Adoption Groups Upset Over Upcoming Horror Film Orphan


This weekend, Jaume Collet-Serra’s horror film Orphan hits theatres, and while it may seem like a story we’ve seen far too many times before, that is precisely what has a number of special interest groups up in arms. Various adoption and foster care groups in the United States are calling for a boycott of the film, which they feel depicts adopted children in an unflattering light. They are concerned that the portrayal of an “evil” orphan on screen will only reinforce negative stereotypes about the risks and anxieties that parents feel when going through the process of adoption. Does this sound ridiculous or what?

I’m always amazed by how many special interest groups there are in the world, and how almost every movie that is released nowadays manages to upset at least one of them. Clearly this is a fictional story and I seriously doubt that anyone would make a connection between this movie and the decision to adopt a child in real life. Still, I guess I can see how some people might be alarmed by the line in the trailer that says, “It must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own.” I wouldn’t be surprised if this line ends up being cut from the movie. A spokesman for Warners also said they are thinking about adding a pro-adoption message at the end of the DVD release of the film. What do you think, is there any validity to these concerns, or is this just another special interest group clamoring for publicity? In case you haven’t seen it, I’ve embedded the trailer after the jump.

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    The Orphan looks… poor.
    btw, Vera Farmiga seems to have a lot of problems getting a decent kid. Between this and Joshua maybe she should just hang up her child rearing gloves and call it a day.

    If you want a really effective bad kid movie I HIGHLY recommend an English film called “The Children”. That one’s kinda disturbing and is already available on R2 dvd or…other places.

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  • When I first saw the Orphan trailer, I was actually taken aback at the 1:04 point (in the video) with the title card “There’s Something Wrong With Esther”

    THAT should have been the title of the movie. That has creepy appeal and makes your movie seem somehow a tad smarter than plain old “Orphan”. I actually forgot the title a couple times and when I first saw this post I was like “Oh yeah, There’s Something Wrong With Esther”

  • Captain N

    It seems whenever a special interest group makes a comment or attack towards a film, it does nothing but benefit it. At the very least it gives it exposure. Rather or not it does well, or is a good movie, I dont know. I thought the trailer looked like a generic “the child is evil” horror film. the idea that she is adopted just happens to be its gimmick instead of her being the “daughter of satan” or whatever other demonic twist has been used in the past.

  • The only thing offensive about this trailer is how shitty it makes the movie look. Im going to pass on this one.

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