I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell Trailer


I have to admit I don’t know much about the book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, except that it’s written by a blogger named Tucker Max, who supposedly offers true accounts of his drunken antics and sexual encounters to the delight of douchebags and meatheads the world over. Somehow he managed to talk Richard Kelly into producing a movie based on the book through Darko Entertainment, and now here we are, looking at the first trailer. I was somewhat interested based on the fact that it sounded like an edgy, independent film that would be getting a decent release, but after watching the trailer I’m not convinced that this will be anything other than a generic, mildly shocking sex comedy.

I suspect that the appeal of Max’s stories come from his writing style and the fact that they at least feel like they could be true. None of this seems to come through in the movie, which appears to be a mean-spirited, gaudier version of Entourage. The film is directed by Bob Gosse (Julie Johnson, Niagara, Niagara), and stars Matt Czuchry (Gilmore Girls), Geoff Stults (October Road) and Jesse Bradford (Swimfan). Tucker Max writes on the movie’s official blog that the trailer is way tamer than the movie itself… wow, can’t wait for that red band! I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell hits theatres on September 25th. Check out the trailer after the jump.

  • Kim

    Who the hell is this supposed to appeal to? Over two minutes and not a single funny line or intriguing moment. If you’re releasing a ranchy movie you want to at least try to market it as being fun to watch. Nobody wants to go with their friends to a boring film where a bunch of douche bags get blown by 10 stippers. This looks like the director wanted to get rich off of making the next Wedding Crashers, American Pie or The Hangover… except without all the excess baggage like style, wit, charm and empathy. Color me pissed off.

  • Wow, this thing is hitting theaters? Can’t imagine it will be at more than one or two screens. But, I guess anyone should be able to get a movie distributed.

  • mrbenning

    Isn’t the book basically a collection of “non-fiction” essays taken from his website? I’m not sure how they could make it into a cohesive movie.

    It looks like the kind of thing that might be profitable if it was straight to DVD. Releasing it in theaters is a pretty big gamble, in my opinion.

  • Bateman meets Noddie

    Hey, the trailer is not the movie. The trailer was hideous though.

  • Rusty James

    “Who the hell is this supposed to appeal to?”

    This idiot’s fans will love it. Tucker max is the real life version of Raaaandy.

  • Falsk

    Yeah, his book was just some of his favorite stories that he decided to publish. He was just slightly more offensive than Maddox if I remember correctly. But at least Maddox’s “The Alphabet of Manliness” was short, and sweet… and not turned into a movie. This just sort of baffles me because I can’t imagine most of his stories making it entirely to screen (they were awful! haha) and, as a result, just being a boring, misogynistic mishmash. Hurray!

  • Dennis

    There’s a reason why the trailer wasn’t funny: The script is an absolute abortion. In the opening scene, Tucker nearly gets arrested for having intercourse with a deaf woman and screams out “DON’T TAZE ME BRO!”. He tries to milk that joke at the end of the movie when he tries to nail a blind woman. We get it Tucker… you think having sex with people you can make fun of is entertaining.

    Other memorable lines: “Don’t mess with Texas? Don’t mess with Tucker Max!”. I dare any of you to read his movie script:


  • rick


    that happend at a mall when an underage kid was tazed by security so he yelled that right before they tazed him.

  • Aj

    Woohoooooo…. “Hangover 0.3: the just after college years”

  • Amber

    The trailer begins with this character, Tucker Max, saying he wants to *KILL* the “fat girl” at the bar. Try replacing “fat girl” with a term for any minority. Try it. It’s very disturbing. Since having this trailer shoved down my throat by MySpace, I’ve responded, to posts — (basically pointing out that Tucker Max is a sociopath in the vein of Ted Bundy.) In response to my responses, I’ve been getting personal messages from his minions, informing me that I am a “Slut” and “Whore” in an array of poor spelling and grammar.
    Basically, If you live your life without regret, you’ve probably got a serious personality disorder. This film is marketed to retarded Frat-boys (probably of the south) — like those Frat-boys on the “Borat” bus who tried to sue Sasha Baron Cohen. I hope, in the deepest place in my heart, that this hateful, racist, misogynistic film TANKS. I hope it tanks and Tucker Max goes bankrupt and has to file chapter 11…so he will never, ever, make another film again.

  • Rusty James

    @ Try replacing “fat girl” with a term for any minority. Try it.

    It’s actually not necessary to swap it out with some minority group. It’s already loathsom just the way it is.
    I mean it would be one thing if it were a cruel but actually remark. But as is it’s really just an embarrasing confession about what a juvenille fuck stick he is.

