Film Junk Podcast Episode #224: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


0:00 – Intro
2:48 – Headlines: RIP Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, Bruno Trims Latoya Jackson Segment, David Fincher to Direct Facebook Movie, Uncharted Movie in the Works, Teen Wolf Remake, Zhang Yimou Directing Coen Bros Remake, Academy Awards to Feature 10 Best Picture Nominees
13:28 – Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)
1:10:55 – Trailer Trash: The Box, The Invention of Lying
1:17:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: Z Channel, Timecrimes, Audience of One, Annie Hall
1:46:40 – Junk Mail: Ghostbusters Remix, Custom DVD Covers, ’80s Era Films, Martial Arts Movies, Michael Bay as Auteur, Hockey Movies, How We Watch Movies
2:10:00 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:13:15 – Outro

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  • rob

    Roger Ebert was right about the robots: junkyard throw-up. And Jay, maybe Michael Bay’s Oompa Loompa border crossing scene was an homage to Herzog’s Even Dwarfs Started Small.

  • ok i know ever one is has there opion, every one keeps saying transformers has no story it has no plot, i get but listen heres’ the plot and story giant fucking robots fight on earth thats the plot thats how it was in the cartoon and comics the fact they added any story to it is a bonus,and all this slow motion complane, and if speilburg made this movie, the same fucking movie everything same shot and fram you would be sucking his dick but sense micheal bay did, you already go into it already hating it, and all this shit about the bots not looking like the did in the show and comics and the answer is its 20 fucking years later and all the fucking bots they were 20 years ago, i love the 80s but we are not in the 80s, people dig so deep and find reason to attack this movie, and so you know the fallen is in the comic, and the line you said that the effects are ok, are you high the effects are ground breaking they can make giant fucking robots look amazing and real but some one like steven sommers can’t make snakes eys jumping on a car look real or make the wolfman and frankinsien look like shit in van helsing, like i said you can have your opion and you say its terrible but it made 288,000,000 in five days so i guess its not that terrible is it,and it is only in sand for 40 mins

  • WHAT?!?! No RIP for Billy Mays! Outrageous!

  • Great show, guys,

    @goon – here, here’s plenty of bitching about TF2. In fact, this podcast has 40% more bitching about the film than ours.

    Timecrimes sounds bad ass, and since it’s on Netflix Instant Watch here in the States, I’ve got no excuse for not seeing it other than being lazy.

    Also, john thomas needs to invest in some punctuation and paragraph breaks.

  • “And Jay, maybe Michael Bay’s Oompa Loompa border crossing scene was an homage to Herzog’s Even Dwarfs Started Small.”

    I vote this for comment of the year.

  • Matt Keith

    Welcome back to podcasts Doug.

  • @john thomas
    Go to grade school, graduate, then come back to these boards. Seriously dude, review your posts, learn to use the period and spell check!

  • kris

    Trunk Slammer is the Jungle Pride Megazord Elephant Mode finishing move.

    Its going to change your life forever and your love of elephants

  • Goon

    “like i said you can have your opion and you say its terrible but it made 288,000,000 in five days so i guess its not that terrible is it”

    Oh good, More Money = Better Than argument

    Here’s all you need to know about that:

  • Excellent podcast! Doug’s personality and passion for what he’s talking about fit in well with the regular gang.

    Transformers with big, colourful, blocky robots would be much better – but I think the movies still need a fresh team on them. Think about G.I. Resolute and how a dude who never saw the original did such a good job. Transformers needs the Resolute treatment.

    Also, why do you guys always giggle during the Trailer Trash music? Did I miss a joke in an earlier episode about it, or is it just because it’s a funny song?

  • If there’s an inside joke, it’s just that people complained about the previous Trailer Trash song so we switched back to this, which is probably even worse (although slightly more appropriate). I think Jay was half in the bag when he sang it.

  • Tyler

    “heres’ the plot and story giant fucking robots fight on earth thats the plot thats how it was in the cartoon and comics the fact they added any story to it is a bonus”

    If the plot in the cartoon was just that robots fight on earth then can you explain to me why is it that on the Wikipedia page for the Transformers cartoon there are 10+ paragraphs explaining the plot? It doesn’t simply say “robots fight on earth”.

  • @Greg
    No Slap Shot? Maybe it isn’t as big in Canada as it is here in MN. They practically require everyone in the state to own it.

    Another I like, though it is more of a guilty pleasure, is Mystery,Alaska. Its got a hell of a cast, and everyone does a solid job, but the premise it totally ridiculous.

