Twilight Actress Unceremoniously Replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard


When I first heard that Bryce Dallas Howard was joining the cast of the third Twilight film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, I didn’t give the story much more than a passing glance. I just assumed she would be playing a new character that is introduced in the film, and what with her being a hot, in-demand actress right now, it all seemed to make sense. But apparently there’s a bigger story going on here, and one that has caused a lot of outrage among the Twihards. It seems that Howard will be taking over the role of Victoria, who was played by Rachelle Lefevre in the first two films.

So why is Lefevre not returning? Well, the official reason is “scheduling conflicts”, but the truth is a little more complicated. Lefevre accepted a role in a small film called Barney’s Version, starring Paul Giamatti and Dustin Hoffman, which required her to commit 10 days for shooting. It turns out those days conflicted with the three-month schedule for Eclipse, and Summit Entertainment decided that rather than try to accommodate her, they would simply replace her — with a bigger name actress. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. I’m not entirely sure who’s in the wrong here, but it does look bad for Summit. The thing is, when you’re an up-and-coming actress, you don’t want to turn down roles, and with the rate that they are churning out Twilight movies, they aren’t leaving much time for the cast to do other projects. Then again, I’m sure they have no problem working around Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s schedules. What do you think, is this a total dick move or did Lefevre have it coming? Will the fans still be able to save her role?

  • ah yes, the old stand-by “scheduling conflicts” excuse

  • I thought this was a joke when I heard it yesterday. Rachelle Lefevre did a great job as Victoria in Twilight. I hope the fans can save her role!

  • Who cares? I’m a Twilight fan and I don’t. Yes, it would be nice to have Lefevre return for Eclipse but it’s not essential. The worse part is the shit slinging that went on publicly before the lawyers got involved. It made both the actress and the studio seem unprofessional.

  • Dimi

    That’s not fair…I totally agree that Rachel has to be Victoria. As an up-coming actress you don’t turn down roles…you can’t since you have your chance…

  • lily

    Thats just horrible. I usually don’t feel sorry for actors, but that is a total screw job. Very unethical. Its not that I can’t imagine anyone else playing victoria or that I dont like howard. Its the principle of the matter. The other actors should prevent this from happening.

  • James

    Twihard: Pretty boy vampire terrorists take the Nakatomi building hostage during an office Halloween party, and only Officer John McClane, shoeless and armed with only a toothpick, can stop them.

    I’d see it.

  • akarki

    Kristen Stewart and Pattinson had to turn down great roles and both of them are working like crazy on their other projects for the sake of this franchise. Rachelle and her peeps obviously didnt excelled handling this matter and Summit is playing hard core business, but this is Hollywood after all. Rachelle is a great gal, but she is no more special than any other newcomer actress in this cut throat business. For instance Olivia Thirlby was recast while she was reharsing a role without any explanation.

  • gen

    I don’t respect Summit, but I hadn’t from the time they tried to replace Taylor (Jacob). It shows no respect to the actors who made there (Summit)small indie film blossom into a full stage money maker. With Summit’s business plays today none of the original cast would be big enough to be considered to play the characters they so brought to life. It makes you wonder how Summit grew so big so fast. How many bodies did the kick or step on to get there. Now I know all studios do it, but they do it with more style. Actors schedules are worked out everyday for shooting projects so Summit wanted someone they could advertise in a bigger way for the film which this character is so visible. If I was Ashley Green I’d get by fan base working now before Breaking Dawn has a confirmed Director.

  • Hannah

    I agree with akarki- everyone else in the cast had to make sacrifices to be ready in time to film Eclipse. If this role was so important to Rachelle, she shouldn’t have made the choice to film something else at the same time- and she shouldn’t have kept it to herself until the last minute.

    Although I don’t really like character changes, I am not that attached to her and I think Bryce will make a much better Victoria. I’m actually looking forward to her performance.

    And I don’t think Taylor Lautner’s situation is the same as this. Unfortunately, he doesn’t fit Jacob’s description at all in the next three movies-so yes, they had to consider an actor change- but besides his height, he makes a very good Jacob. Plus, the kid worked his butt off doing everything he could for a whole year to be the best he could for the role. Rachelle on the other hand chose to take another role at the same time- that is her poor decision. Not to mention the fact that Summit is pumping these movies out extremely quickly- they have to rely on the actor’s to be professional and be ready when they are supposed to be. Think about how many characters there are in this movie- if everybody decided they could take other movie roles that overlapped and just assume Summit would work around it- they would never get made.

