George Clooney Wants to Be the New Jack Ryan


What the heck is going on with Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan movie franchise? Paramount has been trying to get a new movie off the ground for a few years now, with Sam Raimi in talks at one point to produce and possibly direct the next installment, but he ended up ditching it in favour of Spider-Man 4. There have also been a number of names being thrown around as the next person to take on the role of Jack Ryan. Ryan Gosling and James Franco were two of the big ones rumoured to follow in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck, but still, nothing solid has emerged.

This week, Kim Masters at The Daily Beast has an interesting report on the production deal that was recently struck between George Clooney and Sony Pictures. She reveals that Clooney has apparently expressed interest in playing Jack Ryan, should the opportunity present itself — the thing is, Paramount owns the rights to the franchise, not Sony. So will this actually happen? It’s hard to say. Previously it seemed that Paramount wanted to go with a younger version of Jack Ryan, which is a bit strange considering that Tom Clancy’s books skew to an older crowd. Still, I think we can all agree that Clancy + Cloontang = Instant Classic. Thoughts?

  • Ian

    I think it could certainly work. And you know what I’d say it’d be worth turning the whole project over to him. He could direct and star. If nothing else it might be a fresh take. Maybe set it in the 80’s or something, make it kind of retro.

  • fatbologna


    Amen brutha! That would be awesome! I could see Clooney fitting nicely into the pantheon of Spy thrillers alongside Bourne, Bond and Harrison/Baldwin/Affleck’s Ryan flicks. Get Soderbergh to produce the fuckers and it’s a wrap!

  • Matt

    He would be great in this role, but he would be even better in another Tom Clancy created role. That of Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell. Not sure if the video games are based on any of Clancy’s books, but I could very well see him as the cynical, aging tactical spy.

  • Mike


  • Kevin Goslin

    I personally think Clooney would be a great choice, well at least 50x better than Affleck which does not mean much. I nominated your post for a BoB award where the top prize is $1,000 good luck!

  • Hey not a bad idea! I’m all for it. He’d have just the right mix for it. Many good Jack Ryan movies still to be made…