Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Energy Drink


From Kanye West to Nelly to Ice T, anyone who’s anyone has their own Energy Drink nowadays. It doesn’t matter what you put in the stuff, just as long as it has a catchy name. Clearly this is why the Ghostbusters have decided to slap their name on a very special concoction known as “Ectoplasm”!

Yep, that’s right, you can now buy Ectoplasm in a can for $2.99 a pop from courtesy of Toy Wiz. It’s actually made by Boston America, who have done plenty of other licensed energy drinks including the Tropic Thunder Booty Sweat, Resident Evil T-virus Antidote and Star Trek Romulan Ale. This is precisely the kind of stuff Reed Farrington will buy and leave on his shelf unopened for the next 20 years.

On a side note, does anyone else think that “slimed” should become the new slang term for “drunk”? (ie. “I got totally slimed over the weekend.”) Make it happen people… then we can tell everyone it started right here on Film Junk.

  • BigHungry

    Sweet – Green Slime goodness!!!!!!!!!

  • ToeFu

    remember Hi-C Ecto-Cooler? I consumed copious amounts of it as a youngster.

  • I got slimed while watching UFC 100 and danced to MIchael Jackson’s BAD on vinyl.

  • Jackson

    I got slimed sounds amazing. However “he slimed me” sounds date rapeish.

  • However “he slimed me” sounds date rapeish.

    Then you’re doing it wrong.

  • Captain N

    No Winston Silhouette? Poor Winston.

  • I saw the Romulan Ale at Sunrise Records today.

  • Swarez

    Don’t forget Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt.

  • Jason

    I’ll DEFINATELY be picking up a few cans of this stuff! I’m a total GB junkie, and with the resurgence of 80s pop culture in full swing, I’m LOVING the current (yet probably brief) Ghostbusters comeback. As a consumer whore, I declare… gimme more!! :D

  • yeah just bring back ecto-cooler.

    and how come winston isnt one of the silouettes? i mean can’t a brother get a break?

  • Delicious! tastes like pixie sticks or sweet tarts