Yet Another Writer Hired for Spider-Man 4


I’m not quite sure what’s going on with Spider-Man 4 right now, but apparently the script is still being kicked around, and this week yet another new screenwriter has been brought in to have a crack at it. Columbia has hired Gary Ross (Pleasantville, Seabiscuit, Big) to do a rewrite, who has previously worked with Tobey Maguire on a number of projects. Story details are still very much under wraps.

This makes Ross the third major writer to join the project after James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) and David Lindsay-Abaire (Inkheart) also wrote previous versions of the screenplay. For the moment it appears that Sam Raimi is not having a hand in writing the screenplay himself. So is this a reason to start worrying about the film? I don’t think so. While too many rewrites can leave a movie nearly incoherent, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Let’s not forget that Spider-Man 2 had a ton of writers, including Alfred Gough & Miles Millar (Smallville), Michael Chabon (Wonder Boys), and Alvin Sargent (Ordinary People). What do you think, is this a bad sign for the project? Do the people involved give you hope?

  • Bob The Slob

    does anyone care?

  • Considering that it’s Spider-Man 4, I’m guessing that a lot of people care.

  • nobody on this site will care until Diablo Cody is attached, then they will loose their minds

  • For the love of God, Allah, & Xenu I hope they start calling this THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!!!

    SPIDER-MAN 4 sounds awful.

    @rus in chicago: I’d actually cringe if Diablo Cody were attached to this project.

  • Captain N

    If only Spiderman 3 had lots of rewrites.

  • The commentary with Raimi on Spider-Man 3 was interesting. Raimi revealed that he did re-writes during production that forced him to make difficult decisions. At the moment, the one thing I remember he changed was that originally, at the end, Spider-Man rescued Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane. There was something else that changed the motivation of a character, but I can’t recall what it was.

    BTW, I don’t find Spider-Man 3 any worse than the other two Spider-Man movies.