Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Trailer


Well it wasn’t supposed to debut until sometime tomorrow, but apparently Disney just couldn’t wait to unveil the first trailer for Tim Burton’s 3-D take on Alice in Wonderland. The trailer has arrived online a day early, and it looks pretty sweet! It’s the kind of thing that’s probably going to be a lot more impressive when you see it on the big screen in 3-D (there’s plenty of stuff flying at the screen), but I still like the look of the characters and the overall feel of the movie.

It’s certainly a lot more CG-heavy than most of Tim Burton’s previous work, as pretty much everything looks to be green-screened save for the actors. Burton was known for mostly using practical effects in the past, but he did experiment with a lot of digital environments recently in Sweeney Todd. Although this is really just a teaser trailer, it still shows off quite a few characters. It doesn’t appear to be as dark as I originally thought it might be, but it still looks like a lot of fun. What do you think? Alice in Wonderland hits theatres on March 5th, 2010. Check out the trailer after the jump.

  • Swarez

    Oh god this looks awful.
    Just from this teaser I can see that the audience is going to have something coming at the screen every minute or so.
    Feh! Pass!

  • could be the best, most fully realized Burton art direction since Nightmare Before Christmas, I’m in…somebody hold my hand Depp scares me.

  • RJ

    for some reason I thought this was going to be performance capture, like A Christmas Carol.

  • James

    I’m curious about how big a role the Mad Hatter is supposed to have in this. Is the marketing deceptively showing so much Johnny Depp because he’s a popular name, or is the Mad Hatter a major character in this version.

    When they announced Depp for this role, I assumed it would be a short, almost cameo length, appearance.

  • Damndirtyape

    In a world…..

  • Falsk

    Johnny Depp…. kinda looks like Carrot Top… but also looks like Elijah Woods. Oh my head.

  • RJ: I believe some of it is live action and some of it is performance capture. It may differ by character, I’m 100% sure.

  • Not be an elitist [wink], but YAWN… I’m soooo over Burton and Depp and their pretentious quirkyness. Time to mix it up boys, ‘weird’ is just not cutting it anymore for me.

  • Damndirtyape

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ what he said.

  • Pr1mal

    Not really impressed with the trailer. It’s probably because I’ve see so many reiterations of AIWL in Film-TV-Videogames. Nothing else can be brought to this story except for the director’s vision which is what it all comes down to. Your either on board with what Burton wants to do or not.

    I’ll still watch this film in theaters though. Most of his films I’ve watched have not been a waste of my time. He is a great director.

  • cj
  • Fatbologna

    I’ll keep my deliciously creepy copy of Jan Svankmejer’s ALICE, thanks.

    Burton’s just taking the safest TIM BURTON’S-est route here. Same shit different day. I’m with JAMES o this one. Burton’s cookies’re stale. With a filmmaker like Del Toro out there doing the stuff that Burton does better and with more REAL emotional resonance it’s hard to take this crap seriously. Funny that RUS brings up the art direction as I’ve always felt Tim Burton was a glorified art director who happened to fall into a director’s chair.

    After seeing the trailer for WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE I thought Spike Jonze might be a good contender for the material. I’d like a pseudo-realistic version of AIW with actual creepy versions of all the characters. Not the overblown goth-kid’s wet dream that this appears to be…

  • Damndirtyape

    If this had been done as a Nightmare before Christmas/Corpse Bride style animated or stop-motion film I’d be looking forward to it – the subject matter is perfectly suited to that approach.

  • kris

    the only way i would like this is if helped with the music. he should do some dramas for a while then later in his 60’s go back to baby goth movies.

  • Fatbologna


    I might be able to go with that, actually. Svankmejer’s ALICE did stop-motion and live action mixed. It’s a little obtuse but so is the subject matter. If you’re interested in the story and want to see a VERY alternative take then I highly recommend it.

    Stop-motion animal skeletons FTW!

  • kris

    the only way i would like this is if CANNIBAL CORPSE helped with the music. he should do some dramas for a while then later in his 60’s go back to baby goth movies.

  • Swarez

    How come people yell “One Trick Pony” when it comes to Diablo Cody, who’s only done one film and yet they eat the same shit Tim Burton has shat ever since he hit goth/emo gold with Nightmare Before Christmas.
    If there ever was a one trick pony it’s Tim Burton.

  • hungSolo

    So, not a Burton fan, Swarez? :) Neither am I, really, but I was surprisingly well entertained by Sweeney Todd, and I don’t care much for musicals, either. I remember enjoying Big Fish, too, so I’m all about the benefit of the doubt.

