Crazy Casting Rumours for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete: Robert DeNiro, Jonah Hill, and Steven Seagal?!


Word on the street is that casting has begun for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, the feature film based on the fake trailer he created for Grindhouse a couple of years ago (which is being co-directed by his longtime editor Ethan Maniquis). The movie will obviously star Danny Trejo as the titular blade-wielding madman seeking revenge, but who else might be appearing in this film? Well, according to Bloody Disgusting, there are some surprisingly big names in the mix, which could mean that this won’t be such a b-movie after all!

The first and most surprising name is Robert DeNiro, who is apparently in talks to play Machete’s nemesis, Senator McLaughlin. On top of that, Jonah Hill and Michelle Rodriguez are supposedly being considered for the roles of Julio and Luz respectively. But wait, that’s not all, friends. The Playlist is also reporting that Steven Seagal may have been offered a role in the film! Wow, what an odd assortment of actors. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that it would be great to see DeNiro in a non-comedic villain role, but the mention of Jonah Hill seems a bit odd. At this point you should probably take these rumours with a grain of salt, but that doesn’t stop you from predicting what it might mean for the film. Will a full-length Machete movie actually work? And is it going to be a no-holds-barred action flick or a tongue-in-cheek parody?

  • Allan

    I think it will be like Desperado in a way – mixed with the Marv story in Sin City. No matter who’s in it, as long as Rodriguez is at the helm, it will rule. But it would be cool to see Robert DeNiro in it – that might be good for his career.

  • You think it will be like Desperado? Whatever gave you that idea?

    Oh wait, is it because Danny Trejo was in that movie too and because he used knives to kill people and had a vest with knives stuck all over it?

    Yeah, I’d say chances are pretty good it will remind people of Desperado.

  • Hugo

    Let’s see Seagal get his arms cut off!

  • Fredrico Frukenfrickle

    Is machete swing’n yet er just sharpen’n’n up???
    Is the Wiz doin a different film each day of the week?

  • This is bitter-sweet news to me. Because I’m casting this movie called: “OBAMA DAY”. A Rodriguez/Tarantino style black comedy. And I was considering Danny Trejo for the baddass role. Since, he’s doing the machete movie, he won’t be available for my movie. I wish him the best, though. I’ll definitely see “MACHETE”.

  • rick

    your making a movie called obama day? oh geez. save your money and your talent and write about someone who deserves the honor of a film behind the person. not some stupid man who has lower ratings then bush (YES BUSH) did this early in his presidency….why? because Obama is a moron.

  • The movie is titled “Obama Day” because the action takes place on what is “unofficially” regarded as obama day (Jan.20). It’s sort of like with the movie “Independence day” where the action took place on the 4th of July. Or groundhog day… You know the rest.
    As for the presidency of Obama itself. It’s not for me comment on that issue. I’m just a guy who dreams of making fun movies for people to enjoy. And no. “Obama Day” is not a parodie either. Just a Rodriguez/Tarantino style kick butt flick… Hopefully.

  • Chrissie

    Well if Mr.Steven Seagal is in this movie HELL YES HE IS THE BEST NO MATTER WHAT YOU ALL SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rick

    rodney i’m so confused. is your movie about obama at all? Because if not, then i completely owe you an apology.

  • No apology’s necessary Rick. The truth of the matter is: I tried to make the movie about Obama but I simply don’t have it in me to write extensively about a famous person, no matter who he/she is. I’m not the groupie type nor did I want to make a parodie. I’m at my best when I’m developing a fictitious character or at least a person that died long long ago.

  • rick

    oh so your writing a character with the first name Obama, but has nothing to do with the factual character obama himself

  • Not really. I’m writing about several actions that take place during the same day that is Obama Day. The main character happens to look like Obama some what. But his name is Dante. He’s a part time poet and full time mobster. The Obama association comes from the main character’s desire to CHANGE his life around. But several obstacles will stand in his way.

  • rick

    lol not to mention that his “change” inwhich he thinks would be for the better, only leaves him of much, much worse

  • lol

  • tiger tim

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