It’s Official: Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern


Well that didn’t take long. Less than a day after it had been reported that Warner Brothers had narrowed down their choices for the Green Lantern feature film to just three actors, they have settled on a decision. Ryan Reynolds is the man who will wear the emerald power ring, beating out Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper for the coveted superhero role. Jared Leto was also apparently still in the running up until recently.

This will be Reynolds’s third major role in a comic book movie after playing Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity back in 2004, and Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine earlier this summer (a role that he will supposedly reprise in a Deadpool spin-off movie). He had also been in talks to play The Flash a few years back, but the project got stalled indefinitely. Out of the three frontrunners for Green Lantern, I think Reynolds was easily the best one, but it does seem a bit odd to me that he’ll potentially be headlining two different major comic book movies. Is the pool of actors for these kinds of roles really that limited? Either way, Green Lantern will definitely come before Deadpool; it is scheduled to start shooting in January. What do you think, did they make the right choice?

  • modesilver

    “Is the pool of actors for these kinds of roles really that limited?”

    exactly my question! how could they even think about casting him when he’s already known for playing another comic book character (Deadpool)? i’m not a fan of his acting either so overall i’m disappointed by the news.

    Bradley Cooper or Jared Leto would have been far better choices imo!

  • Been sorting through old comics today. Just finished reading Green Lantern #1; which came out when I was 5-yrs-old.

    Turned on the Mac. Opened Firefox. Someone said that Reynolds was the one on Facebook. Hit the blog reader again and I see this.

    They seriously think Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan? Sure, he is the most legitimate actor of all that have been rumored; but he is mos def not what I’d pick.

    “Is the pool of actors for these kinds of roles really that limited?”

    EXACTLY WTFFTW VOMIT!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan Reynold could potentially be a great Flash. However, he is NOT Hal Jordan.

  • Damndirtyape

    That Cooper guy was better choice I think. Anyone but Timeberlake at least.

  • pcch7

    it´s official: My interest in this movie is terminated.

  • Well did you really expect it to be Justin Timberlake.
    Thank god it is Ryan Reynolds.

  • Big Hungry

    They should of gone for an unknown!

  • mrbenning


    My interest is not completely gone…yet. Getting closer, though.

  • Rick

    I love ryan renolds, but this just isn’t his style. I would of loved Cooper in this roll. I think he would of been perfect. Especially since i don’t think i’ve ever seen him in a more serious roll. so i think it would be awesome to see just how Versatile he could be

  • swarez

    First of let me say that I think The Green Lantern is one of the most stupid characters in comics and I never thought this film would actually be made.
    But with Martin Campbell directing and Reynolds starring then I’m at least a little interested in this. Reynolds is a great actor with fantastic charisma and Campbell handles his stuff well.

  • Im not one to completely write off a film before i see it but this news is definitely disappointing. Reynolds 2 other comic book movies currently on rotten tomatoes are blade: T 27% and wolverine at 36%. In my opinion reynolds was easily the weakest actor in these films and i do not believe he is a big enough name to lead a comic book movie. I can also see this movie being rushed to theaters and having the same feel as Marvel Knight’s Punisher.

  • Hugo

    I didn’t really think anyone cared for the Green Lantern. Weird!!!

  • Matt Keith


  • pcch7

    “I didn’t really think anyone cared for the Green Lantern. Weird!!!”

    I can´t say that I´m that interested in the Green Lantern comic book but I would´ve been interested in the movie if they had casted someone good..I like Martin Campbell but Reynolds is such a bad actor, it doesn´t matter who else is involved for me. I loved the idea of Fillion, he would´ve been brilliant and not really a big-name actor either..There´s always Cap America though..Fillion or Jeremy Renner? Fuck, I would have been happy with Brian Austin Green, at least he was awesome on TSCC

  • modesilver

    I was all for Jared Leto! He is a great actor plus I think he could’ve brought something to the image of GL.

  • I’d also favor BAG for this role over any of the others. Also thought he was good in TSCC and I was bummed when his character got killed.

  • Captain N

    I think this is a fantastic choice and to be quite honest, I think Reynolds being the Green Lantern is better then Reynolds being the Flash. Too many people want him to be the Flash because of comedic chops, which he is known for.

    I don’t see how he doesn’t fit the role of Hal Jordan. He looks similar in all the pictures I’ve seen of the character. As far as acting wise, Im sure he’ll base his choices on how the tone and feel of the script is. Reynolds seems to be a talented guy. He may be known for his sarcastic one liners, however he has pulled off more serious roles such as in Smoking Aces and Amityville Horror (rather or not those movies were good are debatable but he was easily one of the best parts of each).

