Film Junk Podcast Episode #228: Big Fan and Ong-Bak 2


0:00 – Intro
4:00 – Headlines: Gary Oldman Says Next Batman Shoots in 2010… Or Not, Avatar IMAX Preview, David Cronenberg to Direct Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, Adoption Groups Upset over Orphan, Kurt Russell in Red Dawn Remake?, James Wan to Direct Castlevania, D.J. Caruso to Direct Dead Space, Sam Raimi to Direct World of Warcraft, Star Wars in Concert
30:00 – Review: Big Fan
44:20 – Review: Ong-Bak 2
56:20 – Trailer Trash: Alice in Wonderland, Ninja Assassin, Tron Legacy
1:13:50 – Junk Mail: Wipeout, Christopher Nolan, They Came From Beyond, Weirdest Things Seen in a Movie Theatre
1:30:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Green Lantern: First Flight, Kamikaze Taxi
1:37:10 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:42:30 – Outro

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  • Very glad Reed was there to fill the Jay void!

  • Cumonface

    Whats with the new player whenever i listen to podcast? I want to be able to go back in the podcast, but it wont let me.
    I’m not able to download either. It just takes me to a yahoo page about downloading mp3.

  • Cumonface

    I can save link ”as” if download, but do i really have to do all this thing just to be able to go back and forth with videos?
    What happened to the quicktime thingy when i clicked download? Much better then this bullshit!

  • I’m not sure exactly what you’re seeing, but I think it’s dependent on your browser settings. On my machine I still get an embedded Quicktime player when I click on an MP3 directly.

    Are you saying the podcast player in the sidebar doesn’t work for you?

  • I read somewhere that Alice in Wonderland is not a direct adaptation of the book, but a sequel where Alice returns to Wonderland. That’s why she is older, and also explains how the Mad Hatter may have a larger role. Not sure if this is a good idea though.

  • I’m surprised that Cumonface still wants to hear your podcast. Even the guys that hate you are dedicated listeners, so that’s pretty awesome!

    Reed – you said you weren’t going to be wacky, but you were!

  • No that was Cumonass that hates filmjunk not Cumonface :D

  • Oh shit – my bad. Sorry, Cumonface. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

  • Aside from some non-deliberate and one deliberate mispronunciations, I thought I was rather well-behaved. I concentrated on not blurting out interruptions. I was disappointed that I probably didn’t get my point across about the “mirror neuron” business, but I guess my explanatory skill is a work-in-progress.

    I’m always afraid that when I appear on the Film Junk podcast, the number of downloads and listens to the podcast dips. I should probably decline Sean’s invitations, but it’s fun talking with Sean, Jay, and Greg. At least when I’m on, parents can be assured of a family friendly podcast. Oh, wait. I probably shouldn’t have brought up masturbation in theatres.

  • bickle

    does Greg hate Reed?
    Reed, You Rule! keep it up.
    I’ve recently went back and listened to all the Cantankerous and I love it.

    You’re insight adds to the dynamic of the show.

  • Greg

    I do not hate Reed.

  • Nick D

    Reed, Brazil is in the southern hemisphere.

  • Matt Keith

    I think yall should get Nagy back for the Gi Joe episode so when can hear him tear that film apart in the same manner he did Transformers 2.

  • Dave

    If G. I. Joe is even half as bad as Revenge of the Fallen, I swear to never post a comment here or anywhere else on the Internet as long as I live. Thus far I feel pretty safe.

  • froggiegirl

    When Greg said, “I hear Bin Laden is a big fan of the show,” I laughed for about 5 mins.

    I feel compelled to comment on Babylon 5 vs Deep Space 9 question you posed to Reed. I started watching Babylon 5 a couple months ago and at the same time my husband is netflixing Deep Space 9. On the whole I think Babylon 5 has a more interesting story arc and realistic things like censoring of the press/corrupt politics/striking union etc. Season one is kind of rough due to the cheap sets, some bad acting and most of the events are set up for what comes later. Season 3 is awesome so I think you should give it a shot.
    (I do agree with Reed that Michael O’Hare was better captain then Bruce Boxleitner)

  • froggiegirl: Thanks for the recommendation. I would like to check out Babylon 5 eventually, it’s just that I’ve got so many other TV series I have to get through first.

