Tron Legacy Trailer


I have to admit, when they first announced a Tron sequel at last year’s Comic Con, I was intrigued but not really all that sure how well the concept would work 28 years later. It’s true that digital graphics and computer animation are a thousand times more advanced than they were back then, but the entire idea of getting sucked into a computer’s grid-like world now just seems dated somehow.

Well, nevermind, you can forget all that because the first trailer for Tron 2 (now titled Tron Legacy) has finally been unveiled online, and it has completely blown me away! I guess this is basically the same footage that they Comic Con attendees got to see last year, and it’s just a single scene showing off an intense light cycle duel. But man, the look and feel of this is absolutely gorgeous… I can only imagine how it will look in 3-D. The movie is supposed to be out sometime in 2010, and I, for one, can’t wait. Check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

  • Matt Keith

    FREAKIN SWEET…my only concern is that it looks like its gonna rely on special effects.

    ps: the bikes look badass.

  • Stop shoving your views down my throat.

  • rafterman

    I’ve seen alot of Joesph Kosinski’s commercials & short films, and this clip just oozes with his distinct vision. Glossy, minimalistic and clear… High-Def is the only way to watch his stuff. Also, bonus points for just using sound design and no cheesy ‘action’ music.

  • Rusty James

    Ed, you’re acting like a child.


  • Section31

    As a huge fan of the original Tron, I can’t wait to see this. It looks beautiful.
    I wonder how the MCP will look?

  • John_Locke

    This looks incredibly lame. The race looked soooo fake. Never in the 2.5mins of this trailer did I get the feeling that the actors were interacting with the space around them.

  • I don’t know– i never quite *got* “Tron.”

    I suppose it looks kind of interesting, but it’s hard to believe this is a major theatrical release, let alone one that will do well financially.

  • Rusty

    Stop attacking me.

  • Swarez

    Next year’s Speed Racer.

  • Goon

    that was awesome.

  • Henrik

    Pretty good. Definitely reminded me of Speed Racer, no problem with that. Never saw the original movie though, is it worth checking out?

  • Glendon

    I love the art and sound design. I wonder how they can stretch a story out of it.

  • modesilver

    Holy poop! :O

    the trailer itself manages to stand out among all the trailers that are being released these days. loved how it played out. didn’t care for the movie much before but now i’m definitely anticipating this!

  • modesilver

    holy poop! :O

    i don’t know anything about the original, but this definitely looks something that’s worth checking out!

  • David

    I don’t know why they are using animators instead of motion cap. When he crashed the cycle and almost falls over the edge, it is clearly a animated person, rather than a real one – too bad, it really disappointed me. Some of the other visuals seems rushed as well.

  • Swarez wrote: “Next year’s Speed Racer.”


  • Next year’s Speed Racer? There are exactly two ways of interpreting that comment. I choose the “I would welcome that” way.

  • I meant it in the completely opposite way.

  • Dave

    Mmhmm, because pre-judging movies is the BEST thing the Internet does!

  • Goon

    Even though I have a lot of faith in District 9 and am immediately excited about this, lately I’ve been feeling a lot like we’re deciding these things are awesome long before their release, we’re using language about them as if we’d seen it 10 times already.

  • Damndirtyape

    >> don’t know why they are using animators instead of motion cap. When he crashed the cycle and almost falls over the edge, it is clearly a animated person, rather than a real one – too bad, it really disappointed me. Some of the other visuals seems rushed as well.

    It’s an old promo clip.. things have changed a lot since it was made.

  • Comic-Con 09 WTF!!! entre los estrenos estan Tron Legacy! y con el mismo pinche actor, joder!

  • rafterman

    From what i remember, this clip was made before any major funding was involved.. and its main purpose was to impress the suits and get the cash flowing. It’s ‘concept’ footage, not an actual trailer. But i could be wrong. I’m contused aswell.

  • Big Hungry

    Speed Racer?
    I think the difference between this and S.R. will be Tone.
    But both films being heavy in CGI… Yes it is, but that is the point of the film unless they change the story completely from the original movie. I even think this seems more like it could really exist soon, with the way technology is heading. Never thought I would say that.

    I’m on board for this!

  • Chris

    Might be good, seems like they’ve been making it forever…

  • BigHungry

    Just thinking that this is perfect and a no brainer for an online multiplayer game.

  • They actually released a Tron sequel in video game form a couple of years back called Tron 2.0. I only played the demo but I remember the visuals were pretty awesome at the time.

  • Duke Togo

    Is the old dude Bruce Boxleitner?

  • Big Hungry

    The old guy in the room is Jeff Bridges but the guy on the bike appears to bruce.

  • Johnny Scrobo

    Loved the original (cheesy as it was all things Disney considered) and the game. Looking forward to Legacy. And yes, loved the Speed Racer Re-make being a fan of the original animated version when I was a little tyke. I’m sure a lot of negativity will surround this project; I just hope that doesn’t kill it before it starts.