David Cronenberg to Adapt Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis


Canadian horror guru David Cronenberg continues to move away from the creepy genre films that filled the first 25 years of his career with the announcement of another new project being added to his plate this week. In addition to the Robert Ludlum adaptation The Matarese Circle which he is currently developing, he will also be adapting a novel by postmodern author Don DeLillo called Cosmopolis. It will be a co-production of Paris-based Alfama Films and Cronenberg’s own Toronto Antenna Ltd, and starts shooting next year in New York and Toronto.

Cosmopolis is the story of a 28-year-old multi-billionaire who drives across Manhattan in a limo to get a haircut. Yep… that’s it. Of course, a few things happen along the way, but the story all takes place in the course of a day. As far as I know, it doesn’t involve any orifices or bodily fluids either. Clearly this is not typical Cronenberg territory, and what’s more, it doesn’t even sound like a book that many people would find suitable for the big screen. Still, he did adapt J.G. Ballard’s Crash, and even Cronenberg’s other recent, more mainstream films like A History of Violence and Eastern Promises maintained elements of his style throughout. Are you a fan of the “new” Cronenberg, or would you rather see him get back to directing something horror-related?

  • Desi

    Whatever he does is brilliant. Why force such a genius to adhere to just one genre? And I’d hardly call Crash or even AHOV or EP “mainstream”.

  • But Cosmopolis wasn’t even a good book. I’m not really too crazy about Cronenberg deciding to go for more realistic and down to earth premises. He could very well make something good out of it, but again, Cosmopolis wasn’t even a good book? I think if he’s to adapt any of Don Deillo’s novels, he should do White Noise… though I guess the title would have to be changed so it wouldn’t be mistaken with that shitty horror movie.

  • MJS

    I’m all for Cronenberg branching out. I don’t know what it is about the horror genre that tends to typecast directors.

  • I’d love to see him do “Libra” before this one. Man, I love that book.