  • Rusty James

    “I have not heard of that website nor do I know anyone who works for it”

    Whoa! High drama in the closing minutes of the podcast.

    We all give TMB tons of shit around here but all that aside when I first discovered the movie blog and its podcast I found it delightful and entertaining especially for the easy camradarie between Doug and John. It really is too bad that things between you guys took a turn for the worse.
    I think their podcast where I first heard about FJ when the boys special guest hosted with Doug.

    Well, I wish you good luck Nagey and hopefully you’ll come back to podcasting soon. I miss hearing your smooth voice week to week.

  • Rusty James

    And I love how Sean tried to play innocent “we have one more junk mail, oh my what a coincidence.”
    Nice try buddy but we all know you mastermind every moment of the show

  • Goon

    In the early Movie Blog days before it exploded I was listening to their podcast every single day. I think just the buildup of knowledge about Campea, repeating to so many of the same topics and regurgitated opinions turned me off more than a lot of the other issues on the site did regarding comments policy. Got sick of John, could never get sick of Doug, he always kept it fresh.

  • I actually feel kind of bad because I meant to mention it to Doug before we started the show but I forgot. It *was* a weird coincidence that Bert happened to send the e-mail on this particular week though.

  • rob

    Nagy needs to be on the podcasts more often. Loved the rants on this one.

  • Fatbologna

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAASE DO NOT CHANGE THE TRAILER TRASH MUSIC! I fucking LOVE that shit! Unless you can convince Jay to record something better (impossible). I laugh EVERY time that comes up.

    I agree that T-formers seems to have an identity crisis in who it’s aimed at. The most reasonable explanation is teen boys and man-children. I work with a whole crew of testosterone infused thick-skulled retards who believe that both films are the be-all-end-all of summer movies. They remark about all the things they’d do to Megan Fox if they had the chance and then they go on to remark about how much they hate “faggots” and how much they love cars. idiots. But unfortunately they make more money than me and they represent the majority today.

    Fortunately though, Europe and Asia seem not to care so much about budgets and incomes and are catching up in terms of quality action, horror and genre films in general. Some of the best movies I saw last year were foreign, and many looked just as good, if not better than Hollywood product.

    Let the general audience slurp up the shit that’s given and accept that that’s ONE avenue for finding great cinema. I love a popcorn flick as much as the next guy, but any discerning film fan knows that there’s a whole wide world of film out there and even North America still has a few unsung directors who work outside and inside the system producing great, interesting fare.

    I definitely enjoyed the hate though, guys! Especially Jay telling dissenters to “eat shit”…good on ya!

  • Fatbologna

    I was also wondering if/when you guys will be doing the next Movie Club podcast? I’ve listened to all the back catalog and am anxiously awaiting the next episode!

  • Falsk

    Wow, really guys? Am I and Colin the only ones who thought this podcast was just BRUTAL to get through? I mean, I’m already bitchy as it’s the end of the month, but I was ready to STRANGLE someone by the end of this!!! Please. Never again. :(

    On an unrelated note, it irritates me that I can’t tell what Jay is singing in that song. I wish there were lyrics somewhere…

  • Goon

    who the hell is Colin?

  • Fatbologna: You’re right about there being lots of great foreign films, but it’s interesting to note that Transformers 2 almost made as much money outside of North America as it did domestically.

    The next Movie Club Podcast will be sometime in the next few weeks, we’re in the process of trying to nail down a date.

    Falsk: You guys wanted more bilingual DVD rants, right? (Kidding.) I think when it comes to Nagy you just need to get to know him a little better. He is basically the nicest, most down to earth guy I’ve ever met, so when he rants and goes off about something, it’s him being completely genuine and honest… not just swearing for the sake of swearing. But I guess I can understand why it might rub someone the wrong way.

    I think Jay sings part of an Elvis song during the Trailer Trash theme, the rest is just gibberish.

  • RJ

    Was Doug calling Sean “Web”?

  • Bugsyoz

    Gday troops

    Thanks for the feedback on the podcast re the hockey movies. Didn’t mean to bore the fellas, I was just being lazy not looking em up n thought Greg – and he did – would yell out a couple.

    Slagging off my ‘ice’ hockey….it’s Rugby LEAGUE that is the no1 sport here….not Rugby! (that would be union). Anyways top stuff fellas till next time!


  • Monsieur Winston

    J’aime S.O.S. Fantômes! C’est fantastique!

  • Henrik

    Yeah I love the Trailer Trash theme as well.

    Doug Nagy is niceness, he charms even when he says ‘fucked kids’. The tenderness of his voice betrays his charade of violence, when he says fuck he means make love to.

