Check Out a Preview of Kevin Smith’s New Smodcast Book: Shootin’ The Sh*t with Kevin Smith


Director Kevin Smith’s extracurricular activities continue to be just as interesting (if not more interesting) than his feature films, and in addition to his upcoming Batman and Green Hornet comics, this September he will also be releasing his third book (not counting published screenplays). While some struggling writers may scoff at the fact that Smith has managed to land a book deal and make the New York Times Bestsellers list with minimum effort, I have to admit that I found his collection of blog entries, My Boring-Ass Life, to be oddly compelling. This time around, however, he’s not cheaping out by simply regurgitating more blog entries… nope, this time he’s regurgitating episodes of his podcast instead!

Shootin’ the Shit With Kevin Smith: The Best of the SModcast will reprint in script format some of the funniest and most memorable conversations between Smith and his pal Scott Mosier as previously heard on their podcast over the past couple of years. I like the idea, mainly because I’ve only been listening to the SModcast sporadically, and with the episodes now up to #89, a “greatest hits” seems quite relevant. There might be a little bit lost in the translation to text, but what would be even cooler is if they follow in the footsteps of Chris Anderson and release a free audiobook version that simply puts all the relevant clips together into one convenient MP3. Shootin’ the Shit With Kevin Smith hits stores on September 22nd, and you can currently check out a this little preview courtesy of Titan Books.

  • Tomas

    Who is Kevin Smith? ( ;) )

  • Goon

    Gervais has pulled this same trick a couple times with his podcast. I’ll pass, thanks :P

    Though I do enjoy the SModcast from time to time. It’s hit or miss though, because they’ll get on one insignificant topic and riff on it (usually one riff played out the whole show). If it works its great, if not. Yeesh.

  • Sly

    Podcasts in print? Seriously? Doesn’t work for me. If there’d be a disc with all the mp3s included it might work a tiny bit more…

    Kevin Smith fans will buy it anyways though.

  • Fatbologna

    Yeah, because we all need to hear more stories about his disgusting wife and how many fast food items he eats in a day…

  • best line from last season’s Entourage:

    Ari (on phone)
    Lloyd have you found me a director!?

    Kevin Smith?

    Are you looking at the list or out the window at the line in front of the Sprinkles Cupcake Store!?

  • fatbologna

    @ rus in chicago:


  • I can understand the print version of a blog; but so much of the humor in SModcast depends on the delivery.

  • and the weed