    As for him being a “sociopath”. I’ve flipped his book and the whole thing rings false to me. He strikes me as someone who wants us to believe in the legend he’s created for himself. It’s like someone trying hard to convince you how cool he is by telling you about all the girls he banged and how one of them was retarded and he came on her face.

    If it actually is true all the more reason to feel ashamed on himself.

  • johnny doe

    what the hell is this? is this supposed to be funny? aww, this movie is going waaay down the drain!

  • jackson

    That was a really terrible trailer. I’ve read this guys blog and although insanely offside, self serving and misogynistic it’s a guilty pleasure to read. It could make a great movie that would appeal to millions of retards but that trailer looks fucking terrible.

  • Amber,

    Can you explain why you think people from states south of you are retarded??? Or how people from states south of you would be incapable of finding murder offensive???

    Could it be because you are ALSO a sterotypical, pretentious, idiotic, ass with your own (not so unique or entertaining) prejudices that you proudly flaunt without even casual regard for those who you are offending or how classless you actually are?


    You know, it’s tough to see much of a difference between you and Tucker Max… Except for one thing – Tucker Max doesn;t actually exist – you do.


  • Rusty James

    Tucker Max is a real person Ed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tucker_Max

  • Goon

    Is there really no way to take down Amber’s argument without sinking to her level? I mean there was things I was going to pick at too (I mean ‘fat girl’ = equivolent to minorities?), and sure she made some general assumption about this films potential audience, but IMO you went back and attacked her much more specifically and significantly more viciously.

    also what Rusty Said. for her ‘probably from the south’ thing, I saw it was possible she was just going after southerners, but I equally assumed it was because Tucker Max is a well known southern writer, and his specific stories are almost exclusively stories of stuff happening in the south. In fact, if you actually read what she wrote, she said “retarded frat boys” specifically, and the southern thing was an addendum, so this assumption of yours that she called all southerners retarded is quite unfair.

  • @Amber

    Thats what the movie is about, it’s not trying to say that Tucker Max is a really rad dude because he hates fat chicks. I mean there are some really killer flicks about murderers, and if you think all of those are bad your obviously not a real film fan.

  • And btw i’m a southerner and i find that REALLY fucking offensive, so fuck off

  • Let me re-phrase – the character, “Tucker Max” does not exist. I can write a blog telling stories all about my life as a hedgefund managing ninja-pirate, part time male model and gourmet chef, but that doesn’t make those stories true (even though in this case they would be).

    Goon – Get over yourself.

  • Rusty James

    You don’t believe the guy is really an alcoholic who chases after pathetic sexual encounters with women so he’ll have something to write about?

    Any particular reason?

  • Goon

    Keep making assumptions Ed, you’re doing just great so far! It’s not like Miss Vermont for example sued him for writing about their ‘encounter’… oh wait!

    “Let me re-phrase – the character, “Tucker Max” does not exist.”

    It’s hard to argue with you when it seems like you are just spinning to save face after getting the facts wrong during an attack post.

  • Goon –

    I realize you probably think the Tucker Max character is “cool” (because you are a turd) and “real” because people have tried to sue the author, but I assure you, the CHARACTER is fictional.

    Again – please try to understand (read it twice if you have to) – I can invent a character and place him into all sorts of outrageous fictional scenarios – simply naming the character Shut-Up Ed – does not make all those wild and zany events true.



    Take care then, bye-bye now.

  • Goon

    I dont think Tucker is cool at all.

    You’re on a roll with the assumptions!

  • Indeedy

    It’s obvious that Tucker Max’s stories are embellished. It’s not like he drove a fucking SUV into a doughnut shop and no-one noticed.t

    Who doesn’t get drunk and do stupid shit when they’re in their teens to their early twenties? Fuck.. everyone does.

    This movie? It looks like something you’d watch if all you had to choose between was this movie and a re-run of CSI. Yes .. it’s that bad.

  • peter

    The opening line about the fat girl is edgy and works well. But the lead in scene at the table crashes. The strippers joke leaves me disapointed. The scott peterson line is edgy and funny like the fat girl joke. In summary I think the preview is poorly done. But for some reason I want to see a red band before deciding that this movie is poorly done. It has potential depending on how distateful they get and how well it translates onto screen.



  • Rusty James

    ^^^^^ I’m actually surprised that FJ wasn’t flooded with more of these Tucker Max equivilants of Kwan Sang Woo fans.

    In what area is your doctorate sir?

  • Dick Gnatson

    Amber’s a bitch. Tucker’s a tool. Movie will suck. End of story.