D.J. Caruso to Direct Dead Space Movie


Looks like EA’s sci-fi/horror game Dead Space is the latest video game property to be set up as a feature film, with director D.J. Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye) signed on to head up the adaptation. Caruso will direct and produce along with EA, who are currently accepting pitches from screenwriters. No studio has been set as of yet.

The game centers on an engineer named Isaac Clarke (an amalgamation of science fiction writers Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke), who is sent to investigate a distress signal from the interstellar mining ship USG Ishimura. He finds the ship plagued by an alien virus that turns humans into zombie-like creatures known as “Necromorphs”. During his investigation he discovers that the ship’s captain was an agent of the Church of Unitology sent to steal a religious relic known as “The Marker”, which is when all the trouble started.

The game was critically praised for its tense atmosphere and stellar graphics, and sold over a million copies. The movie is believed to be a bridge between the second and third game, which are currently in development. Variety notes that EA also has movies based on Army of Two, The Sims and Mass Effect currently in the works, but if this is going to help support for the release of new games, I suspect we may see a Dead Space movie sooner than the others. Are you interested in seeing Dead Space on the big screen or will it be just another Alien clone?

  • rick

    I think this has the potential to be a very exciting scarry movie. Although i’d like to see alot more focus on the first game then the second and thrid which we know nothing about.

    also in the game at the beginning they have that very eerie rendition of twinkle twinkle little star. That is insanely creepy and i would like to keep that in the movie.

  • BigHungry

    If you want to make a new movie – either first make a video game of it or a toy.
    Then you will get the green light.

    That being said I am scared of this turning into a “Doom” movie clone. I hope they do head toward a more “Alien” clone approach. Alien is the style needed for this.

  • rick

    Not just that bighungry, but another

    not just doom but silent hill. both movies were a disaster. i’m a little bit more scared though that it will turn into a silent hill only on a space ship seeing how the monsters kind of look the same. with minor differences. DJ caruso though has done great jobs with both disturbia and eagle eye. which i thought were very entertaining, so hopefully that will count for something!

    i can understand the alien aproach. but hopefully they make this movie it’s own. i don’t know if you’ve played the game but that game was FREAKY!!! scared me more then any horror movie i’ve ever seen. and i’d like to keep that horror and sense of fear entact.

  • Will

    Omfg …. This is going to be unreal and epic… Can’t wait… Who is starring in it ? I heard Shia la beouf the guys in transformers and disturbia is goin to be in it !!

  • Anonymous

    This sounds very interesting, but the filmmakers I would recommend for this movie would be either Ridley Scott (”Alien”), John Carpenter (”The Thing”), or Sam Raimi (”Evil Dead”), since they’re all masters at horror.