Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet Finds a New Kato?


After Stephen Chow relinquished the role of Kato in Seth Rogen’s upcoming Green Hornet movie earlier this month, the search to find a replacement immediately kicked into high gear. And although it’s only been a couple of weeks since the announcement, it looks like Sony may have already found their man. According to Korean movie news site HanCinema, Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo had a successful audition and is currently in final negotiations for the role.

Kwon Sang-woo is currently unknown to North American audiences, having starred in such films overseas as Once Upon a Time in High School and Destiny. Apparently he has martial arts experience and his English, while not perfect, was good enough to impress Seth Rogen. As Twitch points out, this would be the third Korean star to make their Hollywood breakthrough this year after Rain in Ninja Assassin and Lee Byeong-Heon in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. While I have no opinion on Kwon Sang-woo as of yet, I’m just impressed that they are giving someone a chance outside of the usual suspects. I thought for sure Jet Li was going to be getting a phone call even though he’d clearly be too old for the part. Is anyone out there familiar with Kwon’s previous work? Do you think he will make a good Kato?

  • suesangwoo

    Disgrace to Bruce Lee? you must be kidding. Nobody can replace Bruce Lee, but if that’s the way you think, then maybe this movie shouldn’t even be make! Kwon Sang Woo is a wonderful actor and okay so he’s not a real fighter, but he can fight. So I say why not give him a chance? be more open-minded.

  • yocci

    I think that KWON SANGWOO will make a good KATO!
    He is the few actor who can do the acting without a stunt man,and can also do a comical acting .


    I love sangwoo!

    I love sangwoo!

    I love sangwoo!

  • Ken

    Believe me, when I first heard about the choice, I was like who is this guy, then I watched some of his movies, and I think he’s not too bad. I suggest you check out one of his movie called “Once Upon a Time in High School”. He totally kick asses in it. Now I think he might not be a bad choice to play Kato.

  • james

    Too bad. Kwon Sang-woo as Kato?
    He just did a little (not real) martial arts in “Once upon a time in high school”
    His another two movies “fate” and “running wild” were all DOWN.
    Never heard that he received any awards for best actor.
    only knew that he was a modle with unnatural pretty face and firm body.

  • susan

    People can’t jump into a conclusion by sayiing Kwon Sangwoo is not suitable for the role of Kato simply because he’s only a pretty boy and he’s not a real fighter.
    But the truth is he’s not only a goodlooking guy, he’s also very good at action movie. If people really know him, he would know he has played many sucessful films with his beautiful acting ability and kongfu skill without any stunt, and those films were all very hit.
    He’s absolutely qualify to play Kato in 2010 Green Hornet, he will let people know how good he is if he got the chance!
    I will vote “YES” without any doubt!
    I’ll say he is the best cast to play “Kato”.

  • puu~

    There is much charm of Mr.Kwon Sang Woo.
    Above all, the performance of eyes is wonderful.
    I think the perfect body and spiritual strength to be the best as an actor.
    I expect Mr.Kwon Sang Woo playing an active part in the world。

  • Dave

    And as the seasons change, the post about Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet Finds A New Kato grew, much in the same way Tetsuo did in Akira.

  • I love Kwon sangwoo!
    Kwon sangwoo is the best!
    Kwon Sang-woo support!!!

  • funny

    Please give クォンサンウ a chance. I understand the splendor if I watch his work.
    I want I draw the talent that they stand as an actor, and was born, and few, much|many people to watch a work of Mr. サンウ. It is the actor whom it wants to support all the time.

  • Support Sang-woo !!!

    Support Sang-woo !!!

    Support Sang-woo !!!

  • Goon

    feel the hot change of new star! support Sang-woo for make intuitive acting of great film.

    Once tried to make denial of fine muscular power but fury of fan horde comments conversion to Sang-woo. To ignore is to insane!!!!

  • Judy Ji(oО太陽深處)

    Those who haven’t known Kwon Sangwoo very well please don’t make such a anti comment. If you have watched all his films and dramas, if you have read all his life and acting experiences, you will find that he is nearly a perfect man, handsome, filial, dutiful, qualified, etc. I don’t know if you heard this saying or not: Kwon Sangwoo is the Bruce Lee in Korea. Many directors not only in Korea but also in China gave him very high praise because of his perfect fight scenes. In addition, he never used fall guys, from which we can see that he is really responsible for sudience. This is the most commendable. As to his English, in my opinion, he can do it if he wants to do!