    Dave: I could still go either way on this!

    I’d just like to say that I think Reed did a really good job on this week’s podcast. He was prepared, and he made sense most of the time!

  • Thx for the encouragement, bickle! (You too, Drew.) I think Greg would admit to hating me if you got him in a private conversation.

    Nick D, I thought Brazil was always hot because of its proximity to the equator. (I can’t imagine snow in the Amazon rain forest.) That’s why I was surprised when the e-mail from Brazil mentioned that it was cold there. It’s warm in St. Catharines right now, even at night.

    froggiegirl, I guess I’m not so much into the kinds of games adults play in real-world governments and politics. (I’m guessing I wouldn’t appreciate the new Battlestar Galactica series either. I’ve only seen the pilot and a few first season episodes.) The laughable thing about Babylon 5 is that its creator had said that he had mapped out the entire series from the beginning. Not the individual episodes, but the main story points that would be covered. Unfortunately, I found the story underwhelming and less than compelling. And the fact that they never knew if the series would be prematurely canceled made the fifth season superfluous. And I’m guessing the creator didn’t figure on having to write out a major character because the actress playing her wanted more money. Okay, I admit I’m being unfair now.

  • Sean,

    A fill-in for a guy that watches everything, studies film, buys tons of dvds, and has very clear thought-out opinions, is a waffling hermit that won’t see The Dark Knight till it turns up in the $5 used DVD bin in 2022!

    wow, big drop off…

  • Nick D

    Gotcha Reed, can’t wait for your next appearance on the podcast.

  • Greg

    Reed, who are you to tell people what I would or wouldn’t do? Honestly, this is the dumbest thing ever discussed on this board. If I hated you, Reed, you would know because I would have already told you.

    Also, Sarah cheated on Dave and Melissa totally got a nose job. Now that all of the high school garbage is out of the way, can we all go back to laughing at the idea of Jay in the wilderness?

  • Dave

    Reed sits on his throne and condemns J. Michael Straczynski for having the gall to plan a novel for television. He then flushes, realizing that even JMS knew television was dynamic and made Babylon 5 flexible enough to roll with changes. Alas, poor Reed forgot to change the air freshener, and this thread still stinks.

    Also, my fiancee’s name is Andrea, not Sarah.

  • Greg


  • Dave: You mean Michael J. Straczynski, right?

    Rus: I never said he was a replacement for Jay. I said he did a good job for Reed.

  • “Sean,

    A fill-in for a guy that watches everything, studies film, buys tons of dvds, and has very clear thought-out opinions, is a waffling hermit that won’t see The Dark Knight till it turns up in the $5 used DVD bin in 2022!

    wow, big drop off…”

    Rus, is there really any reason to be flat out mean verging on rude?

  • Dave

    No, I mean Joseph Michael Straczynski, creator and writer of Babylon 5.

  • drew,

    Reed said in THIS podcast his life is sitting at home staring at the TV, i.e., hermit.

    He stated in a earlier podcast, or board, that he hasn’t seen The Dark Knight yet, and will probably see it went it gets in the used bin.

    I’ll give you waffling is my personal opinion, but I don’t think I’m alone.

    I like Reed as much as the next guy, but not for my film reviews and discussion. He did do better here, WAY better than the Star Trek debacle.

  • C’mon rus, you were being “mean verging on rude.” Who’s waffling now? Ha ha.

    Hey, coincidentally, I just finished watching The Dark Knight. I got it for $3.33. I’ll be reviewing it in Reed’s Bargain Bin, I think. Of course, rus and Dave are free to ignore my review.

  • dan

    Reed is the man.

    I, like froggie girl, laughed pretty damn hard at the Bin Ladin comment, Greg. Great spontaneous moment.

