Film Junk Podcast Episode #223: Year One


0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Headlines: Indiana Jones 5, Red Dawn Remake Gets Bourne Alumni, John Carter of Mars Casting, Megan Fox Apologizes to Flower Kid, Sean Penn Drops Out of Three Stooges, First Images from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
15:30 – Feature: Bilingual DVD Artwork
30:15 – Review: Year One
40:40 – Trailer Trash: 2012, Cold Souls, Zombieland
52:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Kevin Costner and Modern West, The Way of the Gun, Behind Enemy Lines, Rescue Dawn, Major League, Napoleon Dynamite, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Road to Perdition, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Even Dwarfs Started Small, Fast Company, Crimson Tide, Chopping Mall, The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner, Hitch-Hike, Room 666, Deja Vu, Masters of the Universe, A Fistful of Dollars, The Truman Show, Weeds, Away We Go
1:51:33 – Junk Mail: Director’s Cuts, Best Parts in the Trailer, End of Movie Rental Era
2:16:45 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:17:40 – More Stuff We Watched: Friday the 13th 3-D, New Inglourious Basterds Trailer
2:24:32 – Outro

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  • AdamH

    Nice! Almost 2 and a half hours! I do love the long ones

  • AdamH

    Jay and Greg arguing about DVD titles… Fucking gold!

  • Rusty James

    Guys I love you, you’re obviously doing a great show that’s gaining in popularity, but-
    15 minutes on Quebec DVD covers and how they thwart “Frank’s” (who?) DVD collecting was awful.

    Thanks for the show notes Sean.

  • AdamH

    Rusty, Frank has been on before. And Jays rant is classic!
    Sean, it wasnt awful

  • Rusty James

    @ Rusty, Frank has been on before.

    Was he talking about the trials and tribulations of his stamp collection?

  • Rusty James

    @ Jays rant is classic!

    You might be right, I couldnt make it past minute 5.

  • Bas

    I guess FilmJunk isn’t for everyone. If you want strictly movietalk there are some other podcasts to check out: Movies You Should See, The Movie Club Podcast (FilmJunk, Movie Patron, Row Three & Twitch Film) and The Hollywood Saloon to name a few.

  • AdamH

    Yeah go to Slashfilm if you want fanboy bullshit. Awesome episode guys, Sean is the special guest Singe? Jay I miss Cops, we dont get it in Australia. But there is an Aussie cop show I’m loving at the moment called Recruits. If anyone can find it they should definetly check it out

  • swarez

    Brad Douriff is fucking Chucky you berks.

  • Raph

    Looks like it’s a long one this week. Looking forward to listening to it later today.

  • Bas

    Are you a Brit, Swarez? Didn’t know Dourif is Chucky, does that make me a Berkshire Hunt as well? He is always fun to watch, but I liked him best as Doc Cochran in fucking Deadwood.

  • Yeah, I knew the DVD artwork rant would turn some people off… didn’t expect it to go on for quite so long, but whatever. You can skip ahead using the show notes.

    swarez: True, he is the voice of Chucky but that doesn’t really help describe his appearance since that was kind of the issue!

  • you guys are my only friends.

    vous des types êtes mes seulement amis.


  • Goon

    I for one am looking forward to the bilingual rant.

  • Aww, I do love seeing my junk mail topic listed in your show notes. Great start to an otherwise lame Tuesday. :)

  • AdamH

    I love seeing my mail read too Falsk =) Goon, its almost up there with your Simpsons review. Except Jay doesn’t get as annoyed at Greg

  • Goon

    presenting a 25 second Jay Cheel Ghostbusters remix:

  • kris

    goon is god

  • kris


  • ProjectGenesis

    Goon, that made my day.

  • ToeFu

    I enjoyed hearing some discussion on Even Dwarfs Started Small as I had just watched it yesterday through the convenient Xbox 360/Netlfix stream. Crazy coincidence considering it’s such a lesser know movie. Cheel hit it right on the adorable little person nose with the Harmony Korine comparison. The character Hombres maniacal midget merriment was a dwarven delight. Great show.

  • Nick D

    The DVD cover argument was great.

    I live in a suburb of Houston and there is a large Spanish speaking population. The most I have seen on an English DVD was a sticker on an the outside packaging warning that there is no Spanish audio. They also have a section at the local Walmart where they have Spanish DVDs and they have no English on them.

  • Is there anywhere I can see clips of the guy awards that Greg was talking about? I’d love to see Mel Gibson, and the Fight Club thing. Sounds pretty awesome.

  • Greg
  • AdamH

    Goon that was awesome :-)

  • Thanks Greg, it was pretty awesome. I recommend everyone check it out, the fight club thing, Greg totally undersold how awesome it was.

  • I think Jay is absolutely right. Artwork is essential if I buy a dvd or blu-ray. In France the artwork is often better but the title name sucks. UK the covers are a mess (e.g. check the JCVD Blu-ray @ Here in Germany we have to deal with really huge coloured age verification printed on the artwork. In addition, if the title is not translated, they tend to add a silly german tagline which is equally annoying than canadian ‘problem’. And best of all: sometimes they change the english title in … another english title!

  • kris

    its like high fidelity but for dumb ass movie shit

  • swarez

    Didn’t know Dourif is Chucky, does that make me a Berkshire Hunt as well?

    No, a plum duff.

  • Bas

    Hmmmm, a slightly more obscure profanity? Google isn’t helping, but I’m guessing it means gay. :)

  • Glendon

    The bilingual rant was the best part of the episode. Anytime one of you is passionate about something to the point where it pisses another in the show off is classic Film Junk.

    Also, Brad Pitt actually said to Mel Gibson “Hey Sugar Tits”

  • Dear Goon–

    I was sitting in my car dying at the absurdity of “-I’m- GHOSTbusters?!” and hoping someone would make some sort of funky remix.

    Thank you.


  • Jeff

    Holy hell the bilingual DVD packaging discussion was painfully long. You owe it to future Film Junk archive scroungers to re-release this episode in four versions:

    “English, US” edition:
    cuts out the half hour discussion of the bilingual DVD packaging.

    “English, Canada less Quebec” edition:
    The current download as is.

    “French, Canada/Quebec” edition:
    just an empty MP3 ’cause you don’t speak French

    “English/French” edition:
    a combination of the previous two just for Greg who doesn’t seem to care b/c ‘Canada has two official languages’.

  • Ha ha. Nice comment, Jeff! We should also get Shatner to do an Esperanto edition.

  • bobsponge42

    Frank sounds at least 15 years younger.