  • Dave

    This thread just got hit with a Spinning Bird Kick!

  • sakana

    “Kwon Sangwoo ”is the acter who can do it of the best perfoemance.
    It is the most suitable acter in a “kato” position.
    l recommend it

  • Das Goon

    Ich liebe Hat Gesungen Umwirbt, ist er der populärste Koreaner in allen von Deutschland. Ich möchte sein fleischiges Fleisch alle über meiner Zunge schmecken, und badet in der Scheiße von er, Hat Gesungen, koreanischer Mannstern für die Welt Umwirbt!

  • fumiyo

    Kwon sangwoo is famous for the highest in Asia physical beauty to say nothing of South Korea and Japan.
    It is not only a body.
    Of course, acting is the highest comedy and a serious action from the love story.
    It is an owner of the motor nerve as oneself does the action without handling the stunt man.
    Please make them challenge sangwoo and raise it by all means.

    If it is him, the post is performed without fail.

  • quick dora

    If he’s actor who has lot of talent,it’s natural for a fan to support.
    Mr.Kwon sang woo is such a actor.
    I’d support him.
    Please give him a chance.

  • ← Sangwoo

    I hope Sangwoo of Kato.

    ï¼³angwoo is wonderful man.

  • Reiko Tebby Ito

    Hi moviefan and James

    What! is there any actor who actuary is martial-art expert or an Oscar actor in this particular film Green Hornet? we are fed up with all those anti comments.

    The film maker will decide who will be the best 2010 Kato.

  • Goon

    anyone want to make a pool on how many posts this will go to before the thread gets closed?

    I’m calling 243

  • kanjilyakimuti

    It is a female fan aged of the comment that all the days here reserve. It is no of the person in South Korea.

    The pronunciation of English pointed out that the pronunciation of Hangul is also bad is useless.

  • chichijima マリア

    Kwon Sangwoo is a splendid actor.
    I can play the scene of the martial art without stunt man, too.
    And his most splendid place is that the performance of the heart to impress the heart of the spectator is possible.
    Please give Kwon Sangwoo a chance of the appearance.

  • mako

    I’m Mr. actor with St. KWON cormorant…. acting ability::: It’ll be also the one I want to flap big now I’m supporting.

  • yumeko

    I am a great fan of Kwon Sang Woo.

    Sang Woo is a very attractive actor. Love comedy, lye Chillon are one Asian stars who always impress hearts of the fans with the actor of the all energy throw.

    This kato position thinks that he is good by all means. Thank you very much. “

  • blessing/Hong Kong

    If you haven’t watched the dramas and movies casted by KwonSangWoo, it is unfair to give any anti-comment ! He is not only a handsome man with nice body figure, but also he is a hard working actor. Everytime, he works hard to overcome various difficulties, and do a good job in each role, so the audience are touching by his wonderful performance.

    A good actor can perform any role. KwonSangWoo is just a good actor, so I have no doubt he can perform this role very well even he is not a real fighter. I highly recommend to give him a chance.

  • Hana

    Dear Susan,

    I heartily agree with you!
    Your words moved me to come here again.
    I do want those who are against Kwon Sang Woo to watch
    his movies, e.g. “Once Upon a Time in High School”.
    Thank you, Susan!
    I love you!

  • xiaoman/ChongQing China

    Kwon sangwoo is the best

  • yumi

    kuon sangwoo is the best actor. I wait for the realization of the movie heartily.

  • gen

    I think he will act Kato well.

    He acted various positions very well.

    His charm is not only beautiful face but physical ability.

  • Chimitan

    Hi, Ken!

    How honest and impartial you are!
    Thank you for understnading Kwon Sang Woo so much.
    He will never disappoint “Green Hornet” lovers’
    I promise!

  • jun★ksw

    He is very attractive those who act.  ..’.. [modesu] with face of ’10 00.
    Please see the work. There must be a thing that sounds in some minds. Strong body. Flexible acting. A rich sensibility It is fit in KATO.
    kwon sang-woo NO.1!!

  • fuu

    I am very very cool and think it to be the tender best actor

  • キャンチョメ

    Mr.Kwon Sang Woo is the best!!!

  • Swarez

    Best comment section ever.

  • Rusty James

    I agree that this is the best FJ comment section. I think you should bronze it.

  • maya

    Kwon Sangwoo is a Korean wonderful actor.
    He is more beautiful than anyone.
    Kwon Sangwoo has a charisma.
    He really fits a role of Kato.