  • Damndirtyape

    More Nagy! That’s an order.

  • Next MovieClubPodcast (hopefully) will be recorded on July 22nd, plus a couple days for post, sorry about the delay. Summer’s busy to get us, scattered across time zones, all together.

  • Oh, and it is pretty much a federal law in Canada that everyone has to watch SLAPSHOT at some point or another.

  • Goon

    Slapshot is a terrible film.

    I said it.

  • modesilver

    doug was so fucking hilarious! made the whole thing 10 times better!

  • Phil G

    Great episode! Doug is hilarious. Best line ever: “These are the boxy motherfuckers that we love!” That and the term “boxy cunts” had me crying.

    Per ANNIE HALL, if you’re curious, check the book “When the Shooting Stops… The Cutting Begins” by editor Ralph Rosenblum. The chapter on the editing of ANNIE HALL is particularly great. There is a cliche that there is the film you write, the film you shoot, and the film you edit, and his chronical of making ANNIE HALL, whose end result is drastically different than the shooting script and what they shot, illistrates this perfectly. Allen’s original conception of the movie was very different, hardly even a comedy, than the finished movie.

  • The best podcasts are the ones where the film absolutely sucks. A good third installment to the epic podcast trilogy.

  • Falsk

    Oh yeah. That’s another thing, Sean! NEVER seen any of Allen’s films? You’re missing out! C’mon, man. You need to go out, get a copy of “Manhattan”, “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Sex”, and maybe “Hannah and Her Sisters”, and let’s throw in “Zelig” and “Crimes and Misdemeanors” too.

    As for “Whatever Works”, it’s a good watch. It’s odd at first to hear Larry David talking like Woody Allen, but he’s a great vehicle for Allen’s writing, I think. Certainly no “Annie Hall”, but still fun.

  • Well I’ll definitely be checking out a few more of his movies at some point, including Whatever Works. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Goon

    Manhattan is okay, but I think its very overrated.

    Sean, i think of his recent films you’d like Match Point. Very solid thriller and you dont have to listen to Woody Allen talk :P

  • Phil G

    Try HUSBANDS AND WIVES. It’s funny in a non-jokey way, and it was made during the time where he and Mia Farrow were splitting up, which adds a bit of insight to the movie. Sydney Pollock is fantastic. It’s acid Woody Allen. In a similar vein, DECONTRUCTING HARRY is great. CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS is near perfect as well.

  • John

    “Sleeper”. If you have an issues with the way Woody ended up then this is the movie to see…that and “Play it again Sam”. Fucking funny stuff and very physical which is not an obvious medium for him to work in.

  • Falsk

    I don’t know. I think Manhattan is beautiful. I just love Gordon Willis’ shot compositions throughout the whole thing. I don’t much care for the story. But, man. That opening? GREAT.

  • Slapshot is a terrible film.

    I’d have to agree. I don’t really get the adoration for it here in MN outside of the deification of the Hanson Bros. When I first moved up here people flipped their shit when I said I had never seen it, and every couple years some jerk off tries to get me to watch it in the hopes of convincing me it is some work of art.

  • As much as slapshot ain’t art. It’s a heck-uv-a-lot better than Mystery Alaska, Miracle or ack-gawd Youngblood.

  • I didn’t think many Film Junk readers were Woody Allen fans. I don’t think Sean’s posts relating to Woody generate many comments. It’s interesting how Woody hires surrogates of himself to act as the “Woody Allen” character in his movies. It’s also interesting how he continually manages to make films. I would think most of his audience is dying off. I wonder where his new fans are coming from. My favorite Woody Allen film is “Love and Death.”

    Phil G, I wasn’t aware of that book by Ralph Rosenbloom. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

    I’d love to read Sean’s review of a Woody Allen film.

  • Great show guys, loved it. Great to hear Doug through my earbuds again.

    Speaking of which… Get Doug and Reed on the same show.

    /head explodes/

  • Doug Nagy should be a guest on Cantankerous. (Actually, he should probably be the star and host of the show since his personality fits better with the title of the podcast.) If we do have him on Cantankerous, I’ll impose the condition that he can’t swear. Ha ha. Or else Jay will have to spend a day in the editing bay bleeping out all the cuss words!

  • doug nagy

    I will do a show with Mr. Farrington and will also adhere to no profanity rule! Fiddlesticks!

  • Ha ha. doug, I can’t believe you’re willing to compromise your human nature. Maybe I should be gracious and promise to use a cuss word in every sentence I utter. F*ck that!

  • Henrik

    Holy fuckshit Cantankerous with Doug Nagy would blow my feeble mind.