Jennifer’s Body Trailer Starring Megan Fox


The movie Jennifer’s Body first aroused attention earlier this year when naked pictures of Megan Fox surfaced online, which is basically the best marketing you could ever ask for. This is the latest script written by Diablo Cody (Juno, The United States of Tara) and her first attempt at horror, with a story about a cheerleader who gets possessed by a demon and starts killing every boy in town. Clearly the casting of Megan Fox in the lead role is going to guarantee some level of success for this film, but will her questionable acting also be the film’s downfall?

After watching the red band trailer, I’m not even sure it matters. Her only real purpose here is to act as a sex object, which I’m sure she can handle just fine. Director Karyn Kusama (Aeon Flux, Girlfight) doesn’t have much experience with horror, but knows a thing or two about portraying strong female protagonists. Clearly Species is going to be a common reference point, although I get the sense that this is going for more dark comedy than straight up horror. With a supporting cast that includes Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, Johnny Simmons, J.K. Simmons and Amy Sedaris, I’m curious although not particularly impressed with what I’m seeing so far. Jennifer’s Body hits theatres on September 18th; check out the trailer after the jump.

  • Henrik

    Yeah I like the humour in the Hot’N’Cold video as well. A guy being pursued by brides with baseball bats? And in the end she shows up to him lying on the ground, walking with a zebra in a leash. WTF. Awesome.

    It’s of course the american targeting device working in full function, targeting the crowd that’s a couple of years too young for Britney Spears, but that doesn’t mean every once in a couple of years or so, a song that has some sort of quality emerges. You should know this more than anyone!

  • Henrik

    If she is pandering to older average men, those men must be pedophiles to enjoy the little girls doing hulahoops in the video. That’s just a disgusting thought rus.

  • Goon

    “The Madonna play book” is a cliche that doesnt even really exist, because Madonna was and is crazy and got lucky, and Britney was never really following it either because she doesnt know what the fuck is going on. Britney Spears’ FATHER is following the Madonna play book.

    “and on Stern”

    Oh god you listen to Stern to. We shall never hang out.

    Seriously, other than Justin Timberlake american pop music to me is just the worst shit in the world. Even the few good Spears songs were made by Swedish hitmakers. American pop music robs all the life and character for the sake of reaching the largest audience, and any controversy is staged, and that goes for most hip hop these days too.

    I put Katy Perry’s weak shit against Robyns latest any day of the week. And for pure sleazy pop, Lene’s album has cartoon sex perfected better than Britney’s handlers could ever dream of.

    But I may be wrong, because Britney has “grammys” so therefore she is better, right? :P

  • Henrik

    Goon, try and watch the video for Hot’N’Cold and let me know if you think it’s funny.

  • Goon

    there is absolutely nothing funny or awesome in that video.

  • Henrik

    :( :(.

    You disappoint. Bias shines through.

  • Rusty James

    I thought the video was pretty good Henrik. If I just heard the song I doubt I’d even notice it though. It doesn’t hurt that she’s such a dead ringer for Zoey Daschanel.

  • Goon

    There’s bias, but considering I’ve had some artists cut through tougher bias, I don’t really give a shit.

    The only thing I’m going to give her is that she’s better than Lady Ga Ga and her even more forced personality, and that as much as I find her personality to be a vapid black hole, she did write one song for Kelly Clarkson that wasn’t bad.

  • Rick

    “Goon we will never agree because my definition of heaven exists between Diablo Cody and Katy Perry (ballsy brunettes with boobs is my thing)”

    maybe i’m mistaken Rus, but I thought you hated Megan Fox? and yet you say ballsy brunettes with boobs is your thing? Because, maybe it’s just me, i would deffinatly classify megan foxxx as that type of girl.

    Goon, i understand what you mean about Juno. But the show was still touching, and emotional. I liked it because it showed a way a girl can go through that situation with out having to kill the baby. That it may be hard but everything worth doing often is. and thats my thoughts on juno

    As far as Megan Fox goes…i’m reserving my critizism of her acting for a roll that she’ll actually act in. Everything so far she is there as a sexual object. Not for her superior acting abilities. So hopefully this movie will give her a chance to woo us with out looking at us with those extremely sexy exotic-esque eyes.

  • Rick – I don’t remember saying I like or don’t like Megan Fox and how that relates to my lust for Cody and Perry is beyond me – its not a 2 out 3 deal were if the girl has 2 of the items she passes…actually now that I think about it I’ll settle for a .5 out 3; ASHLEE SIMPSON IS BACK IN THE GAME!

  • Rick

    in the post about kyrstyn dunst returning in spider man 4 didn’t we get in a huge argument about how much you hate megan fox…Maybe it was someone else, but i swear it was you.

    Ashlee simpson? lol, now thats hillarious. i’m thinking Zac Effrons gf…whats her name, Vanessa Hudgens…Now thats hot!

  • Goon

    I was saying in a different thread that I hated Megan Fox and didnt get what the big deal was.

    So what can I say? At this point in time I think this movie might be how she should be used to best potential? We’ll see. Anyone is capable of surprising you.

  • swarez

    How can a person who’s only done one film be a one trick pony?

  • that’s what I’m saying swarez. there is more to these guy’s hatred of Cody than the one film they have seen. nobody ever talks about writers and makes personal attacks on this site unless they are writer/directors or Cody – pathetic

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