Universal to Adapt Classic Atari Game Asteroids as a Movie


Yet another head-scratcher coming from Universal Pictures this week as they have apparently picked up the film rights to the classic Atari and arcade game Asteroids. Yes, that’s right Asteroids… the game with a little triangular ship shooting giant rocks in space. I mean, we all know that big screen adaptations of video games are usually doomed from the start, but when you’re dealing with a game as simplistic as Asteroids, well, I really don’t know what to say.

This is the same studio that has movies based on Monopoly, Battleship, Candyland, Stretch Armstrong, and Major Matt Mason in development. Clearly they’re primarily interested in selling nostalgia, although somehow I think they might be taking the idea a little too far. The thing that kills me is that apparently there was a four-way bidding war for Asteroids. Are you kidding?! Matthew Lopez (Bedtime Stories, Race to Witch Mountain) is the man who has been hired to invent a story out of thin air. What other Atari games should Universal pick up the rights to?

  • BigHungry

    Maybe they are planning on making one big movie with all the games in it. At least that would save time in watching one crappy movie, instead of six crappy movies.

  • Matt

    Super Breakout would be pretty wicked.

  • Nick D

    I’d say pitfall, that at least kind of has a story to it.

  • Matt Keith

    Whats next…Pac-man the movie?

  • BigHungry
  • Goon

    “Whats next…Pac-man the movie?”


  • Ian

    Didn’t Hollywood already do that … twice back in the late 90’s? And even befor that with Sean Connery in the lat 70’s?

  • Ovenball

    *smacks forehead with hand repeatedly until a small spot of blood begins to appear*

    Solaris was a space themed game on the Atari that I remember being one of the best titles on the console. Of course, using that name would be problematic for a film adaptation.

  • You mean Solaris the movie *wasn’t* based on the Atari game?

  • Are you kidding me? JOUST! Imagine Guillermo del Toro signing on to direct a trippy – monster infused – Knights in shining armor battling atop ‘roided-out flying ostrich’s – rescuing damsels in distress in a totally epic blockbuster.

    It would be so rad and you KNOW it!

  • Actually there was a rumour about Joust a couple of years ago too!


  • cj

    One of my favorite games a movie?? Hella Cool!!!

  • Geoff

    Pitfall and Joust are my favorites.

  • Russell Morton

    If I had my pick of Atari games to make a movie out of I would go probably go with crystal castles or gauntlet or maybe stun runner, the Sword Quest series maybe.

    would be a hell of a lot better than freaking Asteroids (sounds like a bad rectal condtion).

  • The Tabernacle

    OH my god, do you think the actors will look like those in the games????
    I just hope the ship will be a white triangle, just like the game.
    Oh and the big killer asteroid at the end will be voiced by Steve Guttenberg.