Green Hornet Update: Stephen Chow Out, Cameron Diaz In?


When Stephen Chow decided to leave the director’s chair on Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet late last year, it seemed like a bad sign for the project. Then, a few months later, Michel Gondry was hired to replace him and things were looking up again. Stephen Chow still remained tentatively attached to star as Kato for quite a while, but now this week it seems that he has finally decided to removed himself completely from the film. He has supposedly parted on amicable terms, leaving Sony in search of a new sidekick for Seth Rogen.

In other Green Hornet news, Entertainment Weekly reported last week that Cameron Diaz was in talks to play the female lead, possibly Britt Reid’s love interest. Personally I don’t know why they didn’t just go after Anna Faris since she and Rogen had such good chemistry together in Observe and Report! The Green Hornet has seen its share of speed bumps thus far, and it still has a ways to go if it’s going to prove the naysayers wrong. Do you think they can get things together in time to start shooting in September? More importantly, who would you like to see in the role of Kato?

  • Chris

    Stephen Chow would’ve been perfect and I’m very disappointed he dropped out. At this point, it would best if they chose a little known actor for the role.

  • Matt

    I was hoping Cameron had replaced Chow. I was looking forward to her most racist asian man impersonation.
    But seriously, I’m really not looking forward to Rogan as the leading man. It just feels like this movie has no energy behind it. Don’t be surprised if Gondry and/or Rogan drop out as well. However, if this ever actually does get developed I suspect it will be as harmless and bland as Get Smart was.

  • Wow… Some of the worst casting decisions imaginable.

  • Jackson

    Rogan and Diaz will not be a hot couple.

  • I’m sure Sophia Coppola is getting a few chuckles, even that photo used in this article reminds me of Ana Farris spoofing Diaz in Lost in Translation.

  • Randall

    I don’t believe she is going to be the love interest. Nick Cage and Cameron Diaz apparently both walked in this project as the villian couple for the movie. Hopefully this turns out as better flick then the GEt Smart creation. I do believe the Seth will do a good Britt Reid though just for the fact that the Original Hornet was a character that got out of the situation because of Kato. Aslong as they find a good Kato that blends well with Rogen it will be a good movie.. not great but a good movie.

  • I’m wondering if Kato is still going to be a butler / driver type character. That would be strange in these politically correct times. Maybe he could be a nanny. Ha ha. Makes you wonder what is intrinsic to The Green Hornet concept. May Kato be non-male? Non-Asian? Non-kung fu expert?