Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones Trailer


After much anticipation, the first official trailer for Peter Jackson’s next movie The Lovely Bones has finally hit the web this week over at Based on the 2002 novel by Alice Sebold, it’s the fictional story of a 14-year-old girl who is raped and murdered in 1973, and watches from heaven as her parents and family deal with their grief and search for justice. The movie has been in production since October 2007, which seems like a long time for your basic thriller/mystery, and this is partially because the movie’s release date was pushed back later in the year due to its Oscar potential.

One of the other reasons why the movie was delayed, and one of the things that makes the movie unique is the vision of heaven that Peter Jackson and the folks at WETA have brought to life on screen. While the idea sounded a bit cheesy to me, like something that would work on paper and not on screen, I have to say that the visuals do look quite breathtaking. While it’s still not necessarily something that will likely appeal to fans of Peter Jackson’s horror films or The Lord of the Rings trilogy, there are certainly plenty of parallels to draw with Peter Jackson’s previous Academy Award-nominated film Heavenly Creatures. The cast includes Saoirse Ronan, Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci and Michael Imperioli. The Lovely Bones hits theatres on December 11th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • MJS

    The trailer seems kind of spoilerish to me…

  • ole

    Awesome Visuals.

    I especially liked the ship in a bottle part.

  • could be good, I have bad associations with Wahlberg in that hairstyle from Invincible…actually that is what scares me, I don’t like Wahlberg in an overly dramatic roles and I don’t like Jackson directing an overly dramatic film…could be touchy

  • modesilver

    looks like they removed the trailer. might wanna embed a new link sean =)

  • Yeah they’ve been pulling it down everywhere. Just go watch it at Apple.

  • John

    Seems like Heavenly Creatures in that there is parallel action going on in the fantasy realm and in reality as it all builds towards a climax. Nice to see Stanley Tucci though, who is an underused actor. Probably will be well received and finally end the debate about Mark Wahlberg in overly dramatic roles. He won’t be anything special but most people haven’t seen Heavenly Creatures and will be taken with the fantastical elements and find it original even though it is based on a novel.

  • Nuno

    It’s cool to see Michael Imperioli in a feature film, as I haven’t seen him in one since Goodfellas.

    I wonder if the Toshiba HDDVD commercial that Michael Imperioli did where he’s watching King Kong helped him get an in with Peter Jackson.