    Hopefully he’ll ditch the Deadpool movie. And to be honest, Reynolds as the Flash would have been a cop-out for both the studio and him.

  • Steven C.

    Not sure if this is a good choice or not, I know absolutely nothing about Green Lantern and don’t have much interest in this film.

  • Maopheus

    I think this story illustrates the difficulty with a lot of the DC characters and their movie potential. Most of the big names are from the Golden Age and they’re kinda known but otherwise there’s no well-known story lines or character aspects associated with them. Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkman, Aquaman, etc. etc. they’re all just kinda there, mainly as supporting players in the Justice League/Society. Other than the big 3 of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman (and hell Wonder Woman isn’t even a movie yet either) does anyone really have any interest in any of the Golden Age DC heroes? If a Green Lantern movie was never made would anyone really be upset? I know I wouldn’t.

  • sitromdrol

    Not sure if this is a good choice or not, I know absolutely nothing about Green Lantern and don’t have much interest in this film.

    Posted by Steven C. on July 11th, 2009


  • sitromdrol

    I like RR but pretty much hate every film he’s been in. Maybe this is step beneficial to all. I think he’s got talent and did brooding intensity in Amityville. I’m not saying he’s the next Brando but maybe the next Hanks. Let’s just give him a chance. Fuck it. It’s only Green Lantern. Who really gives a shit anyway?

  • sitromdrol

    Not Steven C. That’s for sure.

  • Captain N

    Honestly, I am very excited for a Green Lantern movie. Its one of my more anticipated movies. While I am not much of a comic reader (I’ll pick up and read a few at borders every now and then), I have always enjoyed the Green Lantern and the character on the various animated shows.

    I think a great Green Lantern movie could really sky rocket its popularity and from the look of the budget and production time, WB is not just slapping this one together to throw out there ASAP. While I’m not saying it will turn out as good as The Dark Knight, it certainly could turn out a better “companion” piece to the new Batman series then the new Superman has so far.

  • Wil

    He doesn’t look very… Green Lanterny.

  • Goon

    I also would’ve preferred Bradley Cooper as GL, if only because Reynolds is going to have a Deadpool movie.

  • Damndirtyape

    >> I think this story illustrates the difficulty with a lot of the DC characters and their movie potential.

    A studio should just break down and green light a Wonder Twins movie.. its got a monkey for Christ’s sake – instant comedy there genius there.

  • Damndirtyape

    Man I hate it that I can’t edit posts for spelling errors and misplaced words… who the hell wants to check things BEFORE posting them.

  • bne

    Livvy just pulled on my hanging jacket to open to cupboard door. Looks like it’s bedtime.

  • stevie_boy

    Green Lantern is a DC character while Deadpool is Marvel, it’s possible they might still go ahead with both.

    James Marsden played Lois Lane’s love interest in Superman Returns (DC), but as we all know, he was Cyclops too in all the X-men movies (Marvel). These are 2 completely separate franchises so it’s not likely they’d ever have to do cross-overs with their ‘other’ characters.

  • swarez

    I think it is quite obvious that a Deadpool movie is dead. Marvel would never allow an actor to do another superhero movie, especially a DC movie.

  • Deadpool sucks. He was a good choice for Deadpool but the studio totally raped the character. Oh well.

    He would have made a PERFECT Flash. If there was one hero he was born to play, it was Flash.

    Unfortunately, I know that he is not a good enough actor to pull off pointing his ring finger at things and convincing me that he is interacting with them. He’s just not. This will be bad. Very, very bad.

  • psykick

    WTF…. in the justice League comics the green lantern is BLACK this is extreme FAIL. i’d take a remake of SPAWN over this BS any day.

  • Jade

    WTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM I THE ONLY 1 THATS F**KING FED UP WITH RYAN THE CHICK REYNOLDS??? AND WTF? WERE THEY THINKING OF EVEN HAVING TIMBERLAKE IN THE RUN IN, I BELIEVE THEY ARE DELIBERATLY TRYING TO CREATE A BOX OFFICE BLUNDER. Ryan Reynolds…FINE as deadpool BUT THATS IT!!! LET HIM BE JUST 4 THAT ….NO MORE! Bradley Cooper I believe along with a few others would have been a Perfect Candidate for GL. I just hope they won’t cast no1 stupid for Stewart that doesn’t fit the role ….like Snoop. (LOL)

  • ozqueen

    Nobody gives a shit about Green Lantern? Get your head out of your ass and read the comic!!! Justin Timberlake? Why was he even considered? I’m not sure Ryan Reynolds is the best choice but he is the lesser of all evils. Hopefully the movie will be good and maybe they will make a sequel that will follow the Blackest Night storyline that is being brilliantly played out right now. We’ll see!!