Jeremy Piven and Ken Jeong Appear on WWE’s Monday Night Raw to Promote The Goods


Well we’ve seen some weird crossovers and cameos in the WWE over the years, most recently with Mickey Rourke’s appearance at Wrestlemania, but even more odd and unexpected was last night’s Monday Night Raw which happened to feature none other than Jeremy Piven and Ken Jeong, stars of the upcoming comedy The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. They apparently started off as guest hosts, but eventually entered the ring to try and put the “smackdown” (?) on 12 Rounds star John Cena.

Jeremy Piven was pretty much born to be a wrestler, I just wonder how his hair didn’t fall off when he went up on the top rope. Still, I think they managed to plug The Goods quite a few times… will it be enough to put a dent in the box office on August 14th? Considering they’re going up against District 9, I doubt it. You can watch the whole match on YouTube right now, and I’ve embedded the first video after the jump.