Zhang Yimou Really is Directing a Remake of The Coen Brothers’ Blood Simple


The Coen Brothers are no strangers to remakes, having remade Alexander Mackendrick’s The Ladykillers back in 2004, and currently planning a remake of the John Wayne western True Grit in the near future, but what if someone else was to remake one of their films? Does that make any sense to you? Well, it seems that acclaimed Chinese director Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers) is doing exactly that with his new movie San Qiang Pai An Jing Qi aka The Stunning Case of the Three Gun Shots, which is being billed as a remake of the very first Coen Brothers feature length film, Blood Simple.

There were some initial rumours about this project last month I believe, but it all seemed a bit sketchy. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that production on the film started earlier this month and that it is indeed a remake, although how close it will be to the original remains to be seen. If I had to guess, I would anticipate it being vastly different; Zhang Yimou has a pretty distinct style that has taken over his recent films as of late, and to apply that to a Coen Brothers remake sounds intriguing (if entirely inappropriate). Hopefully we can look forward to some slow motion gun shots splitting dew drops in half. According to IMDb, the English language title is actually Amazing Tales: Three Guns, and the movie stars Chinese actor Sun Honglei (Blood Brothers, Seven Swords, The Road Home), actress Ni Dahong (Curse of the Golden Flower), and comedian Xiao Shenyang. Do you have any interest in this particular Blood Simple remake?

  • Dom_G

    Blood Simple is a fantastic film. It’ll be interesting to see how it is remade by Zhang Yimou, I also anticipate a vast difference.

  • Xu

    our chinese movie buffs are pretty cynical about ZHANG nowadays, since HERO his movie has become more and more hollow with only visual feast.

    He also noted his weakness, that’s why ZHANG want to borrow stories from Coens, the first target is actually NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, then considering BLOOD SIMPLE story is more commercial worthy, they finally brought this one.

    Coens are two of my favourite filmmakers, and I have lost any respect for ZHANG at all, PLS PLS PLS don’t rape the classic!!! especially considering this movie is gonna turn into half comedy by a man has almost no humor at all (except the campiness of HERO,Flying Daggers & whatever)

  • Alex

    Why the hell would you remake such a great film? There’s no way you could top it, so you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

  • TheCommunistParty

    First of all Xu is an idiot and knows nothing about good filmmaking. This is going to be an original retelling of the story in a distinctive Chinese style. Have you seen Qian li zou dan qi? He still can make the best small films in the world along with his breathtaking epics. Do not worry it will no way hurt the original, it will be a unique experience.

  • Monsieur

    Well, I would say this has may be something to do with the immense number of Asian and other foreign films which have been re-made (and just as often also defaced) by Americans…

    Ever seen La Totale (Claude Zidi), which is a very sharp, excellent French thriller… ever heard of True Lies?

    So why not a Zhang Yimou take on the Coens? I mean what’s that to you after all the shit you Americans have made of decent European, Asian, French Canadian and how many other films…

    But if you want to have real fun seeing an Asian take on American movies, I suggest you have a look toward Bollywood, almost half of whose production are re-makes of American films, sometimes of many films at a time, given their propensity for scattered up nonsensical plots. Take uh, this 1990’s Indian remake of Vertigo, I can’t remember the title… and well, more recently Ghajini, which is to Memento what True Lies is to La Totale!

  • mango

    any zhang yimou movie buffs? that want to talk to me about his movies-i need to write an article about him.
    would like your insight on his classics.


    Contact asap Feb 2010!