  • I digress :D

  • froggiegirl

    It does sound like you and I have different taste in Sci-fi since the new BSG, in my opinion, is some of the best television out there. Oddly politics/government is something I ignore in the real world but really enjoy in TV. Maybe because they lead to interesting character development. Anyway since you admitted that part of your problem with Babylon 5 is Bruce Boxleitner, I’ll admit that Avery Brooks gets on my nerves. When he gives speeches he uses his Shakespearean background a bit too much and what would work on a stage is too much in front of the camera (in my opinion).

    It occurs to me that the only sci-fi I know you like is the original Star Trek. Are there other sci-fi shows you enjoy?

  • I loved Firefly because of the characters and its unique take on the future. I loved how they used Chinese language insults with the idea that the Asian influence would be predominant in the future. And I liked how they decided not to have any aliens, because that fits in with my belief that we are “alone” in the universe. Morally, the show was opposite from Star Trek (and this was ably demonstrated when the captain shoved the guy into the running engine intake) and I had no problem with that. I would even say that Firefly is more entertaining than Star Trek.

    I loved Space Above and Beyond. The characters on that show grew on me. I watched the final episode not knowing it had been canceled and wondering how they would get the characters out of their predicament. I learned later that they ended the series the way they did on purpose.

    Those two are space sci-fi, but I enjoy earthbound sci-fi as well although nothing comes to mind. Ha ha.

    Generally I try to watch every sci-fi show, but I don’t subscribe to cable or pay tv. I will eventually watch the new BSG once the box sets come down in price.

  • froggiegirl

    Ooo look we can met in the middle because Firefly is also one of my favorite series. It was a crime that FOX canceled it after one season. What great chemistry the cast had, it felt like a real family to me.

    I’ve never seen Space Above and Beyond, maybe I’ll add that to the Netflix queue.

    That fact that you like Firefly makes me wonder if you’d like the new Dr. Who. It’s kind of funny and wacky in a way similar to firefly but does have aliens. :)

  • Ovenball

    Good episode. Reed did well.

  • Thx, Ovenball. Every vote counts! :-)

    As for the new Dr. Who, froggiegirl, I’ve only seen one episode with the latest incarnation, David Tennant, actually, I hear there’s a newer incarnation, but I saw most of the ones with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. I thought those episodes were really well done with a lot of good emotional moments, something the previous Dr. Who series had lacked IMO.

    A friend vouches for the more adult-oriented spin-off of Dr. Who, Torchwood. I haven’t seen any episodes of that, yet. The Dr. Who DVD box-sets were outrageously priced for a while like the Star Trek box-sets.

    We should do a television themed Film Junk podcast. Maybe talk about how motion pictures and television have influenced each other. Jay prefers to watch the reality-TV shows rather than fiction series though, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Ha ha.

  • “Love, so exciting and new. Step aboard we’ve been expecting yoooooou”

  • Paul Andrews

    Reed on the podcast – always a treat !

    I really think you should all watch The Illusionist and The Prestige; they are both great films. Maybe a ‘vs’ is in order.

  • Nate

    This episode was probably Reed’s best podcasting effort to date. Well done. Also, your pronunciation of “arabs” was friggin priceless.

  • Nate, my week at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation with Lorne Greene is finally paying off!

    Before I forget to mention, Sean, Jay and Greg are currently taking a Korean language class offered by one of St. Catharines’ prestigious high schools. For all of our Korean fans, next week’s Film Junk podcast will include a special Korean-spoken segment discussing the merits of Kwon Sang-woo. :-)

  • Some local Canadian media have been giving “Big Fan” excellent reviews recently. They like the realism of the movie. As I noted in another comment about “All the Real Girls,” realism isn’t enough for me to like a movie. Since I thought “Big Fan” was just okay, then I think that maybe I won’t appreciate “The Wrestler” as much as everyone else when I eventually do see it.

  • Goon

    I really liked Big Fan, but no its not a top 10 of the year movie.