Inevitable Teen Wolf Remake Still Brewing


While I’m sure no one will be surprised to hear this, it seems that a remake of Teen Wolf is actually in development. Yes I’m talking about the ’80s comedy that starred Michael J. Fox as a teenage werewolf, ie. the ultimate commentary on the savage and transformative throes of adolescence. According to Moviehole, Warner Brothers owns the rights to the original, and they’re currently seeking pitches from writers who feel the need to retell the story in some way. No director or cast is currently attached.

Now I know it’s getting hard to keep track of all the damn remakes in development, but this isn’t actually the first we’ve heard of a Teen Wolf remake. There were rumours a few years back about Tom Welling possibly taking over the role of Scott Howard. Apparently a Teen Wolf TV series was also being contemplated at one point, but it never came to fruition. Once again, I feel the need to ask, could a Teen Wolf movie actually work nowadays, or was it just too much a product of the ’80s? More importantly, can anyone fill the shoes of Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman? I am willing to bet this project might get off the ground sooner than you think.

  • I can’t wait. Srsly. They should get shaky mcwhatshisname to do a cameo. Instant ticket purchase.

  • Mike

    i wonder what market they’re targeting. It could be a kids movie, you never know. I’m pretty sure Robert Rodriguez would do “Teen Wolf 3D – Now with more Danny Trejo!!”

  • i will not see this movie. studios should only be allowed to remake one movie every 5 years. the current rate of 7 per year is out of control.

  • Bas

    That was seriously one of my favorite movies as a kid! I think Mike is on to something with Rodriguez…

    I remember I thought that Pamela chick was hot, but now see that ‘Boof’ wasn’t too bad either.

  • alan mighell

    I LIKE TO SEE teen wolf and make Adult wolf play the part of dwayne johnson