  • yokogaoking

    In silence!
    Watch him!

    Can impress you!!

    Kwon sangwoo is the best!

  • crimio

    Splendid Korea actor Kwon Sangwoo

    His action performance is the best!

    It is a splendid actor. .

    It is a Korean pride. .

  • candy

    Asian NO .1 actor Kwon Sangwoo

    His action performance is the best☆
    It is a splendid actor!

    “KATO” is Kwon Sangwoo. .

  • Susan

    Kwon Sangwoo☆☆☆☆☆

    It is the Asian best actor! !

    “KATO” is Kwon Sangwoo…..

  • mkt

    I’m the wonderful actor who expects it of Mr. KUNSANU, Cato Succeeding Apparent.

  • RichPea

    um… i understood about 5% of the posts on here. Especially not the one about UFC being fake like WWE… you gotta be joking. *elbow to your face*

    I wouldnt care who played Kato, just as long as they played him well. No one could ever match the skill Bruce had, so even attempting to find someone of that caliber makes me laugh. If the character of Kato was supposed to be a pretty boy sidekick in the original series (which Bruce sort of was… he wasn’t an ugly guy), then feel free to type cast whichever actor seems to fit. But if this Kwon-sang whomever doesnt know his martial arts, then the scenes with him having to perform martial arts may be very lacking.

    in these things find sense that all seem knowing in words speaketh i do. =/

    lol… what freaggin translators you people using??? the comments are worth a re-read, but they all do seem like one person is saying them over and over. =)

    asian women… so funny. pretty boy or stylish or a fresh wind in asian or not, hire a man who knows his stuff when it comes to action fight scenes. at least TRY and honor the memory of the original Kato. We all know Bruce wasn’t korean… anywho. Must not be any good chinese martial arts actors out there.


  • Magie

    I just wondering if those who does make such a anti comment, have you ever seen his all films and dramas he has played?
    It is not fair to saying he is no good to play as Kato, if you haven’t known him well.
    He’s awesome at action movie, he has played many sucessful films with wonderful acting ability and kongfu skill without any stunt.
    His English skill? I don’t think it will be a big problem for this movie because Kato is Japanese. I want you to remember that! If he doesn’t speak English well, so what. I have seen many American films with poor Japanese speaking.
    Someone say that never heard he received any awards for best actor. Actually, he received the best new actor with the movie “My Tutor Friend” but I think it isn’t so important to play as Kato.
    I hate that people criticizes someone who really don’t know the person well.
    I’ll say he is the best cast to play “Kato”as well.
    He’s absolutely qualify to play Kato in 2010 Green Hornet.
    You will see how good he is if he got the chance in this movie.

  • aragami

    c’mon “tak sakaguchi” no contest.

  • susangwoo


    Watch this and see “Who should play SATO”!

    “ONCE UPON A TIME IN HIGH SCHOOL” is one of the best
    movies I’ve ever seen!
    The leading role of this movie is Kwon Sang Woo!

    So now you know “KWON SANG WOO” definitely is the most
    suitable person to play SATO!

  • susan

    Alright, seems the final decision has been made, a Taiwanese singer/actor Chou Jay Loon is going to be the
    new Kato! Perhaps he’s more well-known in whole asia,
    the news said, they even doesn’t care he’s good at action or not, he can or can’t speak English well…
    Anyway, they just want a famous, popular, well-known
    actor to play Kato for the sake of the selling market in Asia.
    It’s OK, although we felt a little bit sorry and disappointed about this decision, we still believe Kwon Sang Woo is the best cast to play Kato!

    So long!

  • dina

    hi i think that kwon sang woo is the best actor ever and if he played kato he will be famous in the whole world but since jay chou is taking the part i guess they are stupid since kwon sang wo is the most amazing actor ever i actually don’t like fighting movies but i liked his he’s ana amazing actor and they made a big mistake but i guess seth rogen was jealous and didn’t want the spot light to be on kwon sang woo he want to be in the spotlight and hving such a great actor and pretty actor beside him surely will make him have a bad image but i’m sure that kwon sang woo will show the world how amazing he is and prove to seth rogen how wrong he is

  • nono

    Kwon Sang Woo Bestaction Ster.
    Hi is

    Posted by nono 2009/08/08

  • yocci

    You’d regret not choosing Kwon SangWoo.
    Because he’d charm the people by his body and beautiful movement.