then it looks like he went on to writing sequels and straight to DVD movies for a paycheck. They ought to put him in his coffin with a bra on his head.

  • Hugo

    What was that ruckus?

    Who’s Gary?

    RIP John Hughes

  • Xu

    I’m so so so so so sad,
    This week I rewatched a lot of Hughes’ classic, and last night just sent in a junk mail to suggest put a HUGHES versus APATOW……


  • Nicole

    My fave will always be Sixteen Candles….RIP John Hughes, from you’re “New style American girlfriend” LOL

  • sixteen candles is one of my favourite movies…though i love pretty much everything john made (curly sue being an exception).

    if you’re in niagara, i plan to host a backyard movie night of john hughes films as a tribute. sixteen candles we’ll for sure watch. others will be choosen by attendees requests. email: ismnniagara at gmail dot com for more info.

  • This is so so fucked up. I may of not grown up in the 80’s, and I may of only been a small Child in the 90’s, but I still loved Hughes movies, Uncle Buck and Home Alone (which he only wrote, but still) in praticular. He will be missed yo.

  • steviebaby

    The Breakfast Club is still my fav teen movie of all time. Endlessly quotable, meaningful and always applicable to whatever clique you belonged.

    Ferris Bueller has always also been a guilty pleasure. May be rest in peace, RIP John.

  • Nat

    No mention of Home Alone in the writeup? Images of the Office Space copy machine scene with Greg replacing Samir and Peter, Jay as Michael, and you as the copier come to mind.

    Anyway, for favorite, probably would say Behind the Green Door.

  • Of the ones he directed I have a hard time picking a favorite. It seems like each of them spent time as my “favorite” movie at some point growing up. (Except Weird Science.)