Drew Barrymore’s Whip It! Trailer Starring Ellen Page


I have to admit, even though I’m not the biggest fan of Drew Barrymore as an actress, I’ve been really curious about her directorial debut, Whip It!. Based on the book Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, the film stars Ellen Page as a Texas teenager named Bliss Cavendar who rebels against her beauty pageant-obsessed mother by joining a female roller derby league.

The first trailer has just arrived online courtesy of Yahoo! and I think it looks both funny and endearing. There’s no question that Ellen Page was a perfect choice for the lead role, and with a supporting cast that includes Juliette Lewis, Kristen Wiig, Marcia Gay Harden, and Zoe Bell (not to mention Jimmy Fallon and Har Mar Superstar), how can Drew go wrong? Whip It! hits theatres on October 9th; check out the trailer after the jump and reminisce about Rollergames in the comments below.

  • that was a weird trailer – at first I thought it was set in the 50s, then current day, then the 60s or 70s…WTF!

  • Chris

    I’m surprised but I like it.

  • Sssssssssssssssucks.

  • I think it looks cute. Plus, I like me some roller derby, and have been to see a local team here in Sacramento.

  • Steven Carpenter

    I thought I would hate this trailer, but it was surprisingly alright.

  • Ian

    I wonder if it’ll be something like the 70’s version of Rollerball?

  • I can’t wait. It could be the best roller derby movie since Unholy Rollers (1972) and Kansas City Bomber (1972).

  • dirrrtyfrank

    I want my rock rock rock and rollergames.


  • #1 No it won’t be like Rollerball, it’s loosley based on TXRD, which is one of the teams that started bringing this SPORT (and yes it is a sport…if you think it isin’t I challenge you to find your local league and try to last throuh just one of their practices with them) back.

    #2 SCRG (Sac City) ROCKS! They come down and play in our tourney every year.

    #3 Modern roller derby IS a little 50s, 60s and 70s and ALL Punk rock and DIY!

    #4 If you think it sucks then you are obivously threatened by strong women. ;)

  • Falsk

    I kinda love girl-power movies. I’m sold. :D

  • jp cate

    I thought she chose to keep the baby in Juno? Must have given it up for adoption so she could join the team. Not really interested in a sequel.

  • Mason

    I like that Daniel Stern is in this. It gives it a cast connection as well as a loose thematic connection to Breaking Away.