American Werewolf in London Remake in Development?


Thanks to Twilight, Hollywood is currently pretty heavily fixated on vampires, both on TV and on film. But when people finally get tired of this trend, clearly there’s only one thing they’re going to turn to: werewolves. After all, vampires and werewolves go hand in hand, and studios are already preparing for the inevitable outbreak of wolf mania. Joe Johnston’s The Wolf Man is supposed to be out this November (although we still haven’t seen a trailer), and last week we heard that a Teen Wolf remake is being discussed. Now it appears that the John Landis classic An American Werewolf in London is being prepped for a remake as well.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Dimension Films have acquired the rights to the movie from Landis himself, with the intention of retelling the story for a new audience. I suppose a remake makes more sense than a sequel, especially since An American Werewolf in Paris apparently sucked (I never saw it). Still, I hate to think what the FX would look like in a remake; one of the best things about the original is the make-up and practical special effects by Rick Baker (he won the first ever Academy Award for Best Makeup). Although CG has come a long way since An American Werewolf in Paris, I can’t see it being nearly as effective. Go ahead and voice your outrage in the comments below… you know you want to!

  • This post makes me feel not so much outrage as the desire to watch the original. Like, right now.

  • Do it.

  • Captain N

    I support this.

  • Bob The Slob


  • Matt Keith

    Another film thats gonna be caught by the “Remake Disease”.

  • Raaaaaaarrrgh!

  • BigHungry

    If they do it I think they need to stick to the practical effects with minor and I mean minor CG effects. very minor! The Humor is also very important to this movie… I would rather they just rerelease this original in the theater and just say it is new.

  • I think if they do they shouldn’t modernize it, it should be a straight up remake, and Landis should direct it with Baker on special effects. It should be in the realm of Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s remake, which in my opinion was as good as the original.

  • Damndirtyape

    Not as bothered by this as some others. So long as the effects work is realistic/scary and the script well written this has the potential to turn out ok.. key word “potential”

    Hopefully someone interesting and not some bimbette will be cast a Alex. Jenny Agutter back then was fantastic (Logan’s Run in particular is a lasting memory from the late 70s for me largly due to her)

  • Fatbologna

    Ian Kyle…you, sir are a blasphemer…

  • mike tittle

    well im wondering what is rick baker going to do with the werewolf is he going to creat a diferent kind of werewolf will the same cast be in the movie when it comes out and what can we all expext in the fillm and lastey will a new script be ritten we will just have to waite and see

  • Why bother ? You cant better the original, which for me is the best horror ever made. Cant anyone come up with an original idea anymore?!

  • 8ball

    Someone thinks they can remake American Werewolf? Well, thank goodness, I thought I wasn’t going to get in a good laugh today.

  • alex

    god can someone please make a good werewolf movie from there own more remake

  • Delusionsofgranduer

    i am all for creative and well thought out remakes. The problem is, there are few if any. I thought halloween was ok but the sequel blew beyond reality. If they mess up the greatest werewolf transformation in the history of cinema I believe I would push salty toothpicks into my eye, photograph it and mail it to hollywood for inspiration. They can do it correct but will they?