  • gen

    I need to be clear this has nothing to do with Bryce Howard although I feel both ladies are capable of doing the work. Remember Twilight wasn’t what it is today when shooting started for Twilight. It was a book series with book reader followers like myself and a small budget from the studio. Summit had no idea it would blow up the way it has, so big names wouldn’t have found it a draw. Now it’s hit a cord with everyone and the star names descend. I’ll say it again, schedules are worked out daily for actors who have several projects at the same time. They pull out when they can’t make it work. OK, Rachelle took another job, did Summit try to work it out. It seems they just changed actresses to fit there need to up the star value of the series. This actress worked on 2 films for the studio you’d think they’d give her the opportunity to pull out of the other project, and if that was passed on by her by all means hire another actress. So I think the question is “did Summit give her the chance to change things or did they use the situation as a loophole. Oh, it’s true Taylor isn’t over sized and growing by the day and Daniel Radcliffe isn’t a real wizard. There actors bringing characters to life.

  • Ms

    Well, I would like to mention that Bryce Dallas Howard is not as skinny as Ms Lefevre, that is not in favor of Ms Dallas and Mr Pattinson would look like a total teenager next to Ms Dallas thus they should leave the original cast but otherwise I dont see really a problem in all that replacement agenda.

  • Carly

    When I saw this story, I definitely had to take a double-take. I definitely agree with gen, the question is did they give her a chance to quit her other project? If they did and she refused, then I’d be okay with it. But, however it appears from what I have read, they didn’t. In which case, I would be appalled. I’m sure Bryce Dallas Howard is a wonderful actress, but Rachelle was perfect for the role. I’ll completely support the replacement if I find that Summit did give her a chance to leave her other project, if not however I’d consider not going to see Eclipse altogether.

  • SNS

    Sounds like Batman Syndrome has hit Twlight. I wonder why will play her in the 4th film and so on? Once the film company realise how replaceable she is… the role is not secure!!

    Honestly though… i havent seen the first one, but I will eventually, but one thing I hate is when film companies show a blatent lack of respect for a franchise and do this.

    It ruins the batman films and yet no one has learnt from the mistake.

    If the film company actually, realy care about twilight as a sarga of films they wouldnt be doing this and would have accomadated the poor girl.

    Buts all about money and rushing them out!!

    Im sure they could have delayed shooting for a few days FGS!

  • terp

    This is ridiculous. I read an article that said the entire Twilight cast is replaceable. That is not true at all. Kristen Stewart is Bella, Robert Pattinson is Edward, and Taylor Lautner is Jacob, as with all the rest of the cast. Rachelle Lefevre was a hot Victoria. She played her very well. I really don’t think Howard’s look is going to cut it [nothing against her]. I agree that Summit probably used Lefevre’s “scheduling conflicts” as a loophole to ditch her for a “bigger American name.” Summit’s hesitation on whether or not to keep Lautner is even moreso ridiculous. He can’t be replaced. My friends and I wouldn’t even go see Indiana Jones because Rachel Weisz wasn’t in it. Actors take on their role and they become their role. Imagine someone taking Robert Downey Junior’s role as the next Ironman- not going to work. The original cast should stay, enough of this scheduling bullcrap. Lefevre was excellent for the role of Victoria. If they threatened to drop her from the cast, you’d think she would leave the smaller scale film, right? Duh.

  • savannah

    it totally wasnt her fault summit entertainment really sucks for that she rocks i want rachelle back as victoria :(

  • alexis

    its the worst thing to get used to the actors and then have them replaced. To see a sequel with entirely different actors is cheap. Whatever summit screw your decision. Totally not what I was looking forward to. Rachelle is Victoria. It never mattered to me who had a bigger name. Whatever.

  • I believe it’s a total disappointment to change people, you should leave them as they are!!! We are used to seeing them each and every time we go to see a sequel of this wonderful story!!!! These awesome people mold into the characters that they are CURRENTLY!!! And the NEW PEOPLE THAT YOUVE BROUGHT ON BOARD THAT ARE BIGGER NAMES ATE TAKING CREDIT FOR SOMETHING THEY DIDNT EVEN START IN THE FURST PLACE!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU, I HAVE ONLY ONE ?? FOR YOU PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD, WOULD JESUS DO THIS TO ANY OF YOU, WOULD HE REPLACE OR TAKE SOMETHING FOR THE MEANS OF THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR?? I AM A TRUE CHRISTIAN WOMAN AND I SAY TO YOU NO!!!! LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!

  • Lauren

    I have watched all 4 twilights a thousands times and only just realised that Victoria changed actresses. Lol