David Fincher to Direct Facebook: The Movie?


Well I don’t think anyone was expecting this announcement. After the plethora of upcoming David Fincher projects we’ve been anticipating (The Goon, Heavy Metal, Chef, Black Hole, and Torso), it appears that his follow-up to the Academy Award-nominated The Curious Case of Benjamin Button could actually be… Facebook: The Movie. That’s right, The Hollywood Reporter says that Fincher is in talks to direct The Social Network, the pseudo-biopic that was first announced last year. Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, A Few Good Men) is writing the script, which will supposedly focus on the founders of the popular social networking website and how it took off.

Back when this project was first announced, I mentioned that I was actually interested and looking forward to it. I enjoy stories about young entrepreneurs who stumble on something big, but that said, this definitely seems like a project that is well below Fincher’s talents. To be honest, I’m not even sure why he would be interested in such a thing. Perhaps, after trying to do an Oscar-calibre film and being snubbed, he has decided to just do a complete 180 and go for the quick cash grab instead. On the other hand, with Aaron Sorkin writing the script, it seems like they are trying to turn this into something more than a cash grab. What do you think… is a David Fincher Facebook movie something you want to see?

  • Rick

    CUT, PRINT, GAY!!!!

  • Nick D

    I don’t know what kind of audience they are going for with this. It seems that the majority of heavy facebook users are in their teens, and I am not to sure how interested they would be on a biopic.

  • Jackson

    I read an in depth article in Rolling Stone a while back about the making of Facebook and I don’t know how it could be an interesting movie. It’s a bunch of programmers who sat around in a house 24/7 writing code. Wow that’s exactly like Fight Club!

  • If bad movie ideas were kryptonite, I’d be dead right now. (Because I’m Superman).

  • Could have real genius behind it. But FINCHER? REALLY?!
    That IS mad.

    How in the world can a movie about Facebook be up to standards of Fincher’s films. He has made some of the most violent, gory, and moving films of the century like Fight Club, Se7en and recently Benjamin Button. I’m sure he’ll find a way to stab in some blood somehow.

    Now I’m just curious.