Funny People Viral Marketing Extravaganza


For some reason, up until now I haven’t gotten around to posting anything about all the viral marketing stuff that has been floating around out there for Judd Apatow’s upcoming movie Funny People… which is weird, because I love viral marketing! (No really, I do.) The websites and videos that they have been releasing for this are pretty hilarious and definitely some of the best examples of viral marketing that I have seen to date.

Thus far, they have created extensive fake websites for the characters George Simmons (a big Hollywood movie star played by Adam Sandler), Mark Taylor Jackson (a sitcom star played by Jason Schwartzman), and Raaaaaaaandy (a painfully unfunny stand up comedian played by Aziz Ansari). While it remains to be seen whether or not the whole terminal health condition subplot will serve as a major downer, I am now completely convinced that the satirical world of comedy that Apatow has created in this movie will be hilarious and absolutely spot on. After the jump, check out trailers for Schwartzman’s sitcom Yo Teach! and the George Simmons movie Re-Do, plus some comedy gold from Raaaaaaaandy. Funny People hits theatres on July 31st.

  • Mike

    every new clip i see of this movie gets me more excited.

  • Jackson

    The soundboard for Raaaaandy is amazing. Almost as good as the Napoleon Dynamite soundboard.