  • Swarez

    Sweeney Todd was a god awful film for probably the worst musical I’ve ever heard. Would have been so much better if they skipped the musical elements all together. It boggles the mind how this musical is popular, the songs are terrible.

  • Jon

    I completely agree, Swarez. I was bored out of my mind with Sweeney Todd, and I love musicals!

    I was hoping this would be darker and alternative in order to redeem Burton in my mind, but so far it’s just not. Take Johnny Depp out and maybe we’ll talk lol.

    I would be completely happy with another Big Fish.

  • rick

    I think it just goes with out saying. people like what they like. I love the musical sweeny todd, i love the movie. However i think Romeo and Juilett is an over rated play that joins to socio-paths on a plight of love that ends in disaster….to say the least.

    I love tim burton and I love his films. Thier dark, and dreary, but with always one element in them that inspires hope in a dark and dismal world. He uses imagination to create well thought up characters and never has just a normal regular story. He always has some kind of twist.

    This movie looks amazing. I can’t wait to see it. It’s one of the movies i’m looking forward to the most in 2010.

  • Megan


    I’ve seen Svankmejer’s Alice and I found it to be very interesting. As you said, a little obtuse,but it was a great take on the material I think.I’d reccommend it to anyone interested in something a little different.

    As for the trailer for Burton’s film,I like it. It looks good fun. Yes it does look very typical Tim Burton, but why can’t people accept that this is how his films always look, and just go with the ride and have fun with it. You can’t argue that the stories in his films are always the same,because they are most obviously not.So the constant whining is about the look and feel of them.Get over it.Loads of directors do the same thing.Unless you can do better,quit the moaning and have some fun with what are, in Burton’s case, pretty consitently interesting films.

    So yep, I’m looking forward to Alice In Wonderland next year.

  • al

    here’s some amazing concept art by michael kutsche, who was the character designer of the movie: http://michaelkutsche.deviantart.com/

  • Melissa

    Silly people.
    Nightmare before Christmas never was and never will be a movie DIRECTED by Tim Burton. That was Henry Selick. Tim Burton Produced it. Also, Stephen Sondheim is a musical geniuss. If you aren’t cultured enough to appreciate that, I’m sorry for you.

    As for AIWL I’m pretty excited. This is my favorite book,and I’m hoping he does the characters justice. I know he’s straying from the original story line, but I think I’ll enjoy it as long as he stays true to the spirit of it.

  • Steph

    Melissa….is a genius.

    If you hate burton, how about you go somewhere else and do something else with your time other than sit on this forum and bash him??

    I challenge any one of you to do better. I absolutely *love*…(sarcasm) how folks are so quick to be all “BLEH im over it..im done…SO overdone…i hate it…this sucks…omg whine whine whine…” but um…hey guys? HE’S STILL MAKING MOVIES AINT HE??? So…whats the latest movie you’ve done/sold/produced/made/written/directed???


    I cant wait for this film! :)

  • tim burton is my favorite director and now he is remaking my favorite movie ever omg i cannot wait for this he is freakin amazing u guys r crAZY IF U DONT LIKE HIM HE HAS MY KIND OF TASTE I LUV THE WEIRD TWISTED STUFF HE MAKES UP

  • catherineL

    burton is awesome and this film will be a visual delight! frank beddor was at comic con too and said his Looking Glass Wars is being made into a film! i checked out his website and the creative team involved is really the top. his version should prove to be another great interpretation of this timeless classic. looks like we’re all going to be diving down rabbit holes for quite some time to come! i for one will be visiting every single one!

  • gill 12

    —Like so much of late from the once promising
    Burton —we’ve seen it before we’ve seen it.

  • Melissa

    this one sucks anytime johnny depp is in a movie like this he makes it into a creepy movie when its suppose to be a children s movie originally. It’s pathetic and the only time I ever liked Johnny Depp in a movie was during Pirates Of The Caribbean. Other than that he sucks ass and is not a very good actor.He ruined Charlie and the Chocolate Factory now he ruined Alice in Wonderland.

  • Tom Burtom

    Not a visual delight, and not even Tim Burton could save this sinking ship!!
    The casting is poorly used, great actors in small roles and bad actors in big roles. Seems like the casting was made exactly in wonderland.
    Non sense story, bad dialogues, bad editing, bad music score, soundtrack and Avril Lavigne was the worst selection for the soundtrack !!!
    The only thing that works in the movie is the design